Stepping In, Stepping Out

Consider, Stepping In to the Present Moment and then Stepping Out of Your Limitations… Of course, this is easier said than done. However, setting your sights on what is possible and setting your intention is the first step of this pilgrimage.

Stepping into the present moment leads to Mindfulness. If you can release the 3 dimensional mind’s limitations, including time and space, you can begin to release the memories of the past which have limited your responses and you may be able to release the fear of the unknown future which fear of future events/change has trapped our consciousness within. Our brain and ego have these limitations which have created separateness and the lack of knowing our soul’s greatness.

What is Mindfulness? List of 10 Qualities of Mindfulness are:
These are from Pages 18-20 of Laurie Cameron’s book: “The Mindful Day, Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm and Joy From Morning to Evening.” (The-Mindful-Day by Laurie-J-Cameron )

1. Awareness
2. Beginners Mind
3. Acceptance
4. Insight
5. Impermanence (Life is temporary and so are all the challenges…)
6. Equanimity
7. Interconnection
8. Compassion
9. Gratitude
10. Joy

Stepping most fully into the Present Moment, involves all of these ten qualities. Again, easier said than done and this is a perspective to move toward. Acceptance without Judgement has been my challenging lesson in this life. Living without full Acceptance (and the lack of Judgement,) seems to limit my Compassion, my Gratitude, and my Joy. Staying within my breath with an accepting awareness is my goal.

My “Knowing” suggests that once I can fully step into the Moment, I will begin to release my limitations of the my 3 dimensional world (and thoughts and limiting beliefs) so I can be most fully free to “Know” the Divine Spirit and dwell consciously in a higher state of consciousness. Included in this “Knowing” is that in a Higher vibrational state my life finds: unconditional Love, full connection, access to Divine Wisdom, and freedom from human limitations, is possible.

Consider what it is like to live consciously without limitations. To be everywhere with no limitations of time and space. To bask in “Oneness” and to know “Unconditional Love.” Yes, even if you are in a Human existence, you can gradually find ways to connect and then to live in this higher state of consciousness. Once there, or even before you most fully get to this consciousness, your purpose is to share this light and to be the beacon which allows other pilgrims to find their way into this Divine Light.

I have been reminded: We are ethereal beings living lives in human bodies “enjoying” our human experiences… Knowing that we will be stepping out of these lives and our human limitations, offers us a profound perspective to consider. With Love.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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