I Found a Feather

Today, on my morning walk, I found a feather. Or, should I change perspective and say that this morning a feather found me. Have you ever spotted a feather as you move about our world? Sure, you have. Did you pick it up in wonderment and consider where it came from and to where it was headed? Did you take it with you as a treasured gift from the Universe and wonder why YOU?

I consider this feather a “Gift” from the Universe (or the Divine Spirit.) The feather represents flight and travel and a lightness. Did this feather want to continue its travels or did it want to spend time with me? I wonder whether feathers have consciousness. Are they objects which create an opportunity for an interaction with something new to me? This feather came home with me and will find its way in the company of other feathers which have found me. Their connection and community cause me to consider whether other lives as indigenous people attracts me to collecting these feathers. But, why?

The awareness of this gift is not mine alone. Freedom to fly or to travel through life comes to the surface of my consciousness. Why, today? In the next few days the Autumnal Equinox will occur. Jewish New Years started two days ago. The 20th anniversary of my Mother’s transition is tomorrow (as I write.) the 20th anniversary of 9/11/2001 is in 2 days (as I write.) Fall is beginning to fall. My birthday season is beginning as I look to celebrate 71 years in this body. My kids are moving tomorrow into their newish home. My friend’s birthday is today as well as his celebration of life. (He transitioned 6 months ago.) Life goes on and there are many adventures that have occurred historically for me at this time of year. So, emotionally and spiritually things are bouncing around in the great warm dryer called life… Tumbling and changing.

I will wear this feather treasure to the celebration of life today for my friend and mentor, Don Ley. The feather may help give flight to all the wise souls which have danced with his. He always taught me, as my mentor, that “we are so much greater than we can know as the humans we are…” We are spiritual souls having a human experience. I add, to test our remembered and learned wisdoms in the limitations of our 3 dimensional human lives. Every moment, life is a treasure…

And, you have your own personal experience and perspective on what the finding of feather may represent. All I ask is that you do not skip over this connection without some deeper consideration and then share the possible insights or learnings you may receive. Walk consciously and share your story. Do not pass by the “Gifts” the Universe provides for you, if at all possible. Today, this found feather will travel to a ceremony with me and allow me to travel more consciously in the world of Spirit.

You are a Blessing! Life is a miracle! Find the Joy in every moment and Love freely with NO strings attached.

BTW. I honor my friend and mentor, Don Ley, by offering my interview with Don of his NDE (Near Death Experience.) There is so much to learn by listening or maybe to “Remember” by Don’s story sharing. Video at: Don Ley’s NDE Interview Video

Back to School

Its Almost Time for Fall

Today, I am shopping for school supplies for my “little brother,” Mr. Ethan. Ethan is now 13 years old and is entering 8th grade. He has been my “little brother” for almost 4 years. We have had this school supply ritual for the past 4 years as we prepare for another school year. We both feel the optimism of the fresh start and have hopes for a school year filled with success. There are many memories of school preparation that I recall from my own student years and the years of raising my 2 sons. I remember battling with my father to squeeze 6 or 7 dollars worth of new school supplies out of him. It was the only nightmarish part of returning to school. My sons and Mr. Ethan do not have difficult memories of getting my support for their academic experiences.

In the United States, the school year usually begins at the end of the Summer months and in the beginning of the Fall season. There is a lot of history for me of major life transitions at this time of year. Besides school starts, I remember that my mother passed away on September 10th, the night before 9/11 in 2001. I have experienced relationships begin or end in the Fall. I remember jobs starting in the Fall. I remember moving and travels and my birthdays and many other significant experiences that historically have happened to me in September and October. To be honest, I have mixed feelings regarding the period that transitions from the end of Summer into the Fall seasons. Everyone has these anniversaries than can affect the emotional sensitivities of certain dates or of specific times of the year. Every year my wife asked me about how I am doing with my emotional survival at this time of the year because she has had to weather some tough Fall seasons with me in the 29 years we had together.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Fall. I love the change of weather and the days growing shorter. I love the football season and the World Series. The changing colors of the leaves and the crispness in the early morning air are things that I celebrate. And yet, after living for 60 years+, I have ambivalence about what life may bring in these coming months.

I challenge you to reflect on your own memories and feelings about the changes of these seasons. Perhaps, for you, there are other times on the calendar that inspire you emotionally and historically as Fall challenges me. If nothing else, if you live in the Northern Hemisphere remember to begin to prepare. Gather fire wood. Harvest nuts for the Winter. Make your nest safe for coming cool and wet months. And, as always, gather your family and friends for a chance to enjoy the fading warmth and light as the seasons change.

If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, forget all this maudlin drivel and get ready to celebrate Spring and your warm lazy days of Summer…. There is always a different perspective to embrace.

Take good care of yourself. If you require support or assistance with stress or anxiety consider contacting the Stress Education Center for coaching or group trainings at www.dstress.com and send your emotional blessings to my “Little Brother,” Ethan, as he embarks on his fresh academic start.