Life’s lessons are created by “contrast.”
Often we might expect our lives to move easily or freely through life experiences and then we hit a glitch. Perhaps a small obstacle or sometimes a great mountain which creates a major recalculation in your life’s path. The contrast from easy, quiet, and meditative to a chasm which must be carefully or forcefully overcome becomes some of the most important learning opportunities. You are tested by these obstacles. The wisdom you gain from your moving through or around this barrier thrown onto your life’s path is a lesson you have come into this life to learn.

In American culture, the English language looks to compare and contrast the objects and activities we experience. Better than, less than, larger, smaller, costlier, cheaper, more solid, more soft, the list goes on with defining things by comparing what they are similar to or dis-similar to. This limited and linear way of defining objects and activities seem easier for the limited 3 dimensional human mind to comprehend. We run into problems when we allow ourselves to be “present” and make attempts to explain emotions, feelings, flavors, or spiritual experiences. For example, how do you explain or define the smell of fresh baking bread? Or, really and fully put words to emotions like love? Sometimes we describe what something is NOT, but this rings hollow. Complicated or complex thoughts or feelings do not lend themselves well to English language definitions.

And, using contrast to define experiences often comes down to saying what something is not or something which seems similar, but is difficult to gracefully define. There is our struggle. Feel things, experience things, appreciate things and then attempt to integrate the full emotion or feelings of these experiences. Do not be lazy! It is work to be present and to sort out a complicated emotion. When we must communicate these feelings, we often turn to psychic expression of emotions which can be transmitted unconsciously. Our communication partner must “resonate” with the vibration you are attempting to communicate. If successful, they will “feel” what you are sending even if the words lack the depth of what you attempt to convey.

And, how do you know where you are on your path through this life without contrast with remembering from where you have started? Whether you know it and appreciate most fully, YOU are moving along your path and expanding your consciousness. By sharing your stories, you can clarify your learnings. You offer yourself and your listener a gift by attempting to share your discovered, or remembered, wisdoms.

Personally, I have learned and developed myself more when I have been confronted by the seemingly negative contrast of a major turn in my life. Upon survival, you can reflect on the situation and grow from the experience. There is much to learn when our “normal and expected path” through life is altered or blocked by a significant contrast. These contrasts are not always negative or seemingly painful, like when you suddenly, unexpectedly, “Fall in Love.” These can be dramatic changes in our “normal” path.

An example which occurred for me 50 years ago when I was barely 19 years of age may symbolize several of the concepts we have just discussed. There are no words which do this experience full justice.
The story: I attended a retreat with some students from UCLA where I was attending college. After “partying” on Friday night, we decided to get serious and do some “work” on Saturday morning. There were 5 or 6 group discussions organized and I “was drawn” (or guided) to attend a discussion on Death and Dying. I am not sure why. At the time, I had not done any research or reading or even much thinking about this topic but I was curious about this one choice in topics. The guy in the front of the room was learning about Kubler-Ross’s work “On Death and Dying.” His leadership technique was to lead a “guided meditation” to find out about Death. This seemed OK. I had NO expectations and I had no resistance. I was very naive about all of this, at that time. So, I followed his guidance and instructions which was to get comfortable, relax, breathe slowly, settle in, and then gently and slowly lift myself out of my body. “No problem” and I went along with these instructions thinking that everyone in the room was able to do this easily. He asked that we drift up and away from our bodies, watching as the image of our bodies got smaller and smaller. So, up into space I went. No problem. At some point, looking down at the speck of my body was not interesting so I turn 180 degrees and headed into the blackness of space. No problem and no fear. I traveled out toward what I considered the direction of death. When I got to what I believed to be half way, I paused. Before me in the blackness was a dark horizon. Emanating from over the horizon was the most beautiful warmth. A glowing warm I “knew” to be “Unconditional Love” and acceptance. In that fraction of a second, I “knew,” or “remembered,” what Divine Love was/is. A feeling of Joy, Freedom, Acceptance, no limitations of space or time, no limitations of consciousness, no limits on communication because everyone already knew everything about me and fully accepted me as a connected part of the the Universal Wholeness. (Notice that all of these words can have an infinite amount of personal interpretations…) It was an instant in my life where these feelings were so strong and clear that I will never forget them, though I am limited in going back and feeling these as if I was fully there. (The clear “thought” of this experience I remember, vividly.) I wanted to stay. I wanted to complete the travel over this dark horizon. It was too wonderful to turn away from. And then, the unheard voice telepathetically said that I had to “go back” for it “was not my time.” I argued. And, I was told “you have things to do and you will be able to return when it was appropriate.” I did not know what that meant or what I was “supposed” to do with my life but grudgingly I turned around and headed back to my body. No big deal. Everyone in the room had done the same. No fear. In fact, with this new consciousness, there was not fear of death or dying. No big deal, I assumed everyone had experienced this. When the exercise was over the guy in the front of the room asked if anyone could share their experience. Since I was one of the youngest, perhaps the youngest, person in the room, I waited and looked around. No one raised their hand. Finally, my impatience lead me to raise my hand and I told my story. The guy in the front of the room started bouncing up and down and looked very excited with my telling of my story. It dawned on me, THEN, that I had been “Gifted” with an amazing experience and my excitement kicked in. I did not know what to do with this experience which was an unexpected contrast to my “normal” life and consciousness. I may never fully integrate this experience into my human life. And, I said previously, this is not something I can pop into any time I want. I have tried. But, the feelings which are not well described, have not been diluted by time. That instant is indelibly etched deep into my life’s memory and life’s experience.

In the years since that out-of-the-body experience (or STE: Spiritual Transformative Experience,) I have retold that story. And, every time it brings up the same wonderful and profound feelings. Though my life’s perspective has changed from experience, I know that my life has been changed from this contrast and expanded awareness. My story resonated with me when I read many accounts of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences.) These “felt” familiar and similar. I have come to feel that these other documented stories somehow validate my out-of-the-body experience from when I was 19 years of age. There are times when I am telling my story or listening to someone’s NDE that we get locked in to the same vibrational resonance. I “KNOW” that when I transition from this Human lifetime, I will get to return to the higher realms and re-experience my Divine unconditional love, acceptance, and connectedness with all in the Universe (and beyond.) This is a huge contrast to what I was taught regarding end of life transitions as a child (younger person.)

Of course there have been difficult contrasts which have added to my consciousness like the death of my wife after 30 years together. Or, the struggle after having my out of the body experience which lead me to leave Los Angeles, UCLA, my home, and all my Southern California lifestyle which lead me to turning 20 in Strasbourg, France and never returning to live in Southern California. The “unknowns” we step into after “contrasts” present themselves almost always require a “stretch” to fit into the changed perspective and lifestyle which is created. Amazing stories to share are created.

You can fit your own life and details into a telling of the major contrasts in your life. Every time you tell or retell these stories you gain in perspective and learn. Your witness is blessed with the possible wisdoms, from experience, you are willingly sharing. A win-win for every participant, if all are open and available for wisdom sharing…

Contrasts can be sharp as in Black and white. They can also be more subtle as in shades of gray. A life of consciousness raising has both. Paying close attention is the sign of one who is moving toward an “Enlightened” state. When possible, do not avoid the contrasts. Learn from new perspectives and adjust your travels accordingly. You have choice and an unconscious need to continue to move forward in these adventures into consciousness. AND, when you are presented with an obstacle on your path through life allow this contrast to offer most fully the learning from this diversion. Sure it feels odd, maybe uncomfortable, but it offers new perspective and possible new wisdoms to live by. The concept “that you can not get the Genie back in the bottle” becomes the twist in your road of life which leads you on an amazing adventure… Along the way, share your stories and your wisdoms…

You are a Blessing! YOU are Loved!

I Found a Feather

Today, on my morning walk, I found a feather. Or, should I change perspective and say that this morning a feather found me. Have you ever spotted a feather as you move about our world? Sure, you have. Did you pick it up in wonderment and consider where it came from and to where it was headed? Did you take it with you as a treasured gift from the Universe and wonder why YOU?

I consider this feather a “Gift” from the Universe (or the Divine Spirit.) The feather represents flight and travel and a lightness. Did this feather want to continue its travels or did it want to spend time with me? I wonder whether feathers have consciousness. Are they objects which create an opportunity for an interaction with something new to me? This feather came home with me and will find its way in the company of other feathers which have found me. Their connection and community cause me to consider whether other lives as indigenous people attracts me to collecting these feathers. But, why?

The awareness of this gift is not mine alone. Freedom to fly or to travel through life comes to the surface of my consciousness. Why, today? In the next few days the Autumnal Equinox will occur. Jewish New Years started two days ago. The 20th anniversary of my Mother’s transition is tomorrow (as I write.) the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001 is in 2 days (as I write.) Fall is beginning to fall. My birthday season is beginning as I look to celebrate 71 years in this body. My kids are moving tomorrow into their newish home. My friend’s birthday is today as well as his celebration of life. (He transitioned 6 months ago.) Life goes on and there are many adventures that have occurred historically for me at this time of year. So, emotionally and spiritually things are bouncing around in the great warm dryer called life… Tumbling and changing.

I will wear this feather treasure to the celebration of life today for my friend and mentor, Don Ley. The feather may help give flight to all the wise souls which have danced with his. He always taught me, as my mentor, that “we are so much greater than we can know as the humans we are…” We are spiritual souls having a human experience. I add, to test our remembered and learned wisdoms in the limitations of our 3 dimensional human lives. Every moment, life is a treasure…

And, you have your own personal experience and perspective on what the finding of feather may represent. All I ask is that you do not skip over this connection without some deeper consideration and then share the possible insights or learnings you may receive. Walk consciously and share your story. Do not pass by the “Gifts” the Universe provides for you, if at all possible. Today, this found feather will travel to a ceremony with me and allow me to travel more consciously in the world of Spirit.

You are a Blessing! Life is a miracle! Find the Joy in every moment and Love freely with NO strings attached.

BTW. I honor my friend and mentor, Don Ley, by offering my interview with Don of his NDE (Near Death Experience.) There is so much to learn by listening or maybe to “Remember” by Don’s story sharing. Video at: Don Ley’s NDE Interview Video

Releasing My Connection

There comes a time when when you might become aware that you are not needing to be as connected to your human life as you have been earlier in your current incarnation. I am not talking about “giving up” on life. I am speaking about not being so tightly bound to living in your current human body.

I have been told that the Dalai Lama has a daily practice which he does 7 times per day. It is a meditation practice of being most aware as he transitions out of his current life. Being most fully aware at death seems to be a goal for high level Buddhists and something that they strive to achieve. I am not sure why or have any details, but the source of this information is someone I trust. Before you can prepare fully for high level awareness at death, you first have to: eliminate your fear of dying, be present, and be prepared to let go of your human life to be able to freely rejoin the Divine Spirit. (These are my thoughts.)

Many people have some consciousness regarding their approaching life transition. Some people go into fear or denial. Some people might look forward to this experience with an openness that seems highly conscious, to me. It is an inevitable transition and being conscious and perhaps better prepared seems like a good idea. Anyhow, it dawned on me the other day that my recent lack of “grounding” may be a kind of preparation for an end of life transition. Since I am over 70 years of age and I do not look to be an overly old, older person, this may be a bit of a wake up call. I am not sure I want to rehearse my conscious dying 7 times a day like de Dalai Lama but I may want to consider my mortality in an expanded light. Some people set longevity as a goal and want to live past 100 years. I am not one of these longevity goal setters. There is some longevity running in my family. My Father was 85 and my mother was almost 94 when they transitioned. Both these ages seem long enough, perhaps, even longer than I have in my mind for myself.

No matter what your thoughts are on this topic, I challenge you to live your passion and leave your current life without any regrets about the “could of’s” and “should of’s” in your life. Life is short so do not wait too long to do what you really want to do. A great life, to me, would have “No Regrets” when considering all of what your life has included and all that has been possible. And, take responsibility. You have choices and YOU make these decisions regarding how you live your life. When you came to your crossroads, you made your choice to follow the path which you headed down. Enjoy your life and find Joy everyday. Laugh out loud and love without limits or expectations. Find a way to serve your fellow travelers. And, keep your heart open to guidance and the Divine Spirit. When your time comes… go towards the light and the Unconditional Love of the Universal Divine. If you do not feel clear about what this is, consider reading several, if not many, accounts of NDE’s (Near Death Survivors.) Determine what “Feels” right for you in these various accounts. (Not your head (thoughts) but your Heart (Feelings.)) Live in the Wonderment of the amazing life you came here to experience.

You can also read another July, 2021 blog posting “When I Die” you can get a bit more background information. Perspective on Living and Legacy.

For your consideration, be aware of your personal expectations. I am not a fan of expectations and living with expectations laid on you externally or from your need to please someone else seems, to me, to be a dangerous minefield. For me, connecting with your inner guidance for what feels best for you seems a better choice. Then, take responsibility for whatever choice you have made.

Also I add, when someone seems too young to leave their lives, it may seem unfair or wrong in some way. Consider this possible perspective… These short-lived individuals may be “Old Souls” who came into this incarnation with the “agreement” to only be here, in their incarnation, for a relatively short amount of human time. But, Why? Possibly to assist in creating a learning opportunity for other humans who are helped on their path by experiencing the loss/death of this young individual. The brutal emotional lesson can jar those people involved in the lesson of human mortality, appreciating life, and even finding the Joy in a difficult, dark human experience. Personally, my life has been jarred and learning has happened when the lives of people I know seem to been “cut short.” Life is short. Live fully and find Joy…

Thank you for your time and consideration. You are Amazing. YOU are a Miracle! And, You are Blessed! You share the Light of Unconditional Love with All souls and You are an important piece of whole Divine Consciousness.

Unique Spiritual Signature

My recent experience with sending unconditional Love and healing energy to friend has triggered more learning for me through Guidance. In the recent blog posting regarding keeping your channel open, I was given the gift from my guidance that as we offer healing energy the transmitted energy has a unique spiritual signature. As if, the loving energy we send out has some of our spiritual DNA attached. Guidance celebrates when we give our specific energy to a person or when we randomly send this offering out into the Universe and it is marked by your uniqueness. All loving energy you consciously or unconsciously send out has your DNA signature added automatically. (Thank you for your unique contributions…)

My mentor, Don Ley, has said many times, after returning from his NDE, that we as humans do not realize how powerful and amazing we are. Our egos and our 3 dimensional thinking, pretends that we are smaller than we actually are. This may be used to pretend to keep us “safe” as if we were inconsequential and not worthy of the spotlight. Don Ley and other conscious teachers remind us that we are all connected to the Divine Spirit and that we are essential to all of higher consciousness. The “Divine” notices and in an accepting and neutral way, witnesses every action and every interaction which we participate within. Yes, even if we do not consciously know or fully understand. Our sharing of stories, our wisdom, and our energy is noticed and supported by the Divine.

When you pray for the “greater good” and Universal healing, this intentional energy spreads out in every direction like ripples on the surface of an endless pond. Your intentional healing thought and energy travels to the end of the Universe AND it carries your Unique Spiritual Signature. Every thought and action has a purpose. It flows out to create waves which wash across the vastness of the physical world and the Higher Realms. When you send unconditional Love and Healing all of consciousness is bathed in the positive energy. It then raises all Universal consciousness to some degree. Thank You!

So celebrate your power and your energetic gifts as they flow out to support all consciousness. Now, you can think yourself “small” and argue with me. You can ask me to prove this concept to you. But your mind and your ego will NEVER understand how important you and your contributions are to the Higher Realms. Your mind is 3 dimensional and wired to have limitations of time and space which are not limited to you when you are floating in the higher realms. Your body is a great communication device in your miraculous human life drama. Your drama and your lessons are used to experience challenges and work through these human scenarios.

You are important and essential to all consciousness. You can be aware and hold yourself responsible mentally for your actions or you can enjoy the dark corners which you be hiding out within. Either way, YOU are a Miracle! You are Perfect! You are a Blessing! And, YOU are unconditionally Loved!!!

When possible, send your Love and energy with your Unique Spiritual Signature out for all consciousness to bask in your light. Thank You, in advance…

Resource: Don Ley’s interview regarding his NDE is available at: Don Ley’s NDE Interview

Who Am I, Now?

This is the end of 2020 and we have been forced inside to protect ourselves from the pandemic and this has caused many of us to become self-reflective. Maybe you are watching too much TV or are caught in social media polarization and so angry or fear filled AND not engaged in self-reflection. If you have not avoided getting slowed down and so learned more about yourself, what have you discovered? Who are YOU Now?

2020 has stripped away your “normal social life.” Work has changed. Habits have had to change. Most likely your activities with family and friends have under-gone some change in your travels, indoor get togethers, eating in your favorite restaurants, even frequency of shopping trips. Kids are not in school. Our freedoms to enjoy social contact, music, movies, and other forms of entertainment have been impacted. We even have to be more careful washing our hands, covering our faces, and keep “social distances” from people as we walk on the sidewalk or trails. Even, or especially, we can not hug parents or grandparents without considerations like never before 2020.

Even in most Western countries, the political polarization and economies have created huge change, along with more fear and anxiety. This is not happening to one country or one state or one city, this is a worldwide concern. We are all in this together and yet we are “isolated” and feeling unsupported. We are wondering where all the plans we have made have gone and if we will ever get back on track.

The track is different. Our world has changed. AND, our lives are different. We are NOT going back to pre-2020 lifestyles. So, who are we, going forward? Can we grasp the power and the excitement of the possible freedom moving forward into the dawning of a new world? Is this exciting and joyful or too scary to consider? Have you learned to meditate and to connect with your deeper self (or your Higher self) even though you miss the old culture created persona you have developed as your disguise to “fit in” with cultural expectations? Many of us are struggling to accept the “new me” in the face of an externally changing world.

It is way too soon to be happy with all that has happened (and continues to happen.) The practice of “Allowance” may be the lesson. Not Acceptance, exactly, but willingness to sit more patiently on the sidelines and watch what is unfolding. Not “trying” to control the uncontrollable but observing and creating new strategies to be our new selves. Humans are adaptable, if nothing else. We can live in any and every hostile environment on our planet. We can evolve and adapt. We can migrate. We can learn from the other cultures we bump into. Heck, we can even get old and live with physical diminishment’s. YOU are Amazing. Now what are you going to do to be of service in our new and evolving world. Let the light of your evolving spirit burn as brightly as possible. Share your wisdom from experience and support the other stumbling pilgrims you encounter.

When presented with new information or “facts,” do your research. Check your sources. DO NOT believe everything you hear, even from “trusted” sources. Yes, DO NOT BE LAZY! Things are changing so rapidly that what you heard as truth yesterday may not be true anymore. Except, know that you are loved. You are so much greater than your human drama. You and your soul are Perfect, and necessary!

It is a never ending process to “Know Thyself” as we continue to grow and become more aware as we interact with our world. There are variables. You may “Be” someone in one environment And some else in another place. Based on life experience even your “values” may change (example: from Liberal in Youth to Conservative later in life.) And, your consciousness of your connections with Divine Spirit will change as you have Spiritually Transformative Experiences (STE’s.) A dramatic experience like a NDE (Near Death Experience) will dramatically change 99% of people who happen to go through this kind of event. And, living consciously through 2020 has triggered many unusual experiences which have created opportunities to learn more about ourselves in our human incarnations. Remember, with major change, it requires some time to most fully integrate the changes or new consciousness into our human lives.

No matter where you are on your human journey, YOU are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Connected to the Divine Spirit, Now What?

Many of us are striving to “wake up” from our 3 dimensional lives and to be most fully conscious. Some of us have found a way to “awaken” and are striving to integrate this perspective and to determine what we are now supposed to do with this information/perspective. And, there are a few of us who float through our Earthly incarnations with some overt mastery of how to be “Enlightened Beings” while traveling the Earthly plane. This blog addresses the first two groups because “Enlightened Beings” are enlightened and require less instruction and support.

“Waking Up” into a state of higher consciousness is not uncommon and appears to be the desired goal of people who do not seem to fit in with the every day life expectations which our culture places upon us from early in our Earth born lives. We were born with a limited 3 dimensional “mind” and social pressures to conform to traditional social behaviors and thinking. The limits of the rational thought process creates a rational perspective which limits our lives to the confines of Time and Space. We seem to desire a rational understanding which is limited by language and judgments. For example, in the language called English, which I was raised with, descriptions in words, and thoughts, are limited because you are defining the things and experiences presented to you by comparing what they are like or not like. Greater than, less than, etc. But, you lose the essence of what things or experiences are really about when a feeling or an emotion are mentioned.

Example, how do you share what the taste or smell of fresh baked bread is? How do you adequately share what the Love you find in relationship feels like in your heart? From personal experience, I know you can NOT adequately describe or explain Divine Unconditional Love to a 3 dimensional brain for this is totally unavailable for a rational understanding. (The rational brain can not comprehend a 5th dimensional “Knowing” or feeling of a non-judgement, unconditional Divine Love.) It is a pleasurable “feeling” which can not be fully “Known” by a rational thought process. Just the comparison method of using the word “like” diminishes the full essence of the feeling and true Knowing of the phrase “Unconditional Love.” And, “Unconditional Love” does NOT exist on the Earthly plane between two Earth bound beings because there are always conditions attached. Always! The Divine Spirit’s or Source’s Unconditional Love of you is well beyond a full rational understanding or a language limiting description.

As you awaken, and you probably would not have read this far in this blog without a conscious or unconscious desire for your own awakening, You are freed from human constraints and now struggle with integrating this wisdom into your life. What do you do with this wisdom? How do you share it? How does this change the way you live and the way you interact with other souls? How does this change your priorities in living and your Purpose in living this life? Well, that IS the lesson you came here to learn! People who have had a NDE (Near Death Experience) must find how to integrate this new knowledge into their lives and NDE researchers claim that this can take 7-15 years. (Read more NDE descriptions or chat with NDE survivors to speed up your awakening process… plenty of YouTube videos to wade through as well. (You may have to visit several videos to find the stories you most resonate with and offers the tools specifically for you.))

Your challenge is to continue your awakening and your consciousness development AND to find ways of sharing it or being of service to assist in the awakening of other people whom you bump into. There are no road maps or written directions. Just like when you became a parent and had to figure this out as you went along. Most commonly, this is what happens when you entered this life with the amnesia which happens to most of us and we attempt to find ways to “remember” where we came from and to where we return between our Earthly incarnations. Not easily said let alone done…

If you feel you DO NOT FIT IN, you don’t. YOU are Perfect and in the process of expanding your consciousness and your role in this drama called life as a human. If you do not know how to integrate the wisdom of your opening consciousness then welcome to the club. If you have empathy for other souls, you have opened the channel of your highest consciousness and can begin to realize that we are all in this together and by raising your consciousness you serve to raise ALL consciousness. By sharing Love, no strings attached – Unconditionally, YOU are healing this Earthly plane of existence…

YOU are a Miracle! YOU are Perfect the way you are! (AND, do not be lazy! Keep enhancing your awareness.) YOU are NOT alone! YOU are so much Greater than You allow yourself to Know or Believe! AND, if you resonate with this message but still struggle to fully understand and to integrate this into your life, you are exactly where you need to be. Get some support and perspective and gradually you can find the best ways to be in this world. You are Loved!

Now, meditate, be most Present, walk in Nature, connect with “Guidance” and your higher self, practice less Judgement and more Equanimity, and attempt to find Joy in every challenge Life presents.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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End Game Perspective

Death is NOT the enemy! With that said, what is your end of life perspective? I find myself in my 70th year in this lifetime and I am guided to share some of my perspective from my life’s experience. 50 years ago, I was “gifted” with a life changing experience. As an immature, innocent and naive young man, I found my way into a room as a UCLA student on a student retreat weekend. The discussion was to be about a Kubler-Ross book “On Death and Dying” which had just come out that year. I had never thought about Death or Dying and had not read any books on spiritual philosophies regarding this topic. I was a clean slate and open minded… I was comfortable in my innocence with a “Guided Meditation” to find and to explore Death. No fears and no barriers to leaving my body for this exploration. In my mind, it was no big deal and I assumed that every one of the 25 students in the room would be experiencing something similar to me.

I was incorrect about this assumption. No Big Deal. I did what I was told. I relaxed. I got out of my body. I moved away from my body. AND, I went to explore Death. My guidance loved and protected me as I was “Guided” to what I thought was the halfway point to Death. In front of me was a dark horizon with a loving warmth radiating from over this horizon. No fear for me. In fact, the opposite was my experience. I was enveloped in a warm and unconditional Love. Words can not describe this sensation of heart based loving support, total acceptance, and a freedom from the limitations of time and space. It may have been only an instant but I recognized this as a familiar and common experience of consciousness beyond life on Earth. No Big Deal because this was familiar and everyone in the room was experiencing this same feeling.

This experience of 50 years ago is burned into my consciousness, like it just happened. I can not feel the unconditional love and warmth of acceptance, but I remember that for a fraction of a second I had felt this perfection and Joy. The “Oneness” and the access to all “Divine Wisdom” was also clear and experienced. Again, No Big Deal. When it was time to return to my body, I remember NOT wanting to return. I was ready to stay and maintain this glorious experience BUT I was “told” that I would have to return because “it was NOT your time and you had “things” to do in this life.” With resistance and disappointment, I grudgingly returned. No Big Deal!

When I found my way back and awakened from this experience, the group leader asked if anyone had something to report. Since I was one of the youngest students in the room I waited and looked around for someone else to speak up first. When no one else had anything to share, I raised my hand and told me story. No Big Deal! The guy in the front of the room listened and seemed to get excited. His eyes opened wide and he started to seem to start bouncing around in some level of excitement. It was then that I “knew” that this was a “Big Deal!” My life had been altered. With no fear of Death or anxiety regarding the end of life, I was free to live life more freely and consciously. Though it took many years and more gifted experiences to know how to speak about this, I have never let this experience fade from my consciousness. I remember the details like it just now happened.

This “remembering” has been used many times as a service to people I have bumped into in my life’s journey. (In hospice situations the retelling of this story offered peace and reduced anxiety for many individuals and their families.) It resonates strongly with stories I have been told or that I have read regarding NDE’s (Near Death Experiences.) At an IANDS (International Association of Near Death Studies) conference, I learned that I had had a STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience.) If you want a link to a video of my story it is on YouTube at: L. John Mason’s Death Video

Why is this retelling of this story important to YOU? Perhaps you have had a similar experience or you resonate as you “remember” your experiences in this transition. Or, perhaps, you can benefit from the perspective of what is possible and what is over your horizon… What is radiating from over the horizon that you could be awaiting???

Today, I still have some lessons and “things to do” so I will wait for my “time” to call it a life. If it comes soon, I will have no regrets and little or no anxiety about this transition to the realms of the soul/spirit. YOU will find your own truth regarding the final transition which you will experience. Your perspective on YOUR EndGame is your personal journey and the blessing of your pilgrimage. The next time I am enveloped in the Unconditional Love of the Divine Spirit I will leap at the opportunity to Dance in the Light… And, I will know YOU there…

Every day, perhaps every moment, look for the Joy in the lesson you are learning from the challenge you are currently living. Yes, Joy in the most difficult, or even painful, lesson. You are a Master of your Journey. AND, You are Loved for being who you are! Live in Gratitude. Share Love freely and Unconditionally.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Is It Time? More Importantly, Is It Your Time?

Everyone finds the “Right” Time for themselves! At some point in your life, or in another incarnation, we must find the connection with the Divine Spirit in a more fully conscious way. Some people might believe that this is “Enlightenment” or, at the very least a step toward Enlightenment. Recently, a new friend claimed that now, in early 2020, we are stepping into an exciting stage of human consciousness where we open our hearts and souls to reconnecting, consciously, with the Divine Spirit. So, I ask YOU again, Is It Time for you to step forward and away from the fear, anger, anxiety of your mind and ego???

This new stage of development has been shared with me from many sources, of late. In December 2019, I attended a “channeled” visit with “Mother Mary” who suggested the “Time of Magic” was unfolding making it easier to connect with guidance of the Divine. From many sources this message repeats. Time will tell if this is accurate… Of course, if you believe in “time.” From their own disciplines and in their own ways, many “new age” spokespersons are announcing this new consciousness born from the ashes of our cultural, religious, quasi-spiritual, and philosophical belief systems. The “Rational Era” of mental understanding is finding its way, partially through Quantum Physics, to “know” the unexplainable in a different, less rational, way.

The words to describe Divine’s unconditional love, acceptance, and connectedness do not do justice to these concepts or feelings. Our three dimensional explanations are too limiting. People who return from a visit to the Divine after having a Near Death Experience (NDE) can NOT find words or the best way to share their experiences. The feelings of these communication attempts often feels “familiar” to the witnesses because we have all died and been reborn into our current lives. “Past Lives” may not be past lives at all. (Perhaps, time and space are illusions for a simple three dimensional “understanding.”) Some consider linear time a mental construct and we are living in multiple lives simultaneously. (That is a lot to consider, but perhaps we are as limited as our limited conscious minds currently allow.) Perhaps, in fact, We are “greater” than our egos allow us to believe because we are a perfect hologram of the perfection which is the Divine Spirit.

So, what do we do with this information or feeling? It is time to allow an “opening of the Heart and Soul.” It is time to feel the Divine within us and NOT just think about it. To “Know” and to “Remember” our perfection and Divinity is to release attachments to our Drama. Or, the roles we are engaged in playing in this current incarnation are perfect in their imperfections. Our lessons are the challenges we have signed up to experience. So we must be responsible for the choices we have made not as an excuse but as a way to move forward at the highest levels of consciousness. YOU are a Miracle!

Look for the “Magic” and the Guidance that comes from your heart and your soul. Do not Fear change or death, for this can get in your way… There is No Death, only a transition back into the higher realms and your next learning experience. Along the way, remember we are all in this together and finding ways to lovingly support your fellow travelers is an act of service which ends up serving you, and all the rest of us. Be the Beacon of Love and Light you came here to be!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

YOU are Loved, Unconditionally!

Chances are good, if you knew what Divine Unconditional Love really feels like you would have to be fully Enlightened, possibly a Near Death Survivor, or an Earth Angel. Perhaps you can get closer to remembering by careful consideration of what is involved in Divine Unconditional Love. Stories have been shared by NDE’ers (Near Death Survivors), some prophets and saints, and by Highly Enlightened people which better help to define the Divine Spirit.

Start by considering these possible sensations (which words do NOT adequately define.) Try and imagine being surrounded by warmth and embraced by total acceptance. There would be a feeling of freedom without 3 dimensional limitations of time and space. You would be able to know your connection with the Divine Spirit and all others souls. Even inanimate materials would be conscious and connected and a part of you. You have access to all wisdom and 100% honesty is the only practice. You are everywhere because everywhere is you. So no boundaries or limitations.

This is more difficult to describe or to label than explaining the smell of a rose or the perfect sound of musical note. This is more difficult than trying to describe human love. Yet, it is more than just a feeling. It is the reality that fills the space between atoms and all the space of the Universe, and beyond. There are moments when for a fraction of a second you may be graced with this “Knowing.” When I was 19 years old, I stumbled upon this sensation, or this Knowing, by mere chance during a guided meditation. I was Blessed to have this brief glimpse into what fills the Divine Spirit. AND, I will never forget this sensation or this brief moment in my life. It has changed me forever, at least forever in this lifetime.

When reading accounts by NDE survivors or when speaking with these survivors, for me these memories are recalled and I resonate with what can be shared, though this is unique to every person and in a limited way (by my perspective.) I know I lack the skill to fully offer this experience to most other people. The people who have had this experience already know what I am attempting to convey. As a result, fear of living is greatly reduced because you are not afraid of dying at the end of your present incarnation. I have come to “Know” that this is not an experience unique to me. It is the same for Everyone. Yes, You! YOU are another piece of the “Whole.” You are embraced in unconditional Divine love.

Perhaps, your life does not feel blessed in this way… One of your lessons in this current life is to work to “Remember” who you are and where you have come from. We like to think we are separate and unique. We are unique but not separate. We are all part of the much larger, inconceivably larger, Divine Spirit. And, you do not have to believe what I am saying. You have freedom to choose. You can deny your Divinity but this does not make it go away.

We are not alone. We are all connected. Every soul you bump into as you travel your path is another manifestation of yourself, in a unique form. You are a Blessing! You are a miracle! You are perfect! Whether you know it or not, you are a Master and your fully conscious Enlightenment is within you! Thank you or being YOU! As you become more aware and more conscious, use your insights and wisdom to be of service to the Universe. Be the beacon of light for others who may be existing in the “dark.” If nothing else, share Love and be a positive role model of consciousness. You are raising all of consciousness through your mortal efforts to “Remember.”

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Once the Genie is Out of the Bottle

Once you have had an awakening experience, you can not go back to the way you were before. The Genie is the awakening to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness. You need to “re-integrate” into your life with this new perspective. Not always easy or quick. Research was done with Near Death Experience (NDE) survivors and the research found it can take 7-15 years for re-integration for many of these special people. Perhaps more commonly, people may have an STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience.) Though less dramatic, physically, the STE changes you and the dramatic effects may be emotional, intellectual, and, certainly, spiritually. (Personal examples in a moment.)

Your new awareness from an STE or NDE can seriously raise your awareness. You may find this experience transformative because you “Know” things and “Remember” things which gets you many steps closer to a full consciousness of the Divine Spirit. You may have greater sensitivity and more intuition. You may live differently because the perspective reminds you that you have had many incarnations and so the idea of Death is not so distracting. You many realize that you are not alone, but “connected.” You may have a more freedom from the limitations of your ego and the 3 dimensional world (of illusion.) You will “Know stuff” because you will be more tapped into Divine wisdom.

What you do with all this new awareness is your choice. You may integrate this information/experience and change as a more loving person. You may want to bury it because you have no one to speak with about this and you fear you are going crazy. Your motivations in relationships and career may change and you may lose support from people in your life who can not easily accept your growth. Your attitude regarding living more simply, in the present moment, may be different from your forward thinking, externally driven goals which our culture may have expected of you. Your struggle to know your purpose in this life may come forward, and, eventually, will resolve. A recommendation is to meditate regularly and get support from “good” sources (perhaps more tolerant, accepting people) so you can feel positive support for your new directions. (There will be Fear and Love as choices. Choose LOVE.)

In my life, I have had several major STE’s. At 19, I had an STE which looked like a NDE. I visited a higher realm and went half way to death to experience an indescribable warmth & unconditional love, freedom, Oneness (connectedness,) and a tapping of Universal Wisdom, all of which I will NEVER forget. At 23 years of age, I had a meditation where I experienced the “River of Life” and knew the cycle of life. It lead me to feel a profound connectedness from which you “Know” that you are never alone and part of a much bigger Divine Universe. 14 months after my wife transitioned from our life together (cancer was the vehicle,) I had a session with a psychic in Tucson who channeled my wife and told me many things I needed to hear. These and other smaller STE’s have had a profound impact on my life. This included the “Guidance” to write these blogs and channel many of these writings as a part of my purpose in this lifetime.

We are all moving toward these “openings.” If you try to have them, unless you have the skills, you may slow the process. This can be frustrating. Meditation and being present to feel your intuitive guidance will give you good results…??? (I hope. This works for me…) I go to the Unity Spiritual Center in Bellingham and participate in a group which reads and discusses the book, “The Way of Mastery.” This is very helpful for me and I get great positive support from the regular attendees. We are all on the “Path” and this group does not require any justification. Pure love and Acceptance. If you want a good place to start, read and listen to stories from Near Death survivors. Go to an IANDS meeting (International Association of Near Death Studies.) I attended a 4 day convention last September, 2018, and I am still integrating this experience. Amazing!

We have videos and interviews on our YouTube channel, Masters of the Journey channel, with NDE and STE experiencers. If you have read this far in this blog, YOU are open and ready to raise your consciousness and to support other seekers. The Genie is out of the bottle! I will remind you of something you should know, if you do not know already. You are a Blessing!, You are Loved. You are a Master of your Journey. Keep your eyes up and pointed to the horizon to follow your path. Be responsible for your choices and continue to learn from EVERY interaction. (They are presented to you for you to learn from and to challenge you.)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at