WE are All in this Together! I have said this before. You have heard this before. And, the perspective to share today is a reflection on whether it will benefit You, and Our World, if we consider communicating and Live in the “We” vs the “I” (or mine/me.) Our ego/mind tends to see our world and the objects in our world as whether these are personal possessions. Not simply objects but emotional responses to experiences and interactions. Are these purely your thoughts or feelings, or are these more universal and shared as “our” experiences and emotions? Is it, me against them with defensive walls going up to protect me and my possessions from “them?”

And, what will happen if we shift our words/thoughts from I-Me-Mine to We-Us-Ours? Divine consciousness is NOT personal property AND can Not be achieved Universally without taking the hands of fellow pilgrims to assist ALL of us in raising human consciousness. No, I am not demanding that you go door-to-door on a “mission” to proselytize higher consciousness. However, some general support to your fellow travelers as we all stumble along the path toward a Divine Consciousness seems like a beneficial perspective to keep in mind (and, to turn into an action.) Perhaps, making a warm eye contact and acknowledging another person existence as another “Child of God” is a great place to start, even if their appearance triggers you.

When some interaction in your life sets off an emotional reaction, does this happen to you or can it be a benefit for us all as a “Universal” learning challenge? Do you respond with a “poor me” or do you consider the lesson which can be learned and that will assist all whom you come into contact with? While we are at this, is your house and yard yours or are you just a steward for a small bit of property on the crust of the third planet from our sun, in our galaxy, in our Universe, and a tiny smidgen of the vast Divine? Perhaps we claim ownership in a bit of property we do not truly own… Yes, this is a stretch in your “learned” perspective.

Maybe, instead of “circling the wagons” of your consciousness regarding “what is yours,” you might consider that you are caring for, as what is ours in both physical property and emotional reactions. It is OK to have stuff, even large, expensive stuff, but it may have less value to the Divine to isolate and protect your stuff at the expense of feeling empathy for the all humanity. Our Earth, now more than ever before, needs to be our shared responsibility and loved by all of us. WE are all responsible for the condition of OUR world and all of OUR human consciousness. Keep your broad shoulders strong as WE take on this shared responsibility… Do not play it small and be isolated… WE are ALL in this together.

Raising consciousness is a challenge we all must face. Supporting the fellow travelers we bump into along the path is a great step in improving all consciousness. Ask yourself, “What can I learn from this interaction and how may I be of the greatest good…?”

You are essential! You are an important piece of all of the Divine Consciousness.

Clear Vision

First, let me ask, is it important to have clear vision? This can be a “loaded question.” In the physical human plane, vision is one of the primary senses used to navigate and observe the 3 dimensional world. Is this critical? Well, many people live quite well without the vision coming through their eyes and registering in their brains. This kind of vision makes life somewhat easier for most people but then you can ask, is this physical vision needed?
When we interpret the light which registers through the eyes we have the perspective of our years of learning and observations. We also have mental/emotional factors which play into our interpretation. Example, if you were burned in childhood fire may be interpreted in ways where people not traumatized by fire would view this differently. An emotional overlay can change how we react to what we “see.”

In types of meditation including Zen meditation, we can be asked to “soft-focus” our eyes on a mandala, or fixed point, as a focusing for meditation and a quieting of the visual sensations which can lead the eyes to be distracted from the meditation. Darkness or soft lighting can also gently filter out these distraction so we can see “inside” more clearly. We are not shut off from the world, just focusing “softly” to feel what can be found in a quieter state of mind.

Our minds can “muddy the water” of any observation whether this comes from external view of the outside or an internal sensing of the an internal thought, or feeling, or insight. It can be helpful to be consciously aware of when our minds might muddy the observation. The past history or anxiety/fear may get in the way of being most fully “present” and available to witness the internal and external world which we travel through on our path through life. So, clarity of vision can be complex and important. If we “miss” the full experience, perhaps we will be tested by a “re-experiencing” of the same, or similar, event again in our life. Complex issues can also be difficult for our 3 dimensional minds to most fully understand. Examples, human emotions can be very complex with a wide range of possible interpretations. AND, the human mind has difficulty when traveling into the “higher realms” where dimensions beyond our limited human understanding can be felt but not fully “known” on a mental level. An example of this, from personal experience, is to find words for Divine Unconditional Love and Acceptance which is NOT a common human experience (due to the limitations of the human mind.) (Divine Unconditional Love IS unconditional, which is not how human love on the Earthly plane is, for most of us.)

So, I ask again, after these words have “muddied” the water, is clear vision even possible for human consciousness? And, is it worth striving to achieve? Well, that is a very personal question. Many of us have lives filled with human drama as part of our human challenge. We can be distracted and this can make our lives less clear, less focused, and more of an emotional roller coaster. This confusion can be an important human challenge for us and the people around us. I do like those few moments when my mind is on the side-lines and my heart can feel most clearly what is possible… So, for me, clear vision is not always a visual thing with light coming in through my eyes. That is why, people without normal human eye-sight may also be able to see more clearly.

Enlightening…??? Well, please consider where you may venture into the realms of “clear vision.” (You can always benefit from switching on more light (and not from the “physical” light spectrum) as you pursue higher consciousness…)

You are Loved!


Why are we so attached to our “things,” our lives, and our beliefs? And, why do we consider our lives and things to be so “real” and solid? From a “Spiritual Perspective,” and quantum theory, the objects in our lives may not be as “solid” as our human senses ask us to believe. Perhaps our human lives, living in only 3 dimensions, are limited to “know” the full depth and breadth of our Universe and what may exist in the Divine Spirit’s Higher Realms…

Impermanence reminds us that nothing stays as a it is, in nature, weather, our bodies, emotions, political systems, relationships, and even in family dynamics. Yet we often wish things would stay the same, without change because we are “comfortable with things the way they are” (or appear to be.) We are attached to our possessions and our relationships. We define ourselves by our material things. We are often in an emotional state where we feel “safer” and happier when we are surrounded by our “stuff.” When our “stuff” is threatened, or taken, or lost, we feel less than whole and our fears, anxieties and our angers are often elevated. But we are not our possessions. We are more than the frail human lives that we are here to play as a role in the human drama.

There can be a huge benefit to not being attached to our things, to our relationships, and even, to our human lives. And, our human lives are transitory. Our human lives do not go on forever…

When we see the world as impermanent, we can deepen our attention to what is here now because we can appreciate that it is temporary. We can respond with the “Beginner’s Mind” and celebrate each moment as the creative miracle which it is. And we can suffer less when things do change, knowing that we can be more fully present to connect, saver, and enjoy our lives as it is and in each “present” moment. Perhaps, we can even learn that the attachments to things, experiences, and relationships can hold us back from where we are headed in our human lives and our spiritual developments.

Everything changes. Even our attitudes evolve as we move further along the path in our human lives. We gain in experience and wisdom as we live the challenges we encounter. Some of these challenging experiences are brutal and difficult. “What does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Occasionally, we even learn lessons from our mistakes and, even, possibly, from our successes. These “learnings” are can become a way of being of service if we share from these experiences. Though these experiences are “important” and can hold great value, which may enhance our learnings if we do not become too attached or stuck. We do not want to have to relive these things too often so we can be free to move on and attempt new experiences and new learning (or rememberings…)

Let us not get too attached to our things or our experiences or our relationships or even, our lives, and then lose connection with our soul and our interconnection with all of the Divine Consciousness. Our soul is growing and yet governed by the same laws of human impermanence… Our souls evolve and the Divine Spirit continues in a an unconditional loving bond forever… (Which is a very long time and near impossible for the human consciousness to fully comprehend.)

Let Go of Your Attachments and appreciate most fully the present moment. You can find a perfection and many miracles in a fully conscious moment.