Weddings Make Me Wonder

This month, August, 2022, there is a wedding in my family to attend and to wonder about… I do not wonder about the relationship between my older son and his fiancé. They are a decent match and both will benefit from getting married and having each other in their lives. What makes me wonder is before and during weddings is there any real consideration of the future for these relationships. Now, do not get me wrong, marriage is a good and necessary thing for couples in our culture. There is the legal bonding. There are financial benefits. There is the official acknowledgement of their loving relationship. There is the focused celebration with family and friends. There are the wedding gifts and the thank you notes. There is the planning and expense which some people enjoy… There are plenty of good reasons in the present moment to join in a documented relationship…

My wondering comes from my personal experience of marriage. I married my Bride, Barbara, in August of 1984 in Santa Rosa California. We were married in the backyard of a person I knew who offered a beautiful setting for us and the family and friends who could attend. It was hot. It was a lovely memory filled event with interesting and weird stories. We were committed to each other and remained committed until my Bride left her human form in January of 2012. We shared love, parenting, travel, financial challenges, lifestyle changes, health challenges, all in ways I would not trade. But, I never stopped to consider the end game. No consideration before or during our wedding. No real consideration for many years during our marriage. In the last 8 years of our marriage, after we received a “terminal cancer” diagnosis did the “end game” face any scrutiny.

Now, after my Bride left our relationship and I was left alone to consider our marriage, I was confronted by some clear and undeniable facts. No regrets for me, for the record… There are only two ways out of a marriage and these are often not well considered except by the super rich who sign pre-marital agreements to protect their money. AND, this is NOT what I am speaking about… I am considering the natural facts that marriages end in only one of two ways and neither are the enjoyable ways that people look forward to experiencing. There is divorce and there is death. In my opinion, these both seem grim. The death of my wife was a unique experience for me. I had never lost a marriage partner of 28 years and of a relationship of nearly 35 years. It has been my only marriage so I am not really familiar with what divorce offers as a personal learning experience but it has been reported by many people I know to be difficult and often necessary.

Which is why I wonder… should people about to be married consider the “end game?” Probably not! Going in to this relationship fully committed, “for better or worse, until death do they part…” My experience is NOT unique. Every married person lives, or dies, with some level of understanding as they move through the “end game.” Being naive has always seemed to help me, right up until I am confronted by the wisdom I must consider on the back end of my life’s experiences. That is what living our human lives is all about…

And, thank you for baring with me as I vent from my personal, experience driven, wonderment. Life is NOT meant to be a walk in the park or a “they lived happily ever after” reality. The discomfort in losing a person you have loved is an amazing opportunity to discover an empathy to the human condition which can give you wisdom to share. (In many cases this appears as bitterness, anger, or in negative terms, but it really is a unique learning opportunity.) My perspective on marriage and losing my Bride has been shared many times and has offered many people a chance to have a perspective which is often left unspoken in our culture. Do NOT miss any opportunity to share your love with the people you encounter, especially the people most dear… You never know what path your futures will take AND sharing Love is one of the most important things we have come to our human lives to do…

Also, these thoughts are NOT unique to marriage but that is on a front burner for me in these August days of 2022. My Bride will find a way to attend the wedding of her eldest, dear son. And, her loving memory will burn bright in the hearts and minds of her sons, her family, and all who have loved Barbara. Bless YOU on your travels through this human life. YOU are a miracle who has come to mix it up in the drama called human life. In my consideration, do not miss your opportunities to live most fully and to increase your consciousness regarding “Life” with every opportunity you stumble upon or choose to pursue.

Share your Love and your Light as much as you can…


Life’s lessons are created by “contrast.”
Often we might expect our lives to move easily or freely through life experiences and then we hit a glitch. Perhaps a small obstacle or sometimes a great mountain which creates a major recalculation in your life’s path. The contrast from easy, quiet, and meditative to a chasm which must be carefully or forcefully overcome becomes some of the most important learning opportunities. You are tested by these obstacles. The wisdom you gain from your moving through or around this barrier thrown onto your life’s path is a lesson you have come into this life to learn.

In American culture, the English language looks to compare and contrast the objects and activities we experience. Better than, less than, larger, smaller, costlier, cheaper, more solid, more soft, the list goes on with defining things by comparing what they are similar to or dis-similar to. This limited and linear way of defining objects and activities seem easier for the limited 3 dimensional human mind to comprehend. We run into problems when we allow ourselves to be “present” and make attempts to explain emotions, feelings, flavors, or spiritual experiences. For example, how do you explain or define the smell of fresh baking bread? Or, really and fully put words to emotions like love? Sometimes we describe what something is NOT, but this rings hollow. Complicated or complex thoughts or feelings do not lend themselves well to English language definitions.

And, using contrast to define experiences often comes down to saying what something is not or something which seems similar, but is difficult to gracefully define. There is our struggle. Feel things, experience things, appreciate things and then attempt to integrate the full emotion or feelings of these experiences. Do not be lazy! It is work to be present and to sort out a complicated emotion. When we must communicate these feelings, we often turn to psychic expression of emotions which can be transmitted unconsciously. Our communication partner must “resonate” with the vibration you are attempting to communicate. If successful, they will “feel” what you are sending even if the words lack the depth of what you attempt to convey.

And, how do you know where you are on your path through this life without contrast with remembering from where you have started? Whether you know it and appreciate most fully, YOU are moving along your path and expanding your consciousness. By sharing your stories, you can clarify your learnings. You offer yourself and your listener a gift by attempting to share your discovered, or remembered, wisdoms.

Personally, I have learned and developed myself more when I have been confronted by the seemingly negative contrast of a major turn in my life. Upon survival, you can reflect on the situation and grow from the experience. There is much to learn when our “normal and expected path” through life is altered or blocked by a significant contrast. These contrasts are not always negative or seemingly painful, like when you suddenly, unexpectedly, “Fall in Love.” These can be dramatic changes in our “normal” path.

An example which occurred for me 50 years ago when I was barely 19 years of age may symbolize several of the concepts we have just discussed. There are no words which do this experience full justice.
The story: I attended a retreat with some students from UCLA where I was attending college. After “partying” on Friday night, we decided to get serious and do some “work” on Saturday morning. There were 5 or 6 group discussions organized and I “was drawn” (or guided) to attend a discussion on Death and Dying. I am not sure why. At the time, I had not done any research or reading or even much thinking about this topic but I was curious about this one choice in topics. The guy in the front of the room was learning about Kubler-Ross’s work “On Death and Dying.” His leadership technique was to lead a “guided meditation” to find out about Death. This seemed OK. I had NO expectations and I had no resistance. I was very naive about all of this, at that time. So, I followed his guidance and instructions which was to get comfortable, relax, breathe slowly, settle in, and then gently and slowly lift myself out of my body. “No problem” and I went along with these instructions thinking that everyone in the room was able to do this easily. He asked that we drift up and away from our bodies, watching as the image of our bodies got smaller and smaller. So, up into space I went. No problem. At some point, looking down at the speck of my body was not interesting so I turn 180 degrees and headed into the blackness of space. No problem and no fear. I traveled out toward what I considered the direction of death. When I got to what I believed to be half way, I paused. Before me in the blackness was a dark horizon. Emanating from over the horizon was the most beautiful warmth. A glowing warm I “knew” to be “Unconditional Love” and acceptance. In that fraction of a second, I “knew,” or “remembered,” what Divine Love was/is. A feeling of Joy, Freedom, Acceptance, no limitations of space or time, no limitations of consciousness, no limits on communication because everyone already knew everything about me and fully accepted me as a connected part of the the Universal Wholeness. (Notice that all of these words can have an infinite amount of personal interpretations…) It was an instant in my life where these feelings were so strong and clear that I will never forget them, though I am limited in going back and feeling these as if I was fully there. (The clear “thought” of this experience I remember, vividly.) I wanted to stay. I wanted to complete the travel over this dark horizon. It was too wonderful to turn away from. And then, the unheard voice telepathetically said that I had to “go back” for it “was not my time.” I argued. And, I was told “you have things to do and you will be able to return when it was appropriate.” I did not know what that meant or what I was “supposed” to do with my life but grudgingly I turned around and headed back to my body. No big deal. Everyone in the room had done the same. No fear. In fact, with this new consciousness, there was not fear of death or dying. No big deal, I assumed everyone had experienced this. When the exercise was over the guy in the front of the room asked if anyone could share their experience. Since I was one of the youngest, perhaps the youngest, person in the room, I waited and looked around. No one raised their hand. Finally, my impatience lead me to raise my hand and I told my story. The guy in the front of the room started bouncing up and down and looked very excited with my telling of my story. It dawned on me, THEN, that I had been “Gifted” with an amazing experience and my excitement kicked in. I did not know what to do with this experience which was an unexpected contrast to my “normal” life and consciousness. I may never fully integrate this experience into my human life. And, I said previously, this is not something I can pop into any time I want. I have tried. But, the feelings which are not well described, have not been diluted by time. That instant is indelibly etched deep into my life’s memory and life’s experience.

In the years since that out-of-the-body experience (or STE: Spiritual Transformative Experience,) I have retold that story. And, every time it brings up the same wonderful and profound feelings. Though my life’s perspective has changed from experience, I know that my life has been changed from this contrast and expanded awareness. My story resonated with me when I read many accounts of NDE’s (Near Death Experiences.) These “felt” familiar and similar. I have come to feel that these other documented stories somehow validate my out-of-the-body experience from when I was 19 years of age. There are times when I am telling my story or listening to someone’s NDE that we get locked in to the same vibrational resonance. I “KNOW” that when I transition from this Human lifetime, I will get to return to the higher realms and re-experience my Divine unconditional love, acceptance, and connectedness with all in the Universe (and beyond.) This is a huge contrast to what I was taught regarding end of life transitions as a child (younger person.)

Of course there have been difficult contrasts which have added to my consciousness like the death of my wife after 30 years together. Or, the struggle after having my out of the body experience which lead me to leave Los Angeles, UCLA, my home, and all my Southern California lifestyle which lead me to turning 20 in Strasbourg, France and never returning to live in Southern California. The “unknowns” we step into after “contrasts” present themselves almost always require a “stretch” to fit into the changed perspective and lifestyle which is created. Amazing stories to share are created.

You can fit your own life and details into a telling of the major contrasts in your life. Every time you tell or retell these stories you gain in perspective and learn. Your witness is blessed with the possible wisdoms, from experience, you are willingly sharing. A win-win for every participant, if all are open and available for wisdom sharing…

Contrasts can be sharp as in Black and white. They can also be more subtle as in shades of gray. A life of consciousness raising has both. Paying close attention is the sign of one who is moving toward an “Enlightened” state. When possible, do not avoid the contrasts. Learn from new perspectives and adjust your travels accordingly. You have choice and an unconscious need to continue to move forward in these adventures into consciousness. AND, when you are presented with an obstacle on your path through life allow this contrast to offer most fully the learning from this diversion. Sure it feels odd, maybe uncomfortable, but it offers new perspective and possible new wisdoms to live by. The concept “that you can not get the Genie back in the bottle” becomes the twist in your road of life which leads you on an amazing adventure… Along the way, share your stories and your wisdoms…

You are a Blessing! YOU are Loved!

Forgiveness Sets Us Free

Why be a “Victim?” Forget Blaming and appreciate the experiences which life can bring to you! Then, consider whether you could take this awareness one step further. Challenging events happen in your life. “It” happened for a reason. Can you appreciate the learning created by the event and then Forgive the “difficult” scenario you have survived? You do not have to be a victim to your personal opinion of taking a life event as an emotional personal attack. You found YOUR way into the situation, so take some responsibility and find the best learning from a painful experience. Look for the wisdom to be gained. Share your found wisdom. And, live in a state of forgiveness if you have “enjoyed” carrying around a grudge.

Besides, it takes a huge amount of energy to hold a grudge and to live as a victim. Sure you get attention from sympathetic souls, right up until you project the secondary benefit of living as a victim and your witness decides to bail out on your drama. The emotional capital of demonstrating victimhood can only go so far and is not really sustainable for healthy relationships. (It sounds like I have NO sympathy for the hard times people experience. I do have sympathy AND there is another way to look at the difficult challenges we find ourselves within.) Our lives are filled with Joy if you choose to live in the perspective of finding the miracles from even the hardest of times. That is what we are here, in this life, to experience and to learn from. Yes, test your Divine Innate Wisdom by finding the Joy and the “Best.” When life serves you Lemons, make Lemonade…

From my personal experiences, I KNOW that this is easier said than done. But, when the Sh’t has hit the fan for me, it is very expensive in time, energy, and emotional response to continue to dwell in the anger, anxiety, and the possible negativity. In my life, I have lost sources of love to death and human transitions. The void which was created felt like an impossible hole to dig myself out of AND, with perspective, there has always been a huge lesson to test my innate wisdom. Life often comes full circle and my wisdom can be tested yet again or my new found wisdom can be shared as a service to someone in a similar situation. Example, after my wife of 28 years died from cancer, I was guided to mentor another wonderful man through the death/loss of his bride. Boy, I learned a lot from the new perspective and we both benefited from the mutual support of these difficult life experiences. (BTW: I never “blamed God” for my wife’s transition. I “knew” at some level that this was a time for “brutal” learning.) Of this loss in my life I have often said that I would NOT wish this on anyone else but I would not trade this experience away, there was so much to learn from this difficult test…

The act of Forgiveness is not easy. It requires consciousness and an open, Loving Heart which can accept the situations which to the mind/ego seem most unacceptable. You do not have to leap into painful relationships just to test this concept because your life will stumble into these relationships if you are “supposed” to have them. (You do Not deserve these difficult relationships.) You do not have a “debt to pay.” You simply have another opportunity to test your innate or learned wisdoms. Mindfulness suggests that “Equanimity” is a goal. This does not mean that you can not feel the pain but perhaps find a balance and possibly reduce an overreaction. FEEL it and find a way to know that there is a reason (not always a rational reason) why your life found its way into an awkward situation.

Perhaps, one day, you will not doubt that every rock you turn over in your incarnation was meant to be turned over even if the “darkness” and the “test” seemed most difficult. AND the result of this experience was a “positive” experience to encounter. Take responsibility for each life experience. Then, find forgiveness (and acceptance) if your knee jerk reaction tested you emotionally and spiritually. YOU are a Miracle! You are a Blessing! YOU are Loved!

Consider your life’s lessons (experiences) and possibly find forgiveness within your heart as you feel your way into the Light. AND, look for Joy in each moment you are blessed to know. (Again, easier said than done, for me, and perhaps you…) Feeling Gratitude, even for difficult situations, is an act of Spiritual and Emotional maturity. It is easier said than done. And, finding a heartfelt thank you for the learning which comes your way is important for your growth. And, then share your learned wisdom. Serve others by offering your honest perspective, hopefully, without drama… You are a Master of your Journey with much to offer… Thank You!

PS: In life, I have come across relationships and experiences that I did not fully understand and which felt, to me, that I was betrayed. On these occasions, I do not understand and felt like I did NOT Deserve this kind of treatment. Yet, after my upset, I find the “value” of this experience, even if this is labelled “What Not to Do Ever Again.” A broken heart, hurt feelings, and an emotional beat down are very unpleasant and yet, with perspective, great to learn from… I do not wish these to befall you. Often these seem unavoidable. And, it is said, “What does not kill you, makes you stronger!” At least, wiser. Yes, at the top of my gratitude and forgiveness list are some people who have confused or hurt me with their behaviors toward me and this has been a difficult “work around” when my emotional self was beaten up… YOU are Loved by the Divine Spirit and the perfect souls who show up to support you. Make every attempt to live in their love and light! Life is a Miracle even when times are difficult tests. The light of living in Forgiveness is easier said than done AND this positive attitude leads you toward a higher consciousness which is good for our Universe (and beyond.)

What Might It Be To Be God?

What would it be like to be God? Consider this not as blasphemy or as an Ego trip but through the Heart of the Divine Spirit. And, putting aside that your humanness, your brain, and your three dimensional limitations which do not easily allow such an expansive view of our Universe, you, your spirit, are at the core of Divine Wisdom. You are the perfect manifestation of the Divine, incarnated into a human life. You can back away from this responsibility but it does not change the fact that you and God are one. (You are an unexplainable Miracle.) Now, what do you do with this concept?… Beyond your struggle to know or to remember, and your denial, and to finally surrender to this “knowing,” is a theme for your enlightenment…

Imagine for a fraction of a human second what it would be like to be at the source of all dimensions of all of the Universe. In the “Higher Dimensions” a fraction of a second goes on forever AND a human life is but a blink… and Time and space, as humans understand, does not exist in the Higher Dimensions. The Human mind has limitations which boxes it in due to the belief that linear time, sequential time, exists and that all reality is found within 3 dimensions. In the Higher Dimensional Realms, “time” does not exist so you can be anywhere, in any dimension, perhaps even in multiple lifetimes in every moment. This is difficult to get your mind to understand because this is far beyond most human understanding. Likewise, it is not easily possible to “realize” that you are not confined by space in three dimensions. You can be anywhere, everywhere, simultaneously.

So, to imagine that your human mind and your human ego is put aside and you are the “Creator” of the Universe becomes a tremendous challenge for a frail human being. If you have had an “Awakening” like a Near Death Experience or a spiritual Epiphany, you might be more conscious of what is possible without human limitations. (Look up STE, a Spiritually Transformative Experience.) This is not the ego driven thoughts of unlimited power like in the movies. It is a more complete “Knowing” of omnipotence. So why is any of this important to you? You have a critical role in the Divine Spirit. You are a unique piece of the foundation of the Universe and all of the Divine. You are a multidimensional being living in a human incarnation but NOT limited to the human boundaries you have agreed to participate within in this drama of your human existence.

Putting your limitations of mind and ego aside, YOU are a piece of God. YOU are God! You are a living manifestation of Holy Spirit and have access to all of Divine Wisdom. AND, you are shaking your head in disbelief because it is too much to comprehend and there is too much responsibility that is enfolded in this consciousness. You might assume that if you were God, you would have to behave “God-like.” You could not have flaws in your humanness. AND, you fail to see the perfection of your imperfections along with the human lessons and challenges you are here to experience… You are “here” to be a crippled human, blind to who you really are. And, if you were to transcend your human limitations to realize your Divinity, you may have to live each moment within God-like expectations. Forget this expectation. You are NOT here to live 24/7 as God, though you may want to move closer to that possibility. Your purpose is to serve other souls in their quest to “remember” who they are, where they come from, and where they will return at the end of their human incarnation.

YOU can NOT get this wrong! You are Perfect! You are a Miracle! Your struggle in being human is your lesson and it is “our” lesson to get you as far along as possible in consciousness within the human existence you have chosen. So, at some point, imagine yourself in the higher dimensions. Free from time and space. As a multidimensional spirit you are surrounded by light and consciousness. You are enveloped in unconditional Divine Love. You are fully accepted for the perfect being you are. You are connected to all other spirits because you are “one” with them as part of the Universal Divine Spirit. You have the freedom to be anywhere and in any dimension and in any Earthly life at any moment. You can manifest your reality AND this is always perfect (if only as a lesson or challenge for you to experience.) In a meditation, you may have a brief remembering of this reality and this opens the door for your consciousness to walk through to have a greater realization that you are most perfect and at the core of all Divine Wisdom. For an instant, your human mind may know a small piece of what it is like to be God.

No matter what you believe about what you just read, Guidance has drawn you into consideration of these words and these concepts. You can not un-see these words or undo these thoughts. You will have your own path to enlightenment and you will find your own unique way to share these rememberings. The challenge will be to live your life with this wisdom and in some micro-seconds of your human life, know that you are the Divine. You are Loved! You are connected and so “one” with all the Universe. Though your mind and your ego wants you to think you are separated from all consciousness, you are but a flash of insight from the core wisdom. Now, you can not ever go back. What will you do differently after you are exposed to this concept?

BTW, my scribing these words from my Divine Guidance is done in an act of service to developing consciousness, to express a point of view you may have some difficulty finding. There are moments in my waking humanness when I “know” these concepts as reality and I struggle to find my way to live with Divine Consciousness in more of moments I am allowed in this lifetime… We will go hand in hand down this path to greater awareness and expanded enlightenment…

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

This posting is not created to denigrate your religious belief in God or your religion. In fact, in many cases, religious philosophy can have laws and rules which limit the way you understand or perceive of the Divine Spirit and this posting offers an expansive and inclusive view of what is possible… You have free choice to mentally understand your life philosophy in this human incarnation. Your choice of human thoughts and then your behaviors are a part of the lessons and the challenges we all are here to learn from. So, be responsible for your own thoughts and feelings and behaviors. Learn from your reactive responses and strive to move forward on your pilgrimage through this life. As stated above, these lessons are “perfect” and of service. Thank you for your service.

Stepping In, Stepping Out

Consider, Stepping In to the Present Moment and then Stepping Out of Your Limitations… Of course, this is easier said than done. However, setting your sights on what is possible and setting your intention is the first step of this pilgrimage.

Stepping into the present moment leads to Mindfulness. If you can release the 3 dimensional mind’s limitations, including time and space, you can begin to release the memories of the past which have limited your responses and you may be able to release the fear of the unknown future which fear of future events/change has trapped our consciousness within. Our brain and ego have these limitations which have created separateness and the lack of knowing our soul’s greatness.

What is Mindfulness? List of 10 Qualities of Mindfulness are:
These are from Pages 18-20 of Laurie Cameron’s book: “The Mindful Day, Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm and Joy From Morning to Evening.” (The-Mindful-Day by Laurie-J-Cameron )

1. Awareness
2. Beginners Mind
3. Acceptance
4. Insight
5. Impermanence (Life is temporary and so are all the challenges…)
6. Equanimity
7. Interconnection
8. Compassion
9. Gratitude
10. Joy

Stepping most fully into the Present Moment, involves all of these ten qualities. Again, easier said than done and this is a perspective to move toward. Acceptance without Judgement has been my challenging lesson in this life. Living without full Acceptance (and the lack of Judgement,) seems to limit my Compassion, my Gratitude, and my Joy. Staying within my breath with an accepting awareness is my goal.

My “Knowing” suggests that once I can fully step into the Moment, I will begin to release my limitations of the my 3 dimensional world (and thoughts and limiting beliefs) so I can be most fully free to “Know” the Divine Spirit and dwell consciously in a higher state of consciousness. Included in this “Knowing” is that in a Higher vibrational state my life finds: unconditional Love, full connection, access to Divine Wisdom, and freedom from human limitations, is possible.

Consider what it is like to live consciously without limitations. To be everywhere with no limitations of time and space. To bask in “Oneness” and to know “Unconditional Love.” Yes, even if you are in a Human existence, you can gradually find ways to connect and then to live in this higher state of consciousness. Once there, or even before you most fully get to this consciousness, your purpose is to share this light and to be the beacon which allows other pilgrims to find their way into this Divine Light.

I have been reminded: We are ethereal beings living lives in human bodies “enjoying” our human experiences… Knowing that we will be stepping out of these lives and our human limitations, offers us a profound perspective to consider. With Love.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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In Consideration of the Color Gray

I have never considered the color Gray/Grey. Why? Because it is Gray. Have you ever considered the color Gray? AND, there is a reason for me to write this blog and for YOU to consider such things in the world. (More about this later.) So, I went to the “Oracle of Wisdom and Knowledge,” Wikipedia and typed in “Grey” (English version of Gray.) This informed me that Gray is a mixture of White and Black, a “neural color and a “color ‘without color.'” What triggered this you may ask? I went for a walk in nature today and accidentally picked an outfit which I do not normally wear. My brown or beige shorts were in the wash and so I found myself dressed in gray shorts and a gray shirt. Weird! This is not normally me… (When Beige is more normal and interesting and natural than gray, for me, this is beginning to be “disturbing” as a consideration.)

Wikipedia went on to say, “Color Meaning: Meaning of The Color Grey
The color gray is an emotionless, moody color that is typically associated with meanings of dull, dirty, and dingy, as well as formal, conservative, and sophisticated. The color gray is a timeless and practical color that is often associated with loss or depression.” What??? Consider what is gray in nature… Rocks, gravel paths through the park, streets, battleships, torpedos, bombs, foreboding clouds, business suits, sharks, some people’s houses, cement, elephants, some bird feathers, and, of course, the color of your skin when you are deceased. (Though, gray on gray with a white stripe for accent can be a stylish mixture for a house, like my neighbors. Boring, but stylish and marketable.)

Gray is NOT used to standout or to be bold. It is often used to hide behind in a defensive way. Business men will wear gray business suits to fit in but, like male birds, splash a “loud,” colorful tie to brighten up their look and to be noticed. Predators like sharks like to be gray because they can sneak up on their prey in a more stealthy way. Gray is stealthy…

Nature does not have many plants or animals which love the color gray unless the animal is defensive and trying to blend in, unnoticed (or a predator.) Nature uses brighter colors to attract attention like flowers or male birds competing for a partner to breed with. As stated, even beige or brown are more warm, attractive, and natural than gray, in my opinion, (and I think beige is a boring,) is a lack of confidence, color. MY opinion and I wear beige ’cause it hides the dirt I smear on myself better than white…

I love rocks and mountains which wear forests up to timberline and snow or glaciers pressed against a bright blue sky. I love the shadows of clouds dancing across the fields and hills cast by the light of the sun. I appreciate a nice gravel trail through the woods with people strolling, bikes ridden, and strollers pushed through a more natural setting. BUT, I will not consider painting my house gray or enjoying wearing gray outfits on a regular basis. This is NOT who I am.

It came to mind as I considered sharing this opinion that many years ago, in my early 20’s, I read Herman Hesse’s, “Magister Ludi: The Glass Bead Game.” My interpretation at the time of this Glass Bead Game was that all knowledge and wisdom of human consciousness could find its place on the surface of an immense globe. A “player” of the Glass Bead Game took one fact or thing and then attempted to learn “everything” about this thing. Its interrelationships with all other things in the Universe. By being an expert, all knowing, of one fact or thing, the player would descend to the very center of the globe/Universe and then understand ALL relationships in the Universe from this core. This wisdom would “Win” the game and so become “Magister Ludi (Master of the Game.)” To me the consideration of the color gray gets complicated but may seem easier as a target of consideration to descend to the “Core of the Universe” easier than more colorful objects or ideas. For this, I believe that we should consider things which surround us which we may have overlooked before. If nothing else this expands my, perhaps your, consciousness and causes you to be “present” and “aware” in ways not realized/considered before.

If you have read this far, thank you and you can never go back! You will now have to consider Gray/Grey in a more in-depth way. A boring color which triggers thoughts and feelings and your amazing unique opinion.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Helping to Polish Your Mirror

What does a statement like “Helping to Polish Your Mirror” mean to You? For me, it struck very strong, triggering an intuitive gift that has blessed me. Liz Gracia shared a book with me, “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.” (see link below) There are many amazing quotes regarding this true story interacting with the life after death.

The story of Billy “Fingers” Cohen experience after his death, which he shares with his younger sister, Annie Kagan, reflects many concepts regarding life after death from other sources. Wow, I found so much familiar information shared so very well that I am not sure where to start. However, this morning when I read this passage from page #137, “I would like to be a guide and help others polish their mirror to reflect their lives better. Use a few beautiful words that can play through their lives, hold them in God’s love, and help them feel better in difficulty,” it triggered an wonderful remembrance for me and I wanted to write this blog to share it.

In the first years of my private practice working with medically referred clients, my ego learned a lesson of a lifetime. I remember taking credit for some of the profound things that were said when I really had the chance to connect with some of these clients. Then I came to realize that I was saying profound and personally significant things to these people, “things” I had not “learned” or which could have surfaced from past experience. I realized that my mind and ego were not performing these miraculous teachings BUT these, “Things” were coming through my heart as my “mirror” reflecting back what these clients needed to hear. (These “things” were coming from my clients and then reflected back to them through me!) My “gift” was that I was blessed with a polished mirror of intuition and when I was able to “connect” I could articulate the words, or feelings, which were of benefit for these clients.

My Ego needed to stand down and NOT take credit for the gift of reflection which came through me. We all have intuition and sensitivities which are not often spoken of in public. There are many of us who could, and should, develop these skills for our own learnings and guidance as well as using these to assist fellow travelers. Some of us have polished mirrors which seem to reflect more clearly. We can reduce our own mental and emotional judgements and distractions and be better “reflectors” for the people we bump into. Sometimes we need to shut down our thoughts, feel our gut feelings, and find gentle respectful ways to share these intuitions.

To be the best mirror, we need to be clear. Meditation and grounding can help clear the screen. Being in nature, exercise, and eating healthy may help. Most importantly, “welcoming” in the information, not taking it personally or judging it, and taking a slow breath before blurting this information out, can make all the difference.

Perhaps, you have read this far and you do not want to reflect intuitive, gut feelings back to your communication partner. You can still learn from the things which come through your consciousness. Maybe the interaction you are having is NOT for your communication partner but for YOU! In any event, these feelings come up in your consciousness for reflection and then learning. Try not to cast them off easily as trivial thoughts, especially if they bubble up from your gut.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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A link to page for the book: “The Afterlife of Billy Fingers.”

Judging the Judge Within

Judging others is a well developed skill I possess. Being a judge seems to give my ego a sense of power. “I am better than….” whoever…. But, there is a major flaw in the process of judging. Judgements can stand in my way. Judging creates separation. It creates a path for blaming.

My judgements demonstrate a lack of acceptance. These judgements do not allow for mistakes or perceived imperfections which are normal, natural, and part of the human condition. (Also, if we are always looking for “flaws,” imperfections, or weaknesses, we may miss the beauties and the uniqueness of the person standing in front of us.)

Since we learn from our mistakes, and we all have made mistakes, then we must allow for the flaws or imperfections which we deem to be present. From a different perspective, all perceived flaws and imperfections are actually perfect. This perspective would allow acceptance to be the guiding principle.

The perspective of acceptance can also lead to an enlightened view of “Oneness” with its complete lack of separation. This consciousness suggests that we, all life forms, are interconnected in the Divine Spirit, connected, intertwined, and as one universal spirit. Perhaps this is what God had in mind when we are allowed to remember this concept in the current incarnation we are here to live. Our challenges on the path toward enlightenment include releasing separation and judging. Instead, finding connection in Oneness.

If this is correct, then we must be viewing the person or experience which “triggers” us as different and yet “perfect” in their way of being. Instead of judging, perhaps we can find an acceptance as we ask, “What happened to this person?” to better explain why they might appear to be engaged in their behaviors or beliefs. This does not mean that we have to like behaviors which run counter to what we feel create separation, fear, or blocks to acceptance. But, we are not better than the next soul. We are all equal, connected, and perfect in our own way.

Boy, I love to make judgements. I am good at it. I like to do what I am good at…BUT, this does not make it the best behavior for moving me along my path toward consciousness. It appears to be my challenge. If I start judging myself about the judgements I am making, it does become an entertaining circle which I am running.

The Divine Spirit loves us all. Judging our different paths toward remembering and then our enlightenment may be opposite in direction to where we want to end up. But, it to is strangely perfect as a lesson. Even with your developed skill of judging, YOU are loved and YOU are perfect! Consider reaching out in acceptance and supporting, if not assisting, the next soul on their unique path toward enlightenment.

If you have ever considered the act of becoming “enlightened,” know that by some understandings, “enlightenment” is actually the act of accepting and then “knowing” the oneness of connection with all lifeforms.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Born A New!

Everyday you awaken from your sleep state, you are “re born” and you are able to bless your day and start fresh. You have a choice to live differently with every new day. (At least, you have a choice to have a different, perhaps more positive, attitude toward your life.) Perhaps today (or tomorrow) you are born into less judgement of yourself and others. Or, perhaps you are born to live in love and be of service. You are free to know “Joy” and carry less fear and old baggage around with you. You are born again to be the “awakened” and most fully conscious soul which dwells within your core.

You can continue to wear your costume of torment. YOU can choose your familiar attitudes and lifestyle. It may seem safe and familiar even though you are not filled with joy. Or, you can try on a new way of being in this world. You have a “CHOICE.” Sure, the other people in your life have grown comfortable with the “old you” and may be uncomfortable if you choose to live in love and joy. This may not reflect well on their sorry self-judging lives but YOU have a choice!

Wake up in the morning and meditate FIRST! Consider how much love you can offer and how much acceptance you can find for the struggling or damaged people you bump into. We are all born into the lessons we have chosen to be challenged by and to learn from. Wake up and know that the Beginners Mind of Wonderment is a choice as a filter to view your world.

You may even want to remind yourself of this freedom to awaken in a new consciousness everyday as you repeat to yourself, “Today, I am born new!”

You are only responsible for how you react to each experience. Remember that as you choose a positive, more conscious, way of living, you not only help yourself, you help all the Divine Consciousness. By raising your vibration, you raise all vibrations. Be the beacon of love and light to shine as a model for others who are consciously or unconsciously on their path… You are a blessing! Do not miss any opportunity to share love.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Guidance, Where Does it Come From?

The Next Tough Question Regarding Guidance

Where does Your Guidance come from? Does it come from “Guides” like angels, spirits, alien entities? Or, does Guidance actually come from within, deep inside your Divine Spirit? Wow, difficult to answer and impossible to prove, no matter where your belief might be. And, does it matter whether it comes from an external source or from within your soul? To complicate this even more, are we discussing the sub-conscious mind or a newly referred to “Heart-Mind?” Is this a Brain issue or a Heart issue?

Perhaps, it truly does not matter. But, inquiring minds need to know, says my friend, “J.H.”. No matter what your opinion we will not prove, without any doubt, the answer.

There have been stories from history and current beliefs that Guidance comes to people who are connected to a “Higher Source” and this Higher Source may range from alien lifeforms living amongst us, on UFO’s, or perhaps from “Heavenly Sources” like angels, guides from beyond the Veil, or perhaps from our ancestors. It is wonderful to consider that we are not alone in this world or even in this Universe and that there are external lifeforms who can protect us and offer their wisdom to us. In my experience, there have been people (trained in the Divine) or “Earth Angels” who have been sent to guide and protect me so that I might be led to my Divine Purpose. My Late-wife, Barbara, has been around guiding and protecting me since her transition from the Earth life we lived together so I could move to Bellingham, WA and start the Masters of the Journey. Or, is this just a belief I have regarding an external guide which actually is just a part of my Divine Spirit, from deep within my soul, which has surfaced to give me the support I can use in decision making and movement toward my new goal?

Another question arises, are we all just different, but separate, parts of a much large whole, the Divine Spirit. So, no external entity is external at all. We are all just souls and spirits connected for the greater purpose of playing out our roles in this life as we experience the challenges and lessons we came into this current life to experience?

Getting Deep! Are we going to take full responsibility or do we want to blame an external force? Do we want to be “victims” or take control and responsibility for our actions and choices? Do we want to hide behind fear and claim that we did not agree to the weird and challenging lives we have found are way into? Or, do we acknowledge that there was an agreement with our spirit team between lives which created the drama of the incarnation that we are living within? More simply, did we choose to come back to “Earth School” to work on skills and to support fellow students by tripping them in the hallway as we scurry around to our classes? (Think middle school prank.)

Today, as I write, I think that we have to be very sensitive to the Guidance that is provided to us which manifests to support our learnings on this Earthly plane AND this Guidance is not really external. It comes from deep within our souls. It comes from the Divine Sources that we are all a part of, fully connected to, as one Divine Spirit! (An Eternally, ever-present, all encompassing, all-seeing, all-knowing, perfect entity which is MUCH GREATER than we allow ourselves to believe.) We work to “Remember” that we are part of a greater presence and not the separate, petty lives our “minds” adopt with the limitations of fear and judgement. This is so difficult for our three dimensional consciousness to grasp because it is so far beyond the limitations of time, and space, and the intention of the ego’s separation… To live in this life with a consciousness of inclusion that goes beyond the Veil is what our “Enlightenment” is all about. And, whether we know it or not, we are all headed for “enlightenment.”

Consider Guidance, whether you believe it to be internal or external, to be well worth your attention. Learning to better connect with your Guidance will create the experiences that allow consciousness to develop and find the form that will be most useful for ALL the Universal learning that must occur. SO, the next “Gut Feeling” you get, do not dismiss it. Consider it a fork in the road (your path) and make your best choice from openness not Fear! Wow, the risk of change may be important for you to act upon or at least, consider.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master!

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