Is It Time? More Importantly, Is It Your Time?

Everyone finds the “Right” Time for themselves! At some point in your life, or in another incarnation, we must find the connection with the Divine Spirit in a more fully conscious way. Some people might believe that this is “Enlightenment” or, at the very least a step toward Enlightenment. Recently, a new friend claimed that now, in early 2020, we are stepping into an exciting stage of human consciousness where we open our hearts and souls to reconnecting, consciously, with the Divine Spirit. So, I ask YOU again, Is It Time for you to step forward and away from the fear, anger, anxiety of your mind and ego???

This new stage of development has been shared with me from many sources, of late. In December 2019, I attended a “channeled” visit with “Mother Mary” who suggested the “Time of Magic” was unfolding making it easier to connect with guidance of the Divine. From many sources this message repeats. Time will tell if this is accurate… Of course, if you believe in “time.” From their own disciplines and in their own ways, many “new age” spokespersons are announcing this new consciousness born from the ashes of our cultural, religious, quasi-spiritual, and philosophical belief systems. The “Rational Era” of mental understanding is finding its way, partially through Quantum Physics, to “know” the unexplainable in a different, less rational, way.

The words to describe Divine’s unconditional love, acceptance, and connectedness do not do justice to these concepts or feelings. Our three dimensional explanations are too limiting. People who return from a visit to the Divine after having a Near Death Experience (NDE) can NOT find words or the best way to share their experiences. The feelings of these communication attempts often feels “familiar” to the witnesses because we have all died and been reborn into our current lives. “Past Lives” may not be past lives at all. (Perhaps, time and space are illusions for a simple three dimensional “understanding.”) Some consider linear time a mental construct and we are living in multiple lives simultaneously. (That is a lot to consider, but perhaps we are as limited as our limited conscious minds currently allow.) Perhaps, in fact, We are “greater” than our egos allow us to believe because we are a perfect hologram of the perfection which is the Divine Spirit.

So, what do we do with this information or feeling? It is time to allow an “opening of the Heart and Soul.” It is time to feel the Divine within us and NOT just think about it. To “Know” and to “Remember” our perfection and Divinity is to release attachments to our Drama. Or, the roles we are engaged in playing in this current incarnation are perfect in their imperfections. Our lessons are the challenges we have signed up to experience. So we must be responsible for the choices we have made not as an excuse but as a way to move forward at the highest levels of consciousness. YOU are a Miracle!

Look for the “Magic” and the Guidance that comes from your heart and your soul. Do not Fear change or death, for this can get in your way… There is No Death, only a transition back into the higher realms and your next learning experience. Along the way, remember we are all in this together and finding ways to lovingly support your fellow travelers is an act of service which ends up serving you, and all the rest of us. Be the Beacon of Love and Light you came here to be!

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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