Looking Forward: Your Amazing Contributions

You have an amazing future story! Sure, it may remain unknown to your human mind and difficult to imagine. You have an important role to play!

Though time is a linear construct, YOU are doing amazing things which are changing the world! Yes, YOU! Some readers are not agreeing completely with me. So let me share with you some ideas. Everyone’s life triggers events and changes in the world. No matter how small, future generations will be influenced by your actions or your inaction. Subtle influences can have major and dramatic effects felt by subsequent generations.

Let me offer an example from my life. When I was fairly young, in elementary school, I had a very strong interest in science, especially the natural sciences. Somehow I talked my way into getting a microscope and started looking at stuff. Since I was in a neighborhood with similarly aged kids, I started a “microscope club.” The girl next door joined in, though we did not seem to have a lot in common. Dr. Laurie Green, MD later told me that her participation in backyard science from our club had influenced her. It triggered an interest and love of science for her and she has become a renowned physician in San Francisco. Her work in high level ObGyn surgery has helped many babies, moms, and their families. Perhaps, my shared interest and excitement offered a significant addition to our world. (And, I was “only” a kid with a passion to share…)

Take a few moments and consider the interactions from your human experience which have had an influence upon you. Perhaps it was a difficult challenge you may have had with a parent or sibling. Maybe, it was a “touching” experience which turn into a positive memory. For me, I had a wonderful college professor when I was 20 years old who role modeled what being a great man, and father, was possible. I will never forget this man or the positive directions my life took as a response to our relationship. You have had these interactions and relationships. AND, you can provide these life changing moments for people whom you come into contact with in this life.

History is filled with small gestures which directly or indirectly created amazing things. And, no one of us is too old or too young or too poor to change the lives of the people they interact with as we tumble through our lives. Your brain may not understand the course of events you participate within, so tread as gracefully and as respectfully as you can. Imagine that your role may be a beacon of light that will guide or direct other people on their pilgrimage through life. Even a smile or a sincere “Thank You,” can have a small but positive effect. The simple act of listening and being supportive, at a significant moment, can change the life of the story teller. The act of caring about another human being is an important and needed interaction in our lives.

Share your passion! Support other people’s passion especially if these hold positive promise for our world. You never consciously know what positive outcomes may come from seemingly casual interactions.

Getting back to this post’s theme… Know that the Love you share will spread seeds for pilgrims of the future. No one of us is too small as to not have a possible profound influence, so guide your actions appropriately with Love to maximize the possible positive effects. Even “chance meetings” or interactions can be found to change history, for GOOD and the betterment of all consciousness. You may never know which of these seeds will land and become most fruitful and abundant, so share your Love. You may never fully realize the magnificent role you will play in our Universe.

I repeat, no matter how old or how young you are, your interactions and connections can create significant changes in the world, even for our Universe. By raising your consciousness, all of Universal consciousness is raised. Do your best to remember every person you meet has a perfect soul and we are all on the pilgrimage together…

One last thing… When most fully “enlightened,” you realize that linear time does not exist. The “future” is now. Though your three dimensional mind may not be able to see the future as now, what you do in this moment is the future. Thank you for your profound effect upon all the Universe…

You are a Miracle! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Future Focus Achieving Your Dreams

It is important to stay in the “present” so physical and emotional responses do not cause symptoms of distress to arise, however, planning for successful attainment of your goals and dreams is necessary for long term success. This all can sound like “double-talk” but it really makes good sense.

First, physical and emotional symptoms can develop for people who are “not in their bodies in the present.” Many people have anxiety/fear regarding occurrences from events which have happened in the past. These can be difficult to “let go.” Likewise, even more people get fearful and anxious about the unknowns of the future. These are things that we can not often control and so can become consciously or unconsciously scary. Most people need to learn how to release fears of the past or of the unknowns of the future and practice living, in their bodies, in the present moment. This is easier said than done, but very important to learn how to do and to use preventively.

If you are not completely happy with your “condition” in life, then you may need to move in positive directions to attain a long term goal and dream that will bring you greater satisfaction and happiness. For example, maybe you want to get your college education and a college degree. Or, maybe you want to take a trip to Paris or Rome. Or, maybe you want your work or investments to give you financial security. All of these are important and significant long range goals. If you want to achieve these, and not just desire them, you must take action. The first action is to really plan the steps necessary to accomplish this major goal. Break it down into the small steps that will take you down the path toward completing your goal. Work out a reasonable time line. Gather the information and the resources that you will require to begin. AND, GET STARTED! Get help or coaching if you can not do this for yourself, in a useful way.

You must be very clear about what your goal looks like. It helps to see, or visualize, your dream. Feel it! Know what the final result will feel like to you. Listen and hear what your success will sound like. Some people can even taste success… In other words, use ALL of your senses to imagine the successful completion of your goal. This will help to make it more “real” for your subconscious mind. NOW, focus on your goal and the path to achieving it.

Do not be lazy! Regularly, immerse yourself in seeing yourself moving toward, and then accomplishing, your goal. Some people do this upon awaking in the morning and again at bedtime. Many people need to start their day with these images of success. I know many people who plan goal focusing breaks throughout their day to help them maintain focus on their positive long range goals.

I believe in this process and I tested it! After completing my Ph.D. program my private practice had shrunk down to 3 appointments per week. I figured that I needed at least 15 per week reach my financial goals. This was in January and I set the last week of March as my target for accomplishing my goal. Several times a day I pictured myself answering the telephone and writing appointments in my appointment book, until all the appointment slots were full. Of course, I also made calls to referral sources and sent out letters to advertise my services. The last week of March, I had 18 appointments on my books and 14 people came in for their appointments. Pretty close to the exact goal I had established. I was thrilled. When I looked at where the new business had come from, less than half of the appointments came from my direct promotional efforts. More than half of these clients came from other sources, “out of the blue” you might say. It did not matter at the time but in the years since, I have come to respect the power of offering clear, specific requests to the universe. By being clear and specific, the universe can help provide the answers you require for the success that you desire. The principles are simple, the actual practice requires dedication, support, and sometimes specific coaching.

My coaching practice often takes clients with big goals and dreams. We move together to build the individualized program for success and take the steps necessary to accomplish these goals.

You can do it! You can make your life move in the most ideal directions, but it requires more than just “wanting” or “dreaming.” It requires the targeted work and the laser focus on your long term goal. What is the accomplishment of your dream really worth to you? Remember that anything of value requires your time, focused attention, and your energy to achieve.

Grab your dreams! Make them happen!