What Might It Be To Be God?

What would it be like to be God? Consider this not as blasphemy or as an Ego trip but through the Heart of the Divine Spirit. And, putting aside that your humanness, your brain, and your three dimensional limitations which do not easily allow such an expansive view of our Universe, you, your spirit, are at the core of Divine Wisdom. You are the perfect manifestation of the Divine, incarnated into a human life. You can back away from this responsibility but it does not change the fact that you and God are one. (You are an unexplainable Miracle.) Now, what do you do with this concept?… Beyond your struggle to know or to remember, and your denial, and to finally surrender to this “knowing,” is a theme for your enlightenment…

Imagine for a fraction of a human second what it would be like to be at the source of all dimensions of all of the Universe. In the “Higher Dimensions” a fraction of a second goes on forever AND a human life is but a blink… and Time and space, as humans understand, does not exist in the Higher Dimensions. The Human mind has limitations which boxes it in due to the belief that linear time, sequential time, exists and that all reality is found within 3 dimensions. In the Higher Dimensional Realms, “time” does not exist so you can be anywhere, in any dimension, perhaps even in multiple lifetimes in every moment. This is difficult to get your mind to understand because this is far beyond most human understanding. Likewise, it is not easily possible to “realize” that you are not confined by space in three dimensions. You can be anywhere, everywhere, simultaneously.

So, to imagine that your human mind and your human ego is put aside and you are the “Creator” of the Universe becomes a tremendous challenge for a frail human being. If you have had an “Awakening” like a Near Death Experience or a spiritual Epiphany, you might be more conscious of what is possible without human limitations. (Look up STE, a Spiritually Transformative Experience.) This is not the ego driven thoughts of unlimited power like in the movies. It is a more complete “Knowing” of omnipotence. So why is any of this important to you? You have a critical role in the Divine Spirit. You are a unique piece of the foundation of the Universe and all of the Divine. You are a multidimensional being living in a human incarnation but NOT limited to the human boundaries you have agreed to participate within in this drama of your human existence.

Putting your limitations of mind and ego aside, YOU are a piece of God. YOU are God! You are a living manifestation of Holy Spirit and have access to all of Divine Wisdom. AND, you are shaking your head in disbelief because it is too much to comprehend and there is too much responsibility that is enfolded in this consciousness. You might assume that if you were God, you would have to behave “God-like.” You could not have flaws in your humanness. AND, you fail to see the perfection of your imperfections along with the human lessons and challenges you are here to experience… You are “here” to be a crippled human, blind to who you really are. And, if you were to transcend your human limitations to realize your Divinity, you may have to live each moment within God-like expectations. Forget this expectation. You are NOT here to live 24/7 as God, though you may want to move closer to that possibility. Your purpose is to serve other souls in their quest to “remember” who they are, where they come from, and where they will return at the end of their human incarnation.

YOU can NOT get this wrong! You are Perfect! You are a Miracle! Your struggle in being human is your lesson and it is “our” lesson to get you as far along as possible in consciousness within the human existence you have chosen. So, at some point, imagine yourself in the higher dimensions. Free from time and space. As a multidimensional spirit you are surrounded by light and consciousness. You are enveloped in unconditional Divine Love. You are fully accepted for the perfect being you are. You are connected to all other spirits because you are “one” with them as part of the Universal Divine Spirit. You have the freedom to be anywhere and in any dimension and in any Earthly life at any moment. You can manifest your reality AND this is always perfect (if only as a lesson or challenge for you to experience.) In a meditation, you may have a brief remembering of this reality and this opens the door for your consciousness to walk through to have a greater realization that you are most perfect and at the core of all Divine Wisdom. For an instant, your human mind may know a small piece of what it is like to be God.

No matter what you believe about what you just read, Guidance has drawn you into consideration of these words and these concepts. You can not un-see these words or undo these thoughts. You will have your own path to enlightenment and you will find your own unique way to share these rememberings. The challenge will be to live your life with this wisdom and in some micro-seconds of your human life, know that you are the Divine. You are Loved! You are connected and so “one” with all the Universe. Though your mind and your ego wants you to think you are separated from all consciousness, you are but a flash of insight from the core wisdom. Now, you can not ever go back. What will you do differently after you are exposed to this concept?

BTW, my scribing these words from my Divine Guidance is done in an act of service to developing consciousness, to express a point of view you may have some difficulty finding. There are moments in my waking humanness when I “know” these concepts as reality and I struggle to find my way to live with Divine Consciousness in more of moments I am allowed in this lifetime… We will go hand in hand down this path to greater awareness and expanded enlightenment…

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

This posting is not created to denigrate your religious belief in God or your religion. In fact, in many cases, religious philosophy can have laws and rules which limit the way you understand or perceive of the Divine Spirit and this posting offers an expansive and inclusive view of what is possible… You have free choice to mentally understand your life philosophy in this human incarnation. Your choice of human thoughts and then your behaviors are a part of the lessons and the challenges we all are here to learn from. So, be responsible for your own thoughts and feelings and behaviors. Learn from your reactive responses and strive to move forward on your pilgrimage through this life. As stated above, these lessons are “perfect” and of service. Thank you for your service.

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