Sharing Your Love

Today, I am considering two friends who are facing life threatening health challenges. As I get older, this seems to happen more often in the world of people I know. My consideration goes to, have I done enough? Have I shared my love? Will there be a feeling of guilt or unfinished business if I should not get another opportunity to speak with these friends ever again, in this lifetime? How should I handle leaving every interaction so no unfinished business is left unsaid? (Should I drop “should” from my considerations?) Perhaps, I am suppose to learn something from having unfinished business. (Should I drop “supposed” from by consciousness and just “Do?”) This makes me laugh but there is “a lot to unpack” in these considerations and I have never used the expression “unpack” before in my postings.

Relationships and interactions can be very complicated. If you are not “sleep walking” through your life, you can become aware of the major reactions and the minor subtleties which occur during and after each encounter. For me, being consciously aware of the learnings possible from each interaction is a great opportunity to learn and to develop. So, I ask again, what could I have learned from my time with my friends which may be the “last” time I interact with them? A simple answer is Do Not Leave My Love Unexpressed… And, how do I deal with my lesson regarding the vacuum created by the loss, or possible loss, of my friend? In my past postings, you may have found that my attitude regarding death and dying is different from the standard cultural response. Death is inevitable. Death is NOT the enemy. No escaping it. And, I can cheer for the soul who is letting go of their human existence even if this creates a huge hole in my life. My sadness and grief is for MY LOSS. They are in a “better place.” I am left behind to deal with the hole in my life.

What is MY lesson from considering the loss of a friend? How can this change the way I look at my life and, possibly, my behaviors? There are no coincidences. There are no accidents. Things happen for a reason though these “reasons” may not be fully, consciously, understood. Life is a series of experiences that you can learn from and build upon, if you even believe in sequential time… (Being “fully present” is a whole other blog posting…) Living is complicated and multi-dimensional. There are so many dimensions your human mind can not be fully conscious of all of these “happenings.” I have been told that the human conscious brain realizes, consciously, only a small fraction of what is going through your brain. Maybe less than 5% of what the brain is dealing with… And, the human brain, in its limitations of 3 dimensions, is only dealing with a very small percentage of what is occurring in our immediate Universe. Wow, so my thoughts and my feelings of each human interaction is only registering in my limited consciousness to only a small fraction of what is actually, “fully,” happening. (I am getting confused even as I attempt to write and convey the thoughts/feelings I am having.)

Time, if you even believe in time, is limited. Our shared time with the people we interact with and care about is limited. It is a part of the challenge we have living as human beings. Below the surface of Universal interactions, there lies a sophisticated and complicated series of wisdom testing experiences we have chosen (at some deeper, soul level) to participate within. Every interaction and every moment is precious. It is better to Bless each Soul we meet for the perfection WE are. (Because they are we…) Perhaps, when we reach an enlightened state, we can “Accept” and even find Joy in each experience we find along our path through our human lives. Easier said than done, for me. And, something to strive to accomplish…

My two friends who are in a fragile state of physical well being are such lovely souls that my human self honors the value they have as they walk this Earth. They are bastions of Love and Wisdom. To me, they seem to serve with every breath they take. Our world is a better place with these souls walking amongst us. The world, even our Universe, is a better place with YOU walking amongst us. Thank you for being YOU! And, in case I forget to say this, I Love You!

Be vigilant in every interaction that, where possible, you leave no unfinished business. This awareness identifies you as developing a higher consciousness, acceptance, and moves you closer to a level of human enlightenment, which we have all come here, to this life, to strive to accomplish…

The Value of Rituals and Ceremonies

For thousands of years, human cultures have celebrated their lives with various rituals and ceremonies. Since we began pursuing “rational thought” and moving away from the spiritual limitations of most religions, we have also reduced the spiritual practices which often include rituals. Our modern North American culture has replaced these time honored practices with poor modern substitutes. Sure we have wedding ceremonies and graduation ceremonies but these are often built in to our consumer driven economies. Just ask how much a wedding can cost these days… Our modern rituals look more like our visits to the drive throughs fast food restaurants or worshipping in line as we wait or our morning coffees.

We often forget to celebrate the memories and wisdom of our ancestors. Sure we have funerals or memorial services, but how many of us light a candle on the anniversary of our beloved family or friends who have found their way through their final life transition. When I participate in a Native American Medicine Wheel ceremony or a Solstice ritual, I realize the value of these traditions yet these feel unfamiliar to me. There are reasons that our ancestors celebrated the changing of the seasons and honor the four directions and four elements. We can still benefit from pausing in our lives to honor Mother Earth, the Universe, and the Ancient people and cultures who walked the planet before us (in this incarnation.)

Rituals and Ceremonies can cause us to stop and remember our heritage. Instead of being inconvenient or expensive packaged products like weddings and funerals have become, we might consider more natural and heartfelt honoring which are born of simplicity with deep authentic emotional expressions. And, no, special food at your Super Bowl party does not count as the heartfelt offering of which I speak.

Perhaps you can create unique ceremonies or rituals for your children or family and friends. Find a local Labyrinth and slow walk a Zen Meditation as you find your way to the center and then back out into our world. Maybe you do not even require a Labyrinth but can follow a trail or beach to a special spot and build a rock cairn to ground yourself in Earth energy and presence. Any visit into natural settings can become a ritual to honor life and spiritually engage to find a “Re-Enchantment of the Cosmos.” If treading a path outdoors is too much, consider lighting a candle. Calm your mind and honor your spirit as you gently breathe and gaze into the dancing natural light. Be as our ancestors sitting around a fire to share stories and wisdoms learned from our elders. (Yes, even if you have to turn off your technology for a few minutes…)

Create the rituals and ceremonies that find form from deep inside you and honor these expressions. Know appreciation and gratitude for all the miracles of life which have brought you to this present moment. Smile with Joy as you find the warmth in your heart as you bless our ancestors. One day, some culture in our future will look back to honor the lives we have lived and the spirit we have demonstrated, AND possibly the wisdom we leave for them to know. Walk respectfully and model for our children the love and honor we have for our ancestors…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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