Living as an Urban Monk

A traditional thought of a Monk implies to me a devoted person dressed in robes and spending most of the day in meditation or prayer. Monks are often cloistered in “Monasteries” to protect them from distraction and the temptations of “worldly” existence. Their prayer or meditation is more important than external relationships and more banal activities like working, parenting, sexual relations, or pursuits of material substance. Many Monks are very sincere regarding their studies and their simple existences. They shun the cacophony of modern urban living relishing in the quiet, simple, routines of monastic life.

Can you be an Urban Monk without the trappings of a cloistered monastery? Are there people who choose to live a more modest life, striving for consciousness, and not material excesses? Do you know people who are living quietly amongst us with an eye for Universal service over personal gain?

In our society and modern culture, there are people driven to be of service and seemingly shunning common behaviors like commercialism or watching excessive TV or addiction to fashion. These out-of-place people may be the modern version of the ancient monks. They may not be begging on the street but living on low wages like teachers or child care workers or garbage collectors. Then may be living off of social security or disability payments. They may have chosen the “simple life” because it appears to be more “real” and authentic than chasing the false Gods of money and celebrity. Do you not see or acknowledge these keepers of wisdom? Do you write them off because they do not drive an expensive, updated car? Heck, you may even pass them by as they sit on a bench, or a curb, or on the sidewalk just to be the experience you have carefully avoided but the lesson you need to learn from…

The brightly colored monastic robes may not give away the Urban Monk in our culture. This camouflage is the challenge for you to be more aware of as you hustle through your life. There may be a time when you stop and talk with that Urban Monk and ask how they are and where they came from on their path. They are not as invisible as busy people might think. They, and what they can teach us, is obvious and all we need to do is stop for a few moments and have the interaction with this “Child of God” and this potential spiritual mentor. Consider slowing down enough to visit with these humble monks. They may bless YOU with a pearl of wisdom and insight which you have been too busy to perceive on your own. Perhaps, sit with them and join their perspective on life from the different angle than you might normally visit.

You are in this world to interact because that is where the real work of consciousness and awareness dwells. You do not have to over-think it. You just need to remove your filters and live it as an experience which can lead to gratitude and appreciation, if not some deeper lesson. Do not miss the opportunity to look into the eyes of the miracle of the Divine who may be sitting quietly in front of you. They are there for YOU! (In fact, they ARE another version of you in this Earthbound play are participating in.)

AND, if you are living as an Urban Monk with the conscious desire to serve Universal Consciousness, thank you for being this blessing to us all. Though you may be living a “simple life,” you are a royal role model and much needed in our culture. You and your life are more authentic and real. You are loved and appreciated for all you do!

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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