Knowing Your Wealth and Power

To Know your Wealth and Power I would like you to play a Cosmic Game with me. It will only take a few minutes and your imagination. Imagine that You are one of the wealthiest, most powerful, people in the world today. Perhaps, Jeff Bezos, the CEO of Amazon, or Bill Gates, ex-CEO of Microsoft, or Mark Zuckerberg, or whatever billionaire comes to your mind. Due to your extreme wealth, you are free to do almost anything or you have access to anything. As a person of extreme wealth you might be interested in briefly living the life of a more modestly endowed person. Maybe even a less fortunate member of the world’s socio-economic stratus. For a relatively short amount of time, you could “incarnate” as a less wealthy person. This would mean that you would give up your freedom and the wealth which gives you access to virtually anything possible. Like in the story of Siddhartha Gautama of ancient India, you decide to know more about the struggles of the “real world.”

You choose to live without your wealth and power to learn the lesson from the challenges of a normal mortal existence knowing that you will return to your higher state of conscious living after you have attempted or accomplished your learning from this incarnation. It is an interesting game you are playing as you live the life of a poor, “less fortunate” person. You are kind of competitive and want to do the very best job of living in this life so you can really get the most benefit. (Remember, as a person of wealth you will be able to return to your gifted life after you have attempted the struggle of life as a “limited,” less fortunate person.) You work to master the role you play within this world of limitations. You are very good at being your actor in this play. So good, you could win an Academy Award, or a Tony, and an Emmy for your portrayal of this character. No one could do you better than you can do you in this role.

You take on the strengths and the weakness or flaws of this character to fully experience the challenges of this character in the master play. You can find yourself getting “sucked in” to the drama of this average person’s existence to draw further into the depth of their role in a “life like” way. At the end of this portrayal, you get to transition back from your character’s role into your highest self with all the freedom and power your wealth and spirit allow. You get to return to your “Heavenly” existence or even higher up into your Divine Consciousness. You reflect back on all the other souls you “touched” or who supported and “touched” you. You can review where your lessons led you and even explore the outcomes you might have had if you had chosen a different path in this character’s life.

The game you have just considered is the game you are currently playing. The wealth and power are what you have when you are fully in the Divine Spirit and when you are not limited by the 3 dimensional limitations we face in the incarnated bodies/lives we have chosen to live. You are learning from these lessons and playing the game as well as you can. Remember that every experience you have and every person you meet are there for you or you are there to support another person’s learning. You are Perfect the way you are and free to make choices. At the end of this incarnation you will return to the Freedom, the Wisdom, the Unconditional Love, and the Universal Connection with all other souls in this Universe and beyond.

Thank you for playing this game and doing your role so perfectly. We all need you and the character which you are currently playing. Just do not forget where you have come from and where you will return.
With Love…

Comment from my mentor, Paula:


The idea that we are born in a world of struggles, challenges and suffering, a world that is “less” than the place we came from, is an illusion. This world is behaving in line with its natural laws. It still holds all the magnificence of where we came from. It is our skewed perception that causes us to believe we must compete, that we are poor and less fortunate than in our divine state. Nothing is being done to us. We decide how we want to experience life. We decide how limited we feel and whether we want to suffer from it. We choose our priorities, interests and where we want to focus our energy. Some say, we have already decided on the life experiences we will have, before we were born. All we have to do is show up. It is possible to experience Heaven on Earth. It is not measured by material wealth but by spiritual wealth. Until we realize it, we are bound to return to learn the lesson.

Of course, that’s only my opinion.


AND, Paula is correct! Our perceptions are our own creations. This “Game” is for people to appreciate how temporary our acting roles in this incarnation seem and to be more aware that when we get “sucked in” to the drama, this is also our choice at some level. Peace be with you! Your radiance is nearly blinding to my mortal eyes. Thank you!

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It’s Springtime, Baseball is Back!

In the U.S., the “boys of Summer” refers to the people who engage in the Spring-Summer-Fall activity of watching or playing baseball, “the national pastime.” They are NOT all boys… The frustration and love for your favorite team always begin with HOPE. We hope that OUR team will play well, win games, and “make the playoffs.” Some cities/teams have long histories of success, like the New York Yankees, and some cities seem doomed to frustration and disappointment like Chicago. BUT, at the beginning of the “season” there is always the chance that the players and the managers and the owners will do their jobs and the team will win and the glory will be shared by all the fans.


I love baseball. I love watching baseball. I loved playing baseball. I loved my son taking up the sport and watching him play baseball. To many people, baseball is boring and too slow to watch. One of my favorite childhood memories was sitting with my father on a Sunday afternoon and watching a baseball game on television while he explained to me what was happening and what was going to happen. Playing “catch” with my father was a tradition whose memory still brings tears to my eyes as I recall those precious moments (not unique to my history.) Baseball is not for everyone. If you love the game you understand the rules and may have knowledge of the history of baseball which is often told in statistics. Statistics are unimportant numerical facts about baseball performance that, to the worshippers of the “game,” may mean something that you can argue about with other “believers.” There are a lot of numerical facts and understanding the game means you may remember these “facts” (stats) and cause you to expect something that will happen, based on these stats, in the game you are watching. In much of baseball history, players stayed with “their teams” for long periods of time and lived in their team’s city so the fans could know and love their local “heroes.” Loyalty to team and the sport was based on love for the local “boys of Summer.” Today, the “game” (of baseball) is more a money making business so players, even teams, will move around and loyalty and “tradition” are not honored in the same way.


A stress management expert would have you notice that “hope,” “loyalty,” and sitting in the sunshine on a warm Spring/Summer/Fall day, involved in the game, is a stress management experience that has positive effects on many fans, especially when the “home team” wins. Losing ourselves in sporting competition gets us away from other life stressors and allows a release of pent up emotions and stress. Enjoy the mental (and physical) vacation from your life. Celebrate the majesty of the Summer and the “world’s greatest game.”


And, before your team gets too far into the season, feel the HOPE for a season of success. Enjoy every victory and the very best that your team’s players can achieve. For the love of the game, “be in the moment” and relish the experience!