The Joy in Life’s Challenges

Have you ever set a difficult challenge for yourself and celebrated when you accomplished your goal? Perhaps you wanted to run a 10K footrace. Or, you wanted to lose 20 lbs. Or, you want to master a piece of music and perform it for an audience. What if you set a very difficult challenge and you did NOT succeed or meet your goal? Was the effort and attempting to push your limits worthwhile and a “stretch” which made this effort worth your time and energy? Testing yourself and attempting to “stretch” your limitations is often the most important learning you can have. Life, yes your life, is full of challenges which can ask you to “stretch” and can feel difficult, even painful. The most painful challenges are often the most satisfying when you can achieve your goal. Even when you fail, you can learn, and grow, a lot.

Living can have its painful lessons. We can find the lessons useful and these can broaden our confidence or experience, at the very least. The challenge is to find “Joy” in each experience, even the most difficult. Life is about taking risks and “Stretching” ourselves. Safely sitting on the couch doing familiar activities does not create the learning experiences which can move us forward. When we learn and “grow” we have more to share and stories which, when shared, makes our lives more interesting. Sure, the successes may be more fun to retell but the difficult experiences can have great, if not greater, value to our witnesses. (Perhaps of what NOT to do…)

Everyday is a miracle! You can wake up in a mundane life and have the possibility of stretching yourself and having a most unusual experience or learning opportunity. Look for the Joy in each day, each moment, each interaction so you can celebrate at the end of your day and bask in these treasures at the end of this life. No regrets, live each day…

Pain is something that happens in living. Your “suffering” is optional and your creation. You CAN make the best of any, and every, difficult situation. You can find the Joy in each experience and celebrate the learning and growth you can find in life’s experiences, particularly in life’s challenges. One personal example, after 19 years of marriage, my wife, and my life’s partner, was diagnosed with terminal ovarian cancer. Though I would NOT wish this on anyone, our experience for 8.5 years made us closer and taught me so many important lessons that I cherish these days. It had traumatic moments and incredibly loving moments. The experience made us closer. When my wife finally transitioned from our life together, I discovered a void that I could not have ever known before and learned valuable information which I share when the situation presents itself. My ability to serve has increased tremendously.

I challenge YOU to find the Joy in each experience you are lucky enough to experience. Ask each experience and each interaction, what have I come here to learn and how can I be of service to others from the message I have received?

You are a Miracle! You are a Unique Blessing! Thank you for being you and traveling this path to higher consciousness!

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Ovarian Cancer Rant

This is a personal rant regarding my feelings about ovarian cancer. As many of you know, my wife, Barbara, passed away in early 2012 after being diagnosed with ovarian cancer 8 1/2 years before. We were given a terminal diagnosis. Barbara lived bravely and stoically fighting her disease as best she could. I recently saw a video that was posted on Facebook and it was Pierce Brosnan speaking about the death of his first wife and one of his daughters to ovarian cancer. And so it triggered this personal rant.

After living with this disease, I know that there is very little that you can do to prevent this horrible disease. However, I still wish that there was a better way to diagnose and treat ovarian cancer. From personal experience, I know that the early symptoms mimic many other conditions and diseases and so make it very hard to catch ovarian cancer in its earliest and most treatable stages. There will come a time when the researchers and medical community will be able to turn a woman’s immune system against the disease and defeat it with fewer of this scars and side effects that come from the current treatments.

Please consider learning all of the earliest signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer and do not let your loved ones suffer the deadly consequences that ignorance allows. If it is within the realm of possibilities for you, please consider giving a donation to fund the research to help better diagnose and treat ovarian cancer. If nothing else, please share any information that you can with the women that you care about so that they will be better able to prevent the difficult life that one has to lead with a diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

I will provide a link to the information regarding the early detection of ovarian cancer. If you have any questions about whether you may be suffering the early stages of ovarian, know that a blood test, the CA–125, may be the best early detection that is available for us today. Ask that your doctor take any symptoms of bloating or abdominal distress seriously, unlike the doctor that missed Barbara’s diagnosis for eight months, despite her repeated concerns. I do not know if an earlier diagnosis would’ve been helpful but my anger has not abated even after a decade. The Ovarian Cancer Organization

And hopefully, you will never have to deal with ovarian cancer. You would benefit from remembering to always hug your family and friends and tell them that you love them.