You Are Loved!

“I Love You,” Guidance has asked me to share this with YOU. (Do Not take this “Wrong!” This is not just a series of overused or mis-used words.) The Divine Spirit knows you are perfect and a miracle!
This is NOT the love we humans find in our 3 dimensional world. It is not found in thoughts or words… Sorry, I have to use words to communicate and these words do a poor, inadequate job of sharing what is at the foundation of the Universe and the Divine Spirit’s feelings for you as a spirit. Our minds are not expansive enough to describe or understand the Love of the Divine.

We get confused by the “human love” we crave and speak about between people in relationship. This human love has conditions and does not last for the eternity which our spirits live within. Your mind does not fully understand or appreciate how great and powerful you as “Spirit” are in the larger Divine Universe. We come to our incarnations to have adventures within the limitations of 3 dimensions. When we are conscious of our simultaneous existence in the higher realms, beyond 3 dimensions, we are free from limitations of “time” and “space.” There are NO Secrets and no costumes or dramas to hide within, as we have so commonly in our temporary human existence.

By the way, what I say and “know” is no secret or for me alone. These are Universal truth. You have Guidance and Angels, and Spirits, and Mentors, and access to all Wisdom. It can be too much, too intense, and too overwhelming for the simple mind and ego to fully know. These limitations are a part of the game in the drama we call our lives. Your path will lead you to find “Joy” in your challenges. These will be “gifts” and experiences for you to share. Connecting with other pilgrims and sharing stories and experiences are a service for you and everyone you interact with.

My mentor Bob Trask reminds me:
You are Loved
You are Blessed
You are Safe
You are Free

However, most of us do not understand that these words and concepts are so much more than mentally understood words/concepts. These are the remembered Feelings of the Divine Spirit’s true Unconditional Love for you, always!!!

When I was a young man, I was “gifted” with an experience which is appropriate to share. During a guided visualization, I had an “out of body” experience and went to discover what Death was all about. At the time, I was innocent and naive. I had not read the accounts of NDE’s (Near Death Experience.) I had never considered death in this young body and life. When I found myself approaching “Death,” I was enveloped in a warm, peaceful, loving energy. For my first time, in this life, I was aware of the “Feeling” of an Unconditional Love and Presence! Words I attempt to use to describe this do not do this “Knowing” or “Remembering” justice. I had the “feeling” of Acceptance, Freedom from time and space, lack of “Judgment,” “connectedness” with all things in the Universe (no sense of being alone,) a feeling of access to all Universal Wisdom, and the Remembering of the pure, unconditioned loving presence from which my spirit comes from (and to where it goes after this incarnation, though we are there NOW but linear thinking seems to create separation.) My point: Today my mind can not fully grasp the Feeling and the Knowing of what Unconditional Love is. My mind can not get its hands around this “sensation.” My Heart knows there is an elusive feeling/knowing/remembering of Unconditional Love which can not fully fit in my mental consciousness.

BTW. I recently asked about “understanding” Unconditional Divine Love to a group of fairly conscious friends. They went on to describe the unconditional love from their pet, dogs, as how they know “unconditional love.” They were much closer to “feeling” the truth. However, our pets and their unconditional love for us HAVE conditions. Our pets love us because we love and feed them. We are part of their herd, family or “pack.” This is still Earthbound love with conditions which do not fully include Unconditional Divine Love… Sorry. Close but No Cigar… as comedians from the Vaudevillian era might say. So, feel beyond 3 dimensions and the limitations of the mind to “Know” Unconditional Divine Love.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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How Did You Get HERE?

Whether you know it or not, you are: Loved, Blessed, Guided/Protected, Safe, & Free! Think back on the path you have followed which has led you to be here now! There is a reason, known or unknown, that you have found your way here. At the many forks in the road of your life, YOU chose the direction that led you here. Why? It may not be a conscious knowing but each challenge you have chosen has offered you the chance to learn the spectacular lesson you desired. And, here you are!

Know the blessing and the guidance which has brought you here. Share the wisdom from the experience gained along the way. Celebrate each encounter bestowed upon you with the next soul you are blessed to meet and use this coincidence of connection to find YOUR reflection in your fellow traveller. Where ever possible, assist your fellow pilgrim to remember THEIR perfection and divinity.

As you remember, find your connection in the oneness shared with those fellow travelers you are supposed to encounter. We are all connected. We are one! Let separation and judgement melt away. Find acceptance and respect for every being (pilgrim) you meet. (We are all in this together and if your ego is challenged by the interaction with another, bless the lesson that this creates for you, even the struggle. Especially the struggle…)

When your experience of this life appears grim, Light your candle and disappear the darkness. You can and will create the miracle which serves the divine. Share your wisdom and your love!

Exercise: Remember the past 10 or 12 years to find the “Forks in the Road” that lead you to this moment in the present. Did you make choices? Were you “Guided?” Are you able to take full responsibility for the actions taken along this path? AND, what have you learned? (Where possible, please share your insights and wisdoms. Thank you.)

If appropriate, consider the support you can find in a non-religious community such as the Masters of the Journey which you can find, and participate in at:

Bless you on your path. Honor and celebrate each step along the way in the present moment… As best you can…


Channelled from guidance, August 14th, 2016. Editing 8/15/16.