My Spirit Guides

There are many beliefs and theories regarding “Spirit Guides.” And, my opinion regarding their source, their substance, and their purpose has taken many turns. My first real conscious experience is when a psychic, Betty Bethards, told me when I was 23 years old, that she had 57 “Guides” speaking through her. (I remember that number because I could relate to the advertising for Heintz 57 varieties of catsup or something…???) Anyhow, my rational mind could not accept this without multiple jokes about this possibility until Betty Bethards PROVED to me that she was very real and capable as a psychic. This is a whole other story… But, I began wondering about Spirit Guides and, most importantly to me, where they come from.

Are these Guides external to me like I supposed Angels or Gods or Ghosts to be? DO they float around and whisper in your ear or tug at your arm? Can you “trust” their input if you can actually become consciously aware of it? Do I just “make up” these messages or are these beacons of wisdom I am supposed to follow? Are these messages more important than my “rational thoughts” especially if I have to change a life direction or plan? So many questions. Challenging questions.

Are there “separate,” external forces which act as Guides like a tour guide leading you through a museum or historical monument? Well, currently, and these “beliefs” tend to fluctuate, I am becoming more conscious in my belief that “we” are all connected and a part of something much larger. My current belief is that I am a small, perhaps tiny, but essential piece of the beyond fully understood, Divine Spirit. My spirit is a small and necessary piece of the largest puzzle consciousness can conceive of (and then some)… Perhaps my mind can not conceive of this enormous Universe inside the Divine Spirit because it is limited by my human 3 dimensional thinking and this Universe is run by higher vibrations beyond 5 dimensions.

This brings me to my current understanding or belief about Spirit Guides. These Guides may NOT be external at all. They may actually be another part of me as a Divine Universal being. These guides offer wisdom or suggestions regarding something I may need, or want, to pay attention to and possibly use on my pilgrimage through this life. Since this philosophy also rebukes the mental concepts of linear time and space, these guides may be future me or a more highly conscious me. They supportively whisper in my ear wisdom I may benefit from “hearing” at that moment in my human time. Actually, when I get these messages, and I do get these inputs, I do NOT hear them. I just “Know” them. Often I am puzzled in my limited human mind as to HOW I know what I know but I am coming to just trust these “Knowings.”

This is where these Blogs come from. A thought of a subject happens and then I will sit down to write some thoughts or experiences. In a few paragraphs I read what has formed and wonder where that set of human words and thoughts may have come from… It is an amazing and wonderful process. I have identified that my “role” or “purpose” is to connect and transcribe these “transmissions” and then add them to my blog postings. So, I do not identify my Guides as external of my body or my human life. As a scribe, I still take responsibility for writing and editing and posting these transmissions. If you do not agree with my current belief then you are equally correct and “right” for your belief system. It truly does not matter BUT if this gives you a perspective to consider as you delve into your own consciousness THEN it has done its job!

We are NOT separated from the Universal Divine. We are an important and necessary part of a much larger consciousness. It is time to more fully awaken to your greatness and mastery. It is time to reach out to serve other pilgrims with wisdom which Divine Consciousness and our “Guidance” has provided. Serving is OUR purpose so share your stories and your experiences. Continue to form a clear connection with the highest consciousness. Shine like the Beacon YOU are!

This does not belittle the highest levels of consciousness which exist more openly in the “Higher Realms.” This does not mean that you should not be humble in the presence of these high vibrations. We should always be humble in every interaction because we are face to face with “Miracles” in every experience AND these Miracles are made available for us to learn from as we bounce off every soul we bump into. And, today, I believe that each and every spirit or entity we experience is yet another part of ourselves as we all float downstream in the “River of Life.”

Now, meditate, be most Present, walk in Nature, connect with “Guidance” and your higher self, practice less Judgement and more Equanimity, and attempt to find Joy in every challenge Life presents.

When you meet your higher self in the physical or non-physical forms, be respectful and humble. Just as you would be when in the presence of every perfect soul you meet. There is always so much to share and to learn from every interaction. It is always a blessing to soak up these shared experiences and to bask in the love generated by every connection.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Happy Birthday Mr Milo

If you are reading this blog, then YOU were born, more than one year ago, this message applies to YOU as well! My grandson, Mr. Milo, had his first birthday recently. What do you say to assist in the spiritual development of a person with whom you interact? In this case, what do you say to a relatively new soul who is cruising on this Earth in 2019? I am struggling to find the words which will convey the spiritual learnings I have encountered. For my life may not afford me the opportunity to say these things directly to Mr Milo when he is of an age where these discoveries will register at a conscious level. And, I may never get the chance to meet YOU or say these things directly to YOU so you can consider my stories of consciousness raising experiences and the perspective these may trigger for YOU.

Let me first say to YOU, and to Mr Milo, I LOVE YOU! YOU are a miracle! YOU are amazing and Perfect! YOU are essential to all consciousness in our Universe (and beyond.) Your “choice” to become incarnated into your family and into this world is an incredible act which deserves celebration and the highest level of acknowledgement. The lessons YOU came to this life to learn will be challenging and from these your knowledge and wisdom will be increased. Your ability to “Serve” by sharing of yourself will benefit all consciousness. Mr. Milo, your ancestors have been healers and educators and guides. YOU will add to this linage and create your own legacy by your actions, your interactions, and your life’s experiences.

When YOU transition out of this current incarnation, your experiences will be a piece of many other souls’ learnings and remembrances. One of my goals is to assist YOU and your developing consciousness by asking YOU to “Remember” where YOU, as a spirit, came from and where YOU will return. “Remember” the Divine Source with its Unconditional Love, Acceptance (and lack of Judgement,) Wisdom, Freedom from time and space (limitations of 3 dimensions,) and your Connection with all other souls (and their Spirits.) YOU are a Beacon of Light and Love here to guide and to embrace the Wisdom of the Divine. Your mind and ego will be battered by the egos of those people around YOU who are here to test your fortitude and resolve. Separateness of egos and defensiveness will look to create divides between YOU and the Divine Spirit which is within each of us, but this act of division and separation will not win.

To assist YOU, there will be guides, and mentors, and angels, and every person YOU bump into is there for a reason. Look into the eyes of each person. When YOU are most conscious, YOU will see and “Know” the perfection, the beauty, and the struggles of each life. YOU will have a role in their development and they exist for your development, as well. Namaste!

There are books, ceremonies, meditations, trips into nature, interactions and relationships which are part of your learnings (and challenges.) YOU will learn and celebrate your successes. YOU will learn even more from your, seeming, failures. YOU will learn to find the perfection and the “Joy” in even the most challenging of life’s experiences. These will afford YOU the possibilities of Growth and expansion of your consciousness. When YOU are “ready,” these words will resonate with YOU in ways which will open the floodgates of Wisdom and Joy. It will assist YOU greatly if YOU take responsibility for the choices YOU make and the experiences YOU find in your life.

Pain can not be avoided. Fears and anxieties may be a part of your experiences. Find the kernel of wisdom and Joy in these challenges as a part of the lessons YOU are here to experience. Easier said than done, but, do not fear or avoid change. For change is what YOU are here to experience. Your metamorphosis will offer YOU the wings of wisdom to assist YOU to fly to your highest levels of consciousness…

Thank YOU for choosing to appear and to follow your path of Consciousness and Service. Your radiant beauty and love will support all the people YOU encounter. There is no way to fail! The role YOU fill in this drama called life can not be done better. There is no way to step out of the light and the Love of the Divine!

I Bless YOU! I celebrate YOU and all that you have come here to do! YOU are a miracle which can not be fully understood by the 3 dimensional Mind but is fully appreciated by the consciousness of the soul within the heart! Share your light!

If we are meant to share more experiences together I will celebrate the parallel path we will travel. The Joy of meeting YOU fills my heart…

As YOU have guessed, when the word “YOU” is used, it is meant for you the reader.

What NOT to Do When you are Tuning in For Guidance

Psychics know how to find the correct “channel” when they are “tuning in” to Guidance. The tuning process may include raising YOUR vibrational energies and the “Guides” will lower their vibration to better connect with you. We have discussed tuning in or raising your vibrational energy in past blogs. Today, you have been guided to this blog to discover what NOT to do if you are attempting the tuning in process.

Thanks for reading… This is a list of Guidance impairing conditions which you can employ when you do NOT want to connect with Guidance:
1. Lower Your Awareness. Drugs and alcohol can help with reducing your sensitivity (at least for a while)
2. Multi-task. We are good at doing many things at once so we can “Distract” ourselves with many simultaneous activities. Over stimulation by using TV, computers, smartphones, other electronics… 24/7 (or at least first thing in Morning and last thing as you go to bed at night)
3. Do NOT Meditate. Meditation is the best way to connect with Guidance, so do NOT Meditate! (Mind quieting is a disaster when you are trying to avoid connecting with Guidance.)
4. Find a loud, noisy, toxic environment. Yes, avoid a peaceful natural setting at all costs.
5. Connect with really anxious, annoying people who are “Victims” and need your constant attention. Talkers who are also great interruptors are the best, for killing a session of guidance.
6. Which leads us to, Be a Victim and do not take responsibility for your behaviors, thoughts, or actions. Blame others all the time and wallow in the negative attention that this will bring.
7. Follow Dogmatic Philosophies which want to tell you how to think and behave. This can easily be found in philosophies, cults, political parties, religions, the military, and other totalitarian organizations, etc…
8. Deny you own Soul and spirit! Dwell in unworthiness and deep insecurity. Repeat over and over, “I am NOT good enough. I am stupid and bad…” Perhaps you can drink alcohol or take drugs to enhance this negative self-talk.
9. Live in Fear. Avoid Change. Listen to your Ego which believes that “it” is more important than the Divine Spirit!
10. Finally, DO NOT ASK FOR ASSISTANCE. Sit in the dark and just stew in your self-loathing because you must go through this to eventually be open to the assistance that your Angels, Guides, and the Divine Spirit can, AND WILL, provide.

Supplemental Things to do to avoid connecting with Guidance:
11. Avoid being present. Mindfulness is a trap. You want to ruminate on bad things from the past or the fear the unknown and uncontrollable future…
12. Go to Las Vegas and hang around in the smokiest casino you can find!
13. Drive really fast on a crowded freeway, honk at people, and pretend that you are doing something important and that you are in a big hurry. It also helps to kill connecting with Guidance if you can be as Judgmental as possible, feeling superior because YOU are so insecure.
14. Keep being pre-occupied with Money and financial insecurity. If you are already “Wealthy” and “Successful,” consider all the ways you can LOSE your $$$ or have people steal it from you…!!! (Then drink heavily to numb your fear…)
15. Avoid lovely, caring, creative and passionate people. These include good, HEALTHY friends and family.
16. Avoid experiences like reading great books on consciousness and empowerment.
17. Listen to ANGRY Rap/Hip Hop or very loud Heavy Metal played by sub-standard musicians who think that loud is an art form.
18. Watch a lot of Reality TV… AND, believe it. (Same is true for getting your news from unreliable internet sources…) Especially, the loudest conspiracy theories.
19. Deny that the Earth is in deep trouble, Listen to and believe Most Angry Extremists, or get your news, without fact checking, from the internet and TV media.

OR, to assist in tuning in to Guidance just do the opposite of these suggestions.
(In case, that this was NOT obvious enough.)

The Divine Spirit loves you. Your Guides and Angels love you. I love you. Now, You love YOU!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at