Death: A Guide for Living in Spirit

Death is inevitable! Death is NOT the enemy! It marks the transition from your current incarnation back into the Higher Realms where you can “Be” in your full, free Spirit. Sticking your “head in the sand” and ignoring your mortality is too easy and the coward’s way for most people. Living in the awareness of your own mortality and living most “fully” because of this awareness is the path of the “Enlightened.”

Since there is no way out of this life other than death, you will benefit from living as if any day, every day, is your last day. If you knew you only had a few more days to live in this life, how might you live them differently than you are currently doing? If you would be doing your life differently with knowledge of your pending death, why would you be living your life differently? Why are you NOT living that way now? Do not let the fear of change create the barrier which keeps you from fully living!

Let Death be your teacher. Let this awareness help you to live in your true purpose. Walk each waking step of this incarnation in vigilance and with focused awareness. Appreciate every moment as a gift! Have gratitude for each relationship and experience you encounter. Breathe each breath with respect. Be the role model of living most fully. Be remembered with the integrity of someone who lived in honesty.

Be prepared. You never know when your life will come to an end. Attempt to not leave any unfinished business with your family and friends. AND, never miss an opportunity to tell the people who surround you how much you love and appreciate their place in your life. I am told that the Dali Lama practices 7 times per day his own dying. He does this so he will be most fully aware when his moment of transition comes. He does not fear his death. He wants to make this ultimate moment in his brief life on earth in his current incarnation fully conscious.

To overcome your fear and resistance to the final transition, do some research and read the accounts of people who have come back after a near death experience (an NDE.) They are more common than you might know. These accounts have much which seems familiar and consistent. These offer perspective on how limiting our 3 dimensional existence is for our true spirit.

Finally, Enjoy the Ride! There is JOY to be found in every moment and the “Enlightened” souls amongst us bask in this Joy. They know the perfect miracle in each moment. You can begin to look for experiencing this as well.
With my Love and appreciation for your attempt and YOUR perfection…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Do YOU Need a Spiritual Teacher?

A Teacher, a Guide, a Guru, a Spiritual Leader? Are any of these “right” or needed by you? We all need teachers. In fact, in my mind, every person and experience I bump into is a “Teacher.” But, do I need to sign up for a special person or persons to train me in spiritual consciousness development? Some days I wake up and say “Yes.” Some days I wake up from a night of dreams which were offered to me by my guidance and I say “No” I do not need an external teacher.

Recently, I join in an internet debate regarding the appropriate need or use of external teachers. Some spiritual “practices” request, even demand, that you search for and find the Guru or “Spiritually Developed” person to give you the initiation and practices to join them in their belief system. This often seems like a religious mind-control practice to me, but I am often oppositional in behavior and thought. I have had some of the most profound spiritual awakenings up in the mountains above timber line and as close to “God” as I have been able to get and not a single spiritual “leader” in sight. Maybe due to low oxygen levels or the Zen meditation I performed as I marched high up the trail leaving human chaos far below, I found “insights” and awakening on my own (if you are ever on your own.)

However, I have also sought out people whom I know have held spiritual practices for decades longer than me in my attempt to have some of their knowledge, experience, and wisdom rub off on me. In conversation or just witnessing their stories, my perspective has been stretched and the sparks of consciousness fanned into a bright glow. The causal encounters with people or situations which fill me with Joy have also triggered, not the corrupt thought, but the delightful energy of unconditionally shared love. There is one such “Earth Angel” That I am blessed to get a hug and a smile from, weekly. Her name is Ellen. She is the personification of LOVE and a survivor of Nazi held Norway in the second world war. I hope your life is blessed with the occasional encounters with your own “Earth Angels.”

My Rant: Every person is a miracle. Your interactions with other “Miracles” can produce insights you may be blessed to have, if you are paying attention. Are you fully present and available to this insight? YOU are a Blessing and Perfect the way you are! Your spiritual teaching comes from each interaction you have. Sometimes it brings you amazement and Joy. Sometimes it “triggers you” and you are learning what you would NOT want to do (or to demonstrate to others.)

Living without Judgement and being “open” to the fellow Miracles who cross your path demonstrates your growth in consciousness. (Even if you do not always agree with certain behaviors, these interactions are here for a reason.) Look to be of service as you support your fellow travelers. Every person is a composite of what they bring into this life and the experiences they have found. How they use these foundational backgrounds becomes their unique set of “gifts” they have to offer. Every moment is your teacher!!! Like in school, if you are paying attention you may receive the gift you have been awaiting (maybe more quickly than if you were not paying attention.)

Being available and “in the moment” (mindful) allows necessary learning to occur. For some individuals, at certain times, life learning is enhanced by time and interaction with a highly developed spiritual master who can assist with raising your vibrational patterns. But consider your unique path to avoid the eddy of a cult doctrine which may not be the best learning experience for you. Since we are all “Masters” and have the ingrained wisdom from the Divine within, life experience can help us to “Remember” and can serve as a model for how we can behave in the world in this incarnation.

No matter whether you seek a “teacher” or not, allow your Divine Guidance to create the interactions that raise consciousness and spiritual vibrations throughout our Universe. (And beyond.)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.

You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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LifeSaving: Pay Attention!

What if you treated every lesson, every interaction, as if YOU were responsible for learning a “LifeSaving” procedure or technique! You would pay attention! You would learn as if you were supposed to be the teacher, and a life might depend upon it, and you are here to share your wisdom or your learning. Your teaching can save a life! Your sharing can be used to reduce the pain and anxiety which may be suffered by a friend, or a family member, or even by a stranger who hears your information.

Do not underestimate the power of what you are here in this life to learn and to share! You are a Master and you learning and sharing your lessons is important, perhaps critical! Even lifesaving! So you must pay attention to those moments and experiences in life where you are confronted by the “challenge” and the struggle to find an answer. Sharing your struggle and your answer is an act of service to humanity. Making the effort to articulate your learning can benefit both your audience AND yourself. By reviewing and speaking about your lesson, you will gain perspective and so insight into your learned challenge. It takes work to reach deep within and to find the words that will resonate with the your communication partner. Consider whether you are telling your story for “You” or are feeling the benefit more for your partner. Knowing your audience’s needs is good and will help you to be clear.

You do not always know how your story will be “LifeSaving” or where in the world it will find its way to work this magic. Your story may rise to the surface because you feel the “Need” to share this with your friend, perhaps, for their sake or perhaps because you are still processing your learning. As an example, your story may be related to an experience where you reduced your anger by forgiving a difficult interaction rather than stubbornly fighting for your position while sacrificing a relationship. You were able to let go of your stubborn willfulness after realizing that there are other ways to look at a situation and your partner in this argument has come at their opinion from surviving a very different set of personal challenges. Their perspective may not be in agreement with your beliefs but your strength and awareness helps you to understand their differing point of view. You have bumped up against their belief as a lesson. You might not “know” their idea of truth but you fighting with their ego reminds you that important, though difficult, learning can occur for the person who is willing and open to appreciate the other opinion, even if you can not agree.

Do not be lazy. Be meticulous. Be vigilant. Even the smallest interactions can be a blessing. If you walk through your life experience in a cloud of distraction or unconcern then you may be missing the point of a critical learning and life changing moment. Reach out to connect with people, even the people who you may be “triggered” by, for this is the only way to gain perspective on living. Wearing blinders or avoiding contact by watching TV may slow down your experiencing life in the ways that can enhance your understanding leading to your finding joy in life or maybe even your enlightenment.

Your stories based on your experience have great value, especially when you are willing to share them. Your developing the skills to communicate your experiences clearly and when they “fit” the interaction will elevate your level of service. This takes practice. This will require you to develop your confidence and your intuition, as you read the specific demands of your partner in communication. If your “gut” tells you that you must tell a certain story, at a certain time, to a certain person, YOU may be sharing wisdom that will save a life!

Do not mumble or speak too softly. Your story must be clear and loud enough to hear! Project your wisdom and own it. Whether you “know” it or not, you are a Master!

Blessings to you for experiencing life’s challenges and your willingness to share your story. Just the act of caring enough to take time to share may serve a need that you may not fully realize. A very important consideration is to allow your communication partner to tell THEIR story. You give a great gift by receiving their communicated lesson.

For resources on communication, connecting, and other lifesaving techniques, consider the supportive community, Masters of the Journey.