Laughing in Drama

Finding Joy in Life is our challenge. Living in Joy is our goal. What can make this more difficult is to find laughter, and Joy, when the “Dramas” of our lives get intense. Taking ourselves, and our Drama, too seriously can get in our way. Sure life is a serious endeavor. But, taking our lives too seriously creates the drama which we have come to our Earthly lives to play out. And, we get “tested.” Our learned or “remembered” wisdom gets tested by every new drama we find on our path through life. Somewhere we will find our Divine Wisdom and know that we can laugh in the face of our drama because from a higher perspective our dramatic stories can be fun and entertaining…

You may not be ready to not take yourself too seriously. Heck, you may even still believe that dying at the end of your human life is a defeat rather than an amazing, unescapable feat of transformation into higher consciousness… Death is NOT the enemy nor are the often difficult dramas we find ourselves enmeshed within. From a higher perspective each drama filled experience is there for a reason and a learning possibility for ourselves or the people involved in our story. Consider that maybe your “job” is to create a piece of someone else’s drama so they can be tested and to learn a lesson which you may only play a small part in the overall scene… OR, they are in your life for the drama they add to your life and for you to test your wisdom.

Life would be boring without our human drama. It is my belief that the drama is why we have come to the Earthly plane with all the limitations of living in 3 dimensions. In the “Higher Realms” there are fewer limitations as we find ourselves moving more freely in at least 5 dimensions. There are no constraints of linear time and 3 dimensional space which test our human lives. Imagine how it would feel to be able be anywhere at any time because space and time do not exist in the Higher Realms. Our brains can not even fully wrap itself around this lack of limitations. (Just like the human brain can not fully “know” what true unconditional Divine Love feels like. For this surrounds us in the Higher Realms. It also surrounds us in our human existences but we mostly do not remember this Divine truth.)

Do you ever watch TV or movies and enjoy the engagement in the drama which the actors play out in their roles? Well that is a simplified version of what our human lives are acting out in our human roles. And, yes, there is an audience of Divine souls watching us and cheering us on as we stumble around on our human paths through life. There are times when you might feel the support and guidance which assists you. It is not always your ancestors who may seem to you to have an investment in your success or “failures.” (There are NO failures only learning opportunities.) Since all souls are connected, we have support from all parts of the Universe, and beyond. It would be too overwhelming to attempt to know all your interconnections with all of the Divine, so humans are mostly sheltered from this higher dimensional consciousness until we transition back from our Earthly existences. YOU have so much to look forward to, though, since there is no time to constrain you in the higher realms, “forward looking” is really just a human construct…

Please remember that you are Loved! You are perfect! Your human drama is the challenge you have come here to experience and, with the proper perspective, it is filled with Joy and insights only gained from enduring our 3 dimensional limitations. Like surviving an intense horror movie but with much more long term value…

Thank you for being You!

The Value of Rituals and Ceremonies

For thousands of years, human cultures have celebrated their lives with various rituals and ceremonies. Since we began pursuing “rational thought” and moving away from the spiritual limitations of most religions, we have also reduced the spiritual practices which often include rituals. Our modern North American culture has replaced these time honored practices with poor modern substitutes. Sure we have wedding ceremonies and graduation ceremonies but these are often built in to our consumer driven economies. Just ask how much a wedding can cost these days… Our modern rituals look more like our visits to the drive throughs fast food restaurants or worshipping in line as we wait or our morning coffees.

We often forget to celebrate the memories and wisdom of our ancestors. Sure we have funerals or memorial services, but how many of us light a candle on the anniversary of our beloved family or friends who have found their way through their final life transition. When I participate in a Native American Medicine Wheel ceremony or a Solstice ritual, I realize the value of these traditions yet these feel unfamiliar to me. There are reasons that our ancestors celebrated the changing of the seasons and honor the four directions and four elements. We can still benefit from pausing in our lives to honor Mother Earth, the Universe, and the Ancient people and cultures who walked the planet before us (in this incarnation.)

Rituals and Ceremonies can cause us to stop and remember our heritage. Instead of being inconvenient or expensive packaged products like weddings and funerals have become, we might consider more natural and heartfelt honoring which are born of simplicity with deep authentic emotional expressions. And, no, special food at your Super Bowl party does not count as the heartfelt offering of which I speak.

Perhaps you can create unique ceremonies or rituals for your children or family and friends. Find a local Labyrinth and slow walk a Zen Meditation as you find your way to the center and then back out into our world. Maybe you do not even require a Labyrinth but can follow a trail or beach to a special spot and build a rock cairn to ground yourself in Earth energy and presence. Any visit into natural settings can become a ritual to honor life and spiritually engage to find a “Re-Enchantment of the Cosmos.” If treading a path outdoors is too much, consider lighting a candle. Calm your mind and honor your spirit as you gently breathe and gaze into the dancing natural light. Be as our ancestors sitting around a fire to share stories and wisdoms learned from our elders. (Yes, even if you have to turn off your technology for a few minutes…)

Create the rituals and ceremonies that find form from deep inside you and honor these expressions. Know appreciation and gratitude for all the miracles of life which have brought you to this present moment. Smile with Joy as you find the warmth in your heart as you bless our ancestors. One day, some culture in our future will look back to honor the lives we have lived and the spirit we have demonstrated, AND possibly the wisdom we leave for them to know. Walk respectfully and model for our children the love and honor we have for our ancestors…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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