Celebrating Independence By Remembering Our Interdependence

For Americans, July 4th is considered our Independence Day. Historically, it was a day when Americans came together to declare their Independence from a perceived tyranny. Today, most of the tyranny we face comes from our own perceptions and the personal independence we have been culturally taught. There comes a moment in consciousness when complete independence loses some, or most, of its value. This happens when we become conscious enough to realize that we are actually not fully independent but actually a part (a piece) of a much grander “Divine Spirit.” Our egos and “burning (taught) need” for individuality bends to the realization that every person, every lifeform, and every object in our Universe (and beyond) are inter-related and interdependent.

If you do not like reading this and you feel uncomfortable looking at the “crazy” people in the world with the consideration that they are you and you are they, then you have not “remembered” the shared roots which we all have. Each of us is an actor in a drama called life. We each have our role to play AND we have learned to play our character with perfection. Sure we whine when “things” are not going as well as we would “like.” Just learn to NOT take yourself or your role too seriously… You are much “greater than you will ever know” (or understand) this is a statement which has been said to me by my late wife and my friend Don Ley after he returned from his NDE (near death experience.) Nothing like a good NDE to put your life into better perspective… (Not a joke or kidding.)

Independence within the framework of each and every one of us being connected by spirit still allows for each of us to be different and unique. Just as snowflakes are unique, I am told, we each bring our unique challenges and lessons into our lives. We can not make progress and achieve our learning goals without bumping into other people and life experiences. These experiences are often challenging or difficult. A life which is too easy may overlook many valuable interactions with the difficult situations which we have been guided to know and to learn from. For myself, long ago I realized that I learn more from my mistakes, failures, and “trials by fire” than I learn when events go smoothly or as “expected.”

A desire to be too independent may prevent you from gaining from the shared experiences or wisdom of other “pilgrims” you meet on your path toward higher consciousness. The secret is to be not too dependent or too separate from other people. When I am present and mindful, which I am a small percentage of time, I see the beauty and perfection in the eyes and then the souls of the people I encounter. We are ALL in this together and we are all here to serve each other’s development of consciousness. AND, whether you know it or not, YOU have much to offer. YOU are a Master of your journey with wisdom from life experiences which, when shared, will assist fellow pilgrims on their path toward enlightenment.

So celebrate independence but within a conscious, reasonable position. Know that historically Americans could not have achieved their version of independence without working together with the intention of building a world of betterment for all. (Yes, there have been varying views on what these words and concepts might mean…)

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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