YOU are an Important Piece of the Puzzle

Have ever put a large JigSaw puzzle together? It requires your time, effort, focused concentration, and patience. Have you ever come to the completion of this puzzle and find that a piece is missing? You can see the tiny piece leaves an enormous hole in your project. It is a glaring, attention grabbing hole! This makes you and your project feel incomplete and unsatisfying. It is unfinished and it is obvious.

How does this apply to you and your developing spiritual consciousness? You are a small, unique piece of a much greater puzzle. It is the puzzle called the Divine Spirit. If YOU were really missing, this puzzle would be incomplete. There would be a glaring hole in the fabric of all of consciousness. Scientists have claimed that energy is neither created nor destroyed, it just changes form. The same can be said for matter, which does change form on a regular basis but does not completely disappear. Your physical body is made of matter which constantly changes form and eventually after you die, returns to some other physical form.

Your soul or spirit is energy. Many spiritually conscious people would say that this soul/spirit energy is pure and made of Love. It does not ever disappear but it can change form. You and your consciousness are unique. Your fingerprint is like a snowflake and unique to you. You are made and changed by the experiences and challenges you have faced. You are tested by difficult experiences as you move along your unique path toward higher consciousness. AND, if your spirit was NOT around anymore, the whole of consciousness would suffer and disappear. Whether your ego-mind allows you to Know it or not, you fill a spot in the enormously large Universe. If you were not here, ever again, the hole in the fabric of the Divine would cause the whole balloon to deflate and disappear.

The Universe would collapse without your spirit! Your awareness and consciousness ask you to eventually Know and Remember your Enlightenment and the important role your unique spirit plays in the whole drama called life in the Divine Spirit. Of course, this also creates enormous responsibility for your unique spirit to keep growing and expanding in consciousness because without your progress the whole of Divine Consciousness lacks expansion. You are important! Too bad if you do not like this responsibility for your soul will figure this out in due time… (Though time does not really exist…)

You are Amazing and Unique! You are an important piece of the puzzle which is called the Divine Spirit! Shine brightly and send love and consciousness out to all the other souls you meet! (Another viewpoint: You are a “Hologram” of the Divine Spirit. Every important piece of the spirit energy of this Universe is imprinted into your spirits DNA. You carry the GodForce within your soul… So, consider acting like the GodForce you are…)

You are Amazing and a Miracle! Though unique, you are a perfect piece of the Divine Spirit! You are Loved, Blessed and Cherished! Consider your perfection and connection to the Divine as you look into the eyes, and the souls, of all the beings you come into contact with on your path…

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You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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