It’s the Journey

It’s the Journey not the Destination. Google and “Quote Investigator” seem to credit Ralph Waldo Emerson for saying, “Life is a Journey, not a Destination.” Whoever and where ever this comes from, today I was triggered by the thought that accomplishing a “Goal” and possibly feeling success is NOT the point of the “exercise.” The point of living your life is experiencing the lessons, the challenges, the people, and the “stretching by doing something new” along the way. Success or failure are NOT the end judgements which offer the most energy. The “energy” comes from the “doing” and the Journey. The adventure is Living life and not simply talking about it. Acting in service or enlightenment instead of just wishing for this highest form of living in our 3 dimensional world.

The Masters of the Journey community was built from Guidance and the appreciation that each of us has much to share. Though spiritually connected, we have lived our unique lives in our unique ways and learned our unique lessons in the process. By sharing YOUR stories you offer the “witness” (the person who listens to your story) a chance to learn from you and your gained wisdom. It offers a unique perspective which can be supportive, perhaps even, life changing. SO, YOUR Journey has value. Not just to you but to the people you “touch.” The real Joy in Life is sharing your story with the wisdom you have gained as a Service to the people you come into contact with and then, “touch.”

An expected or planned success is GREAT but in my life I have learned much more from my failures and painful challenges when things did not go as planned. I am not saying that “whining” about mistakes or hard times is always a beautiful way of sharing. Taking responsibility and acknowledging the role you have played as you expanded your knowledge, wisdom and perspective is the deeper value, for me. You pushed yourself to try something new. You stretched to get out o your comfort zone. You tested new limits and found you have fewer boundaries and self-imposed limitations. This seems to me to be the true journey through the new learnings in this life.

And, the Journey through life IS the main show. Pay attention! You never know what miraculous learning can come from the smallest step or seemingly less important interaction. Besides, appreciation each moment and finding Joy in every amazing connection is so very important. It requires you to be fully present and available to look for and to find the miracles. And, along the way, listen to and learn to trust the small voice of “Guidance” (or your intuition.) It may lead you into important learning experiences. It also helps to keep your head up and your eyes toward the horizon, unless you are very uneven ground. Tread more slowly if your road seems too rocky…

No matter what, consider how amazing and miraculous life is! Feel the Joy even if you find yourself walking on the “dark side of the road.” My mentor, Paula Forget, reminds me that every moment, walking in this current incarnation, is spectacular and offers learnings to celebrate. Attempt to not get caught in the quagmire of the “Drama” in your life and to know that each experience is amazing, even if it can feel challenging or painful. You are here to be challenged, to learn and to grow… You are a Blessing! Nobody can do YOU better than YOU! The Universe needs you and your interpretation of the Divine Spirit manifest!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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