Reflections from Christmas 2021

For My Grandsons – Christmas Day, 2021
For Milo (Age 3) and Max (age 7 months)

AND, for everyone encountering these thoughts…

Today, my Christmas thoughts for you include sending my Love and the gift from 36 years ago of welcoming your loving Father into this world. At the time, those years ago, I did not begin to consider that your dad would be a father someday or the awesome father he has turned out to be. His Mother raised him “right.”

The world you are growing up in has huge challenges that you can not conceive of as I write these words. Today, you are sweet and innocent with lots of growing and learning to do. Time, life experience, and your parents will take care of your learnings. You are perfect! You are Miracles! And, You are the Blessings of your ancestors who walked this world before you. Your linage is one of teachers, guides, and souls who have come to serve… Within you is a radiant and unique soul which will find a path for you to be the loving lights to guide the others you encounter. In fact, we are ALL here for this same reason, though some of us are more consciously aware of this and wear it closer to the surface.

You are cast in the roles of boys who will grow up to be active and probably leaders in your community, maybe, even the world. We are proud to be a part of your human experience and support you as best we can. You will find and follow the path which guidance steers you toward. You may even think, early in your lives, that you are making independent decisions regarding the life direction you choose. But, if your experience is similar to mine, you will discover that unexpected, unforeseen outcomes will direct you and determine the great value you will have in our world. There is no way to shirk your purpose… (And, there is no way for your mind/ego to take full responsibility (or credit) for every direction your life will pursue… Divine Guidance happens!)

You are Loved! You are protected! You are Blessed! Perhaps, when the time is right, you will meet, and know, the spirits and higher souls which surround you and who offer you their support & guidance. You are an essential piece of the Divine Spirit and have come into this life to be a part of a larger human drama. Find Joy in every life experience. Yes, even the dark or difficult times. You have come to test the Divine Wisdom, and the “Knowing,” which lives within you. When and where possible, share your stories and your learned wisdom freely (and without expectations or “strings attached.”) Embrace your fellow travelers whom you meet along your pilgrimage through this life. And, at the end of your human life, you will be able to release your human limitations and your Spirit will rejoin the Divine Spirit. (Actually, you have never really left or lost connection to the higher realms.) We, your ancestors, will be awaiting you with our loving arms open wide to embrace you. We are all connected and serving the Divine in our original, unique ways. Go towards the light. Remember the unconditional love which is always there for you.

If, and when, you discover these words, these thoughts will work their way within you. Your consciousness will continue to grow until you “remember” the perfection of the soul within you and your connection to all of the Divine. When possible, walk and meditate in a natural setting and be open to receiving the loving support from your guidance. It helps to find your way into the miracle of the present moment, and so, release the limitation of living in the “past” or with the anxiety of an unknowable “future.”

I will say again, I Love You! Be the Light You are meant to be…
And, look for, and find the perfection in every soul you meet. Milo & Max, You both have much wisdom and love to share, if you can allow your humanness to know this…

And, if you have read is posting this far and are not Mr Milo or Mr Max then know that these loving reminders are here and available for you as well. YOU are a Blessing! YOU are Perfect! And… You are a Miracle!

How is Your Reflection?

When other people hold the mirror, how is your reflection? Not just your physical appearance, but who you “really” are as a person. In other words, what do people who know you, know about you? Is your self-image a reflection match of how other people feel about you? Remember, everyone has their unique perspective and their own unique opinion. Some people will be better observers and possibly more accurate. Some people will be more objective and not add their own challenges to describing your attributes, both your good qualities and your difficult ones.

It may not seem important, learning how other people feel about you. Your own personal feelings are most significant, however, we often are in denial or misjudge how we come across to others. Feedback is useful and often important. With objective feedback, we can make adjustments. We can learn from experience how others know us. With this input, we can decide if we wish to make any course corrections. Sometimes we can learn what is holding us back or, at the very least, what we could consider improving. As an example, in my early 20’s as I was participating in a “encounter group,” a member called me on my use of humor when the discussion got deeper and more difficult. At the time, I thought my humor was a positive and friendly attempt to entertain. What I learned from this feedback was that I was hiding behind my humor as a defense mechanism. This was very difficult for me to learn. I went into a depression and took 7 or 8 months to accept this fact and to integrate this into my life. To this day, when I use humor in a difficult encounter, I still ask myself whether this was defensive and something I need to examine or was it just my silly side bursting out inappropriately, as it commonly does… For me, this was a turning point and this reflection was very important, though difficult, for me.

Each of us are role models. We are beacons where we share our light and can assist other pilgrims to find their way along the path of self-discovery. Sometimes we create a reflection which is so positive, other people will want to follow or at least strive to move more in the direction you are projecting. Sometimes, we are a model of what NOT to do or to be. Long ago, I found out I could not make everyone like me, let alone, follow me. That was a rough lesson for my fragile ego and this changed my life. My outgrowth from this realization was that I needed to like ME and who I AM. Everyone is a different soul and does things differently. Some people behave in ways simply to get other people to “like” them even though this may be less healthy for their unique self. Living life as a popularity contest is one way to live. Personally, I do not choose this path. My insecurities are not often the driving force in how I present myself, though, like most people, I do enjoy positive attention.

The question remains, is your self-image a good reflection of who you really are? Are you willing to ask the question and receive the answer of your partner with little, or no, defensiveness? These struggles may lead to the most important lessons you have in this lifetime. Be present and learn through external reflection and self-reflection what you came here to learn! No matter where you are in self-discovery and spiritual development, you are a blessing! Even with your seeming imperfections or flaws, you are PERFECT just the way you are, though perhaps not above improvements.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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