Connected to the Divine Spirit, Now What?

Many of us are striving to “wake up” from our 3 dimensional lives and to be most fully conscious. Some of us have found a way to “awaken” and are striving to integrate this perspective and to determine what we are now supposed to do with this information/perspective. And, there are a few of us who float through our Earthly incarnations with some overt mastery of how to be “Enlightened Beings” while traveling the Earthly plane. This blog addresses the first two groups because “Enlightened Beings” are enlightened and require less instruction and support.

“Waking Up” into a state of higher consciousness is not uncommon and appears to be the desired goal of people who do not seem to fit in with the every day life expectations which our culture places upon us from early in our Earth born lives. We were born with a limited 3 dimensional “mind” and social pressures to conform to traditional social behaviors and thinking. The limits of the rational thought process creates a rational perspective which limits our lives to the confines of Time and Space. We seem to desire a rational understanding which is limited by language and judgments. For example, in the language called English, which I was raised with, descriptions in words, and thoughts, are limited because you are defining the things and experiences presented to you by comparing what they are like or not like. Greater than, less than, etc. But, you lose the essence of what things or experiences are really about when a feeling or an emotion are mentioned.

Example, how do you share what the taste or smell of fresh baked bread is? How do you adequately share what the Love you find in relationship feels like in your heart? From personal experience, I know you can NOT adequately describe or explain Divine Unconditional Love to a 3 dimensional brain for this is totally unavailable for a rational understanding. (The rational brain can not comprehend a 5th dimensional “Knowing” or feeling of a non-judgement, unconditional Divine Love.) It is a pleasurable “feeling” which can not be fully “Known” by a rational thought process. Just the comparison method of using the word “like” diminishes the full essence of the feeling and true Knowing of the phrase “Unconditional Love.” And, “Unconditional Love” does NOT exist on the Earthly plane between two Earth bound beings because there are always conditions attached. Always! The Divine Spirit’s or Source’s Unconditional Love of you is well beyond a full rational understanding or a language limiting description.

As you awaken, and you probably would not have read this far in this blog without a conscious or unconscious desire for your own awakening, You are freed from human constraints and now struggle with integrating this wisdom into your life. What do you do with this wisdom? How do you share it? How does this change the way you live and the way you interact with other souls? How does this change your priorities in living and your Purpose in living this life? Well, that IS the lesson you came here to learn! People who have had a NDE (Near Death Experience) must find how to integrate this new knowledge into their lives and NDE researchers claim that this can take 7-15 years. (Read more NDE descriptions or chat with NDE survivors to speed up your awakening process… plenty of YouTube videos to wade through as well. (You may have to visit several videos to find the stories you most resonate with and offers the tools specifically for you.))

Your challenge is to continue your awakening and your consciousness development AND to find ways of sharing it or being of service to assist in the awakening of other people whom you bump into. There are no road maps or written directions. Just like when you became a parent and had to figure this out as you went along. Most commonly, this is what happens when you entered this life with the amnesia which happens to most of us and we attempt to find ways to “remember” where we came from and to where we return between our Earthly incarnations. Not easily said let alone done…

If you feel you DO NOT FIT IN, you don’t. YOU are Perfect and in the process of expanding your consciousness and your role in this drama called life as a human. If you do not know how to integrate the wisdom of your opening consciousness then welcome to the club. If you have empathy for other souls, you have opened the channel of your highest consciousness and can begin to realize that we are all in this together and by raising your consciousness you serve to raise ALL consciousness. By sharing Love, no strings attached – Unconditionally, YOU are healing this Earthly plane of existence…

YOU are a Miracle! YOU are Perfect the way you are! (AND, do not be lazy! Keep enhancing your awareness.) YOU are NOT alone! YOU are so much Greater than You allow yourself to Know or Believe! AND, if you resonate with this message but still struggle to fully understand and to integrate this into your life, you are exactly where you need to be. Get some support and perspective and gradually you can find the best ways to be in this world. You are Loved!

Now, meditate, be most Present, walk in Nature, connect with “Guidance” and your higher self, practice less Judgement and more Equanimity, and attempt to find Joy in every challenge Life presents.

You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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You Are An Enlightened Being – An Avatar

Whether you know it or not, your lesson is to remember your Divinity and Your Perfection. You are an Avatar, an enlightened and highly developed spiritual being!

Sure your mind does not fully comprehend or understand this concept. Give this 5 minutes to consider.

The Great Spirit – God – The Divine, has created you in its image as a Hologram of the Perfect Divine Spirit. Your job is to Remember your Divinity and bring this into your consciousness. This is a belief of spiritual seekers who believe in re-incarnation. We return, in their belief, to learn or relearn challenging lessons which make us, and the people around us, more conscious and higher evolved. It is difficult for the 3 dimensional mind and the ego to fully understand that we are NOT separate but an integral part of the “whole” of the Divine.

If I am God, as you are, and walking around the Earthly plane, how do I serve and be the guiding light which I AM? An Avatar’s purpose is to walk the Earth and share wisdom and the path toward enlightenment. But ask yourself these question regarding How do You act as an Avatar.

Do you intervene in the Interactions you experience?
Do you rant, postalize or lecture regarding the path to enlightenment?
Do you just observe and allow the struggling people you see to find their own way?
Do you scare and intimidate others into becoming more than they thought they could be?
Do you beam love outwardly?
Do you heal and release the pain people are perceiving or let them stew in it?
Do you play it “small” and be invisible?
Do you Judge?
Do you connect and accept all who you meet?
Do you role model Love and Joy and Wisdom and Oneness?
Do you express emotion and feelings and know fear and anger and Joy and Love?
Do you let all thoughts flow through you but only grasp and hold the ones which work for the greater good?
Do you take the hands of your fellow pilgrims and assist them through love/support to move forward in consciousness toward Love and Light?
Do you give openly and freely in whatever way you can? Be in Service: in small ways, in big ways and do this not for the ego but for the true purpose, to enhance consciousness? We are ALL in this together! We are all one! We can not cross the veil to our highest consciousness without all the other souls…
(All these questions pose ways of behaving which change and shift based on the specific circumstances you may encounter. These questions of actions and behaviors are worth your consideration…)

This is my Challenge. This is YOUR challenge. You are a Master. You are an Avatar! Walk a mile in the sandals of the Enlightened Avatar which YOU are! Find YOUR way to serve! Find YOUR way to create Miracles!

You can argue. You can disagree. You can challenge this notion of taking responsibility of who you are, BUT this will still catch up with you. You may as well quit wasting Earth time and honor your Divinity! Do it gently and with respect but share the purest form of unconditional love with your fellow travelers!

With this responsibility you may crave support and resources. Consider joining the Masters of the Journey community as one possible way to assist you in your purpose and at the same time help others moving consciously down this path.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at