Do YOU Need a Spiritual Teacher?

A Teacher, a Guide, a Guru, a Spiritual Leader? Are any of these “right” or needed by you? We all need teachers. In fact, in my mind, every person and experience I bump into is a “Teacher.” But, do I need to sign up for a special person or persons to train me in spiritual consciousness development? Some days I wake up and say “Yes.” Some days I wake up from a night of dreams which were offered to me by my guidance and I say “No” I do not need an external teacher.

Recently, I join in an internet debate regarding the appropriate need or use of external teachers. Some spiritual “practices” request, even demand, that you search for and find the Guru or “Spiritually Developed” person to give you the initiation and practices to join them in their belief system. This often seems like a religious mind-control practice to me, but I am often oppositional in behavior and thought. I have had some of the most profound spiritual awakenings up in the mountains above timber line and as close to “God” as I have been able to get and not a single spiritual “leader” in sight. Maybe due to low oxygen levels or the Zen meditation I performed as I marched high up the trail leaving human chaos far below, I found “insights” and awakening on my own (if you are ever on your own.)

However, I have also sought out people whom I know have held spiritual practices for decades longer than me in my attempt to have some of their knowledge, experience, and wisdom rub off on me. In conversation or just witnessing their stories, my perspective has been stretched and the sparks of consciousness fanned into a bright glow. The causal encounters with people or situations which fill me with Joy have also triggered, not the corrupt thought, but the delightful energy of unconditionally shared love. There is one such “Earth Angel” That I am blessed to get a hug and a smile from, weekly. Her name is Ellen. She is the personification of LOVE and a survivor of Nazi held Norway in the second world war. I hope your life is blessed with the occasional encounters with your own “Earth Angels.”

My Rant: Every person is a miracle. Your interactions with other “Miracles” can produce insights you may be blessed to have, if you are paying attention. Are you fully present and available to this insight? YOU are a Blessing and Perfect the way you are! Your spiritual teaching comes from each interaction you have. Sometimes it brings you amazement and Joy. Sometimes it “triggers you” and you are learning what you would NOT want to do (or to demonstrate to others.)

Living without Judgement and being “open” to the fellow Miracles who cross your path demonstrates your growth in consciousness. (Even if you do not always agree with certain behaviors, these interactions are here for a reason.) Look to be of service as you support your fellow travelers. Every person is a composite of what they bring into this life and the experiences they have found. How they use these foundational backgrounds becomes their unique set of “gifts” they have to offer. Every moment is your teacher!!! Like in school, if you are paying attention you may receive the gift you have been awaiting (maybe more quickly than if you were not paying attention.)

Being available and “in the moment” (mindful) allows necessary learning to occur. For some individuals, at certain times, life learning is enhanced by time and interaction with a highly developed spiritual master who can assist with raising your vibrational patterns. But consider your unique path to avoid the eddy of a cult doctrine which may not be the best learning experience for you. Since we are all “Masters” and have the ingrained wisdom from the Divine within, life experience can help us to “Remember” and can serve as a model for how we can behave in the world in this incarnation.

No matter whether you seek a “teacher” or not, allow your Divine Guidance to create the interactions that raise consciousness and spiritual vibrations throughout our Universe. (And beyond.)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Oneness vs Self

Dilemma: Oneness and 100% connection versus the preservation and requirements of Self-care…

Is there a conflict or not? Does the concept of “Oneness” mean Selfless and complete lack of Separation from all other Divine Souls or can the human incarnation engage in the activity of Self-care?

Some say that there is Not a conflict. A priority of self-care as a priority is a demonstration of Self-love and the Self-awareness adding to the consciousness of the greater Divinity. The act of inward reflection in meditation adds to personal awareness and growth. It is an act of Self-care. It also takes the edge off mental/emotional swings of the Mind and Ego.

Self-care with exercise can allow you to find your way into the “Present” moment and can help to release guilt and the held upset from past remembrances and anxiety for the changes and unknowns of the future.

Personal reflection and insights as you view your life’s lessons and interactions is the purpose of your incarnation. We learn from “Bumping” up against our “Triggers” and testing out our new skill sets and new learnings to see how these fit our “lessons” as we plod along our paths toward greater consciousness. It forces us to accept and to love unconditionally all the people and situations our egos may find annoying, difficult or distracting.

These are our challenges and our laboratory for testing our newly developing consciousness and wisdoms. If we are “triggered,” then we have a lesson to learn more fully.

You are a Divine Soul and perfect. You are here to serve and to assist other pilgrims. Whether you know it or not, You are a Master. If you seek a non-religious community for support and to enhance your conscious development, consider Masters of the Journey and tell Your story!