Who Am I, Now?

This is the end of 2020 and we have been forced inside to protect ourselves from the pandemic and this has caused many of us to become self-reflective. Maybe you are watching too much TV or are caught in social media polarization and so angry or fear filled AND not engaged in self-reflection. If you have not avoided getting slowed down and so learned more about yourself, what have you discovered? Who are YOU Now?

2020 has stripped away your “normal social life.” Work has changed. Habits have had to change. Most likely your activities with family and friends have under-gone some change in your travels, indoor get togethers, eating in your favorite restaurants, even frequency of shopping trips. Kids are not in school. Our freedoms to enjoy social contact, music, movies, and other forms of entertainment have been impacted. We even have to be more careful washing our hands, covering our faces, and keep “social distances” from people as we walk on the sidewalk or trails. Even, or especially, we can not hug parents or grandparents without considerations like never before 2020.

Even in most Western countries, the political polarization and economies have created huge change, along with more fear and anxiety. This is not happening to one country or one state or one city, this is a worldwide concern. We are all in this together and yet we are “isolated” and feeling unsupported. We are wondering where all the plans we have made have gone and if we will ever get back on track.

The track is different. Our world has changed. AND, our lives are different. We are NOT going back to pre-2020 lifestyles. So, who are we, going forward? Can we grasp the power and the excitement of the possible freedom moving forward into the dawning of a new world? Is this exciting and joyful or too scary to consider? Have you learned to meditate and to connect with your deeper self (or your Higher self) even though you miss the old culture created persona you have developed as your disguise to “fit in” with cultural expectations? Many of us are struggling to accept the “new me” in the face of an externally changing world.

It is way too soon to be happy with all that has happened (and continues to happen.) The practice of “Allowance” may be the lesson. Not Acceptance, exactly, but willingness to sit more patiently on the sidelines and watch what is unfolding. Not “trying” to control the uncontrollable but observing and creating new strategies to be our new selves. Humans are adaptable, if nothing else. We can live in any and every hostile environment on our planet. We can evolve and adapt. We can migrate. We can learn from the other cultures we bump into. Heck, we can even get old and live with physical diminishment’s. YOU are Amazing. Now what are you going to do to be of service in our new and evolving world. Let the light of your evolving spirit burn as brightly as possible. Share your wisdom from experience and support the other stumbling pilgrims you encounter.

When presented with new information or “facts,” do your research. Check your sources. DO NOT believe everything you hear, even from “trusted” sources. Yes, DO NOT BE LAZY! Things are changing so rapidly that what you heard as truth yesterday may not be true anymore. Except, know that you are loved. You are so much greater than your human drama. You and your soul are Perfect, and necessary!

It is a never ending process to “Know Thyself” as we continue to grow and become more aware as we interact with our world. There are variables. You may “Be” someone in one environment And some else in another place. Based on life experience even your “values” may change (example: from Liberal in Youth to Conservative later in life.) And, your consciousness of your connections with Divine Spirit will change as you have Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s.) A dramatic experience like a NDE (Near Death Experience) will dramatically change 99% of people who happen to go through this kind of event. And, living consciously through 2020 has triggered many unusual experiences which have created opportunities to learn more about ourselves in our human incarnations. Remember, with major change, it requires some time to most fully integrate the changes or new consciousness into our human lives.

No matter where you are on your human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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