The “Supposed” To Do Life Activities

Have you ever felt like you were Supposed to do something in your life? Have you ever been told that you were Supposed to do a certain thing? Did this “Supposed” to do… come from your mind/ego OR from an external source? Was this an internal expectation or were you “guided” by the Divine Spirit to a “Calling?”

There is a difference and a dilemma to the “Supposed” to do activities in your life. If your mind and ego tell you that you are supposed to do this or that, or to be this or that, should you comply? If your “gut” tells you through your intuition and a spiritual guidance to “show up” a certain way, do you follow through or do you ignore this divine request? AND, how can you tell the difference between an ego driven expectation and a message from the Universe?

An example comes from my life experience. In the Summer of 2015, I moved to Bellingham, WA. My gut told me me to build a “community” where people could connect around non-religious spiritual consciousness. My previous life experience in this area was non-existent however I was “guided” to work on this project. My “life’s work” began to look more than weird to people who knew me because I was not a religious or overtly spiritual person. The work was satisfying and compelling. With assistance, I worked on a website, a blog, and began scheduling meetings. The people I met were invited and many came to our Masters of the Journey community. Why? Because we were all “supposed” to create a supportive community which honors each and every human as a “Master” based on the life experience and wisdom gained from the experience of moving consciously through life. This was not something I knew or chose to do. I was compelled and driven to fulfill this “dream” of community.

Another example is from Bill Hart. Watch his short video, “Shoulder Taps.” Available on YouTube at:
Bill shares his story regarding being compelled, “supposed,” to connect with another person in a story with relevance to this discussion.

You have come to the crossroads in your life when you needed to make a choice and you have been driven to follow the path less traveled. It was probably not a “rational” thought but, if you took responsibility for your action/decision, you look back on your choice and realize that this was the thing you were “supposed” to do at that time. Sure it may have been challenging or seemingly an unsuccessful attempt at whatever, but you learned from this experience and you were compelled to follow that particular path… You life has been richer because you followed your heart/gut.

When your mind came up with a new scheme to invest money or to find a more “profitable” endeavor did your gut tell you to do this or did you look around and decided that you “should do” this or that. If you connected with feeling and not just the thought, you may have wondered why you were following this path. Sometimes it works out well, sometimes it works out to be an important lesson of what to do or what to avoid in the future. But, if you were driven and passionate about this new direction then perhaps you were supposed to follow this direction. We have all had these feelings which seemed to overcome our rational thoughts. Following your passion can get you to move your life in strange or unusual directions and these often lead to important discoveries and powerful moments in your life. You are richer for taking these risks and living your passion. (Without following these “Shoulder Taps” or gut feelings, you may not have found your relationship, your career, your life changing travel experience, or even your moment of “awakening!”)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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