Imaginal Cells

Imagine that there is a Perfect Being deep within YOU! Imagine that you, as this “Perfect Being,” have access to all Divine Wisdom and are free from the limitations of of Time and space, and Judgement, and Separation! A caterpillar spins a cocoon and sheds its old self as a crawling creature to become a butterfly. This metamorphosis is a known and partially understood biological transformation. What I learned recently, is there are cells within this creature which lead to this transformation. These have been identified as, “Imaginal Cells.” My question, for you, is do YOU have a form of Imaginal Cells within you which can lead you into the transformation considered “Enlightenment.”

Within you is a Perfect Being of Love and Light. This is your perfect Soul or Spirit! This is the part of you which can “awaken,” shine brightly, and so let you live in a state of consciousness and bliss on our Earthly plane. Does the caterpillar need to give permission for its Imaginal Cells to turn itself into a Butterfly? Does this caterpillar need to sit in a cave and meditate for twenty years to develop into a Butterfly? Or, is this mechanism deep within and simply allowed to evolve to make this transformation? The caterpillar does have to spin its cocoon and go inside for this change to occur. It does require some effort and a deeper knowing that this will lead to the rebirth we can see as it turns into a butterfly.

In our current world of Spring, 2020, we are being asked to cocoon in our homes while a virus lurks unbridled in our communities. Are WE going to emerge from this isolation and reflective meditative period of time with a new consciousness? Will our resolve create a higher vibration which will allow other souls to resonate at a higher, more conscious, vibration? Will our spiritual evolution create a world more beautiful than a butterfly? Time will tell… BUT, does Time really exist or is this just a egoic, mental concept? Are you willing to allow the perfect Soul within you burst forth, out into our Earthly drama to brighten all human consciousness and take us one step further along?

The Spiritual Imaginal Cells within you are real like Black Holes in the Universe are real. Poorly, or not completely, understood, your perfect Divine Spirit dwells within your DNA and your metamorphosis into the Enlightened Being your are will find the light of day. This day is coming. It is up to you to make room for the new awareness which leads to the Bliss of Higher Consciousness. So, let me remind you to remember how Amazing YOU are! You are a Blessing! You are so much greater than your ego allows you to remember. You are Perfect! You are a Miracle! AND, You can shine as a Beacon of Hope and Love to light the way for all the souls you bump into in this pilgrimage through this Earthly life. Shine Brightly!

I say this again, You are a Blessing! Thank you for being you.

See an article by Barbara Marx Hubbard, Remember Who You Really Are, and one by Dr. Bruce Lipton, What are Imaginal Cells, for a bit more information in your beginning research into Imaginal Cells. Enjoy.
(I have added a short 4 minute YouTube video on Imaginal Cells, in case you need some extra media input.)

Let’s join together to picture a more Loving, Accepting World as a vision of what could be! Let us vibrate at a higher frequency to be the beacon of Light our world requires. Perhaps, you can see us joining hands and dancing in the bright sunlight of a joy filled Earth… You never know what 100 enlightened monkeys can create to change consciousness in our world….

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Guidance Led Me to Masters of the Journey

Guidance is the only possible explanation. Guidance from a greater, “Divine” source led me to developing the Masters of the Journey community.

Sure, many people admit to needing or wanting to participate in a community, in our ever divided culture. We all require some connection with other people as we move along our path through life. We all need role models or support or mentors or teachers to learn the difficult things we feel drawn to learn. I have been many things in my life but this is the first venture into creating a community. A community which offers a place to connect with other people who are engaged in developing their spiritual consciousness and offering support, or desiring to be supported by, other pilgrims who share this path moving toward higher consciousness. (AND, we are ALL on this path, whether you know this or not…)

My background has been “rational” and worldly. Not always “practical” but rooted in rational thoughts and intellectual theory. My personality was born to be oppositional, finding a road less traveled. With some major negative experiences in growing up (we all have these in our lives,) I was disapproving of religion and most religious training. My views were more atheistic than agnostic. I loved science and rational explanations. Still do. Now along the way, I had more than my share of mystical, metaphysical experiences but did not give these much conscious thought in my earlier years. They were interesting, cool, and seemingly irrelevant.

Examples: At 19 years of age and as an unhappy student at UCLA, I was guided into an “out of the body” visualization to discover what “Death” was all about. My naiveté allowed me to go into this weird and mystical experience. Only after reporting my experience to the group’s leader did it dawn on me that this was a “special” and important experience. And, it still is… My major insight has been that death is NOT the enemy or scary. This frees me to live more fully, with less fear and anxiety. Secondly, I was drawn to meditation in my early twenties and was “gifted” with some amazing visions including visiting the “River of Life” which allowed me to feel universal connection, “oneness,” and the thought that life was comprised of many lives where, learning or remembering our Divine Spirit within, was briefly demonstrated. (For no rational reason, this drew a tear, of joy, to my youthful eye!)

But, I have been enmeshed in a rational world and life where my work, my relationships, and my family became my focus and my “PURPOSE.” This perspective has been changing into a broader view of life. My wife of 28 years was diagnosed with terminal Ovarian cancer 19 years into our marriage. Our lives and our focus changed dramatically. For me, it was a time of learning empathy and how to be a caretaker. The experience, which I would not wish on anyone, was so very important for me. My difficult, painful, lessons were most spectacular and my consciousness has changed dramatically. Since my wife’s transition in January of 2012, I have filled the “Void” in my life with a search for my new purpose or, if unsuccessful in this search, to find my way to transition into my Divine Spirit between lives (more clearly, to join my wife’s spirit in her “better place.”) In 2015, after travels which seemed unsuccessful to my rational self, I found my new path. Guidance offered me experiences which lead me to working in an overt metaphysical lifestyle. My meditation practice was expanded into studying: the Course in Miracles, the Way of Mastery, near death experiences, intuition/psychic ability, drumming, and heading back to a church-like experience at Unity Spiritual Center in Bellingham, WA. This felt weird to me but wonderful.

The spirit of my wife showed up and herded me into experiences and consciousness which has helped me to begin to consciously remember the Divine Spirit. My purpose was spelled out for me, so simply and clearly even I could understand. My new role was not to be a Guru, because I do not have the training or temperament to be a Guru, but to help organize a non-religious support community where people can join together and share their stories and their wisdom. My brief partner in this project formation suggested we call this, Masters of the Journey, believing that WE are all MASTERS and just need to remember our perfection and our connection with the Divine Wisdom.

For the past two years (since mid-2015,) I have basked in this work as my reason for living. My purpose in life which is so completely different from any work which I have done before (in this life.) I am still oppositional in my way, but I can feel good about this non-traditional approach to build a consciousness development community.

Perhaps guidance has lead YOU to this article. Perhaps your guidance has lead you to be a part of Masters of the Journey: a Transformational Community. If this is not for you, then I hope that you find the support and the community that will be most appropriate for your development of consciousness and toward Remembering the Perfect Divine Spirit within YOU. You are a blessing!

Whether you know it or not, you are a Master! Your “Enlightenment” is within YOU and you can find a way to “Remember” your connection, and the part you play, in the Divine Spirit!

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at

Masters of the Journey

Have you ever considered your consciousness and wondered whether you could learn techniques to increase your awareness? Or, have you ever considered connecting with the “higher power,” knowing the “oneness” that we have heard about?

We are bringing together experiences that will allow you to develop deeper insights and “connection” with the Source of your Spirit. Learning lessons from loved ones who have transitioned and studying the stories of those who have reported NDE’s (Near Death Experiences,) we have found tools that can assist you on your journey toward higher conscious living. We intend to create a community which will support mutual growth and provide a forum to increase awareness for the participants.

Among the many lessons and experiences that I have been blessed to encounter was a very clear meditation that I had in my early 20’s. During my meditation I was shown the “River of Life” which was flowing golden from my right to my left. It was moving in a slow, deliberate way from the mountains to the sea. It was golden because it was made up of molecules of water that represented all living things. It swirled down to form the Circle of Life. I experienced myself as a single molecule of water surrounded and connected to all other living things. I felt myself bathed in “unconditional love” and acceptance. I knew that I was a part of the much larger Universe and yet I was not alone. I knew that I was a part of the Source of all knowledge and wisdom… or Pure Consciousness. I loved this feeling and can remember the sensation and image as if I were having the vision right now.

Our purpose is to be of service. We intend to build community through connecting with other like-minded people to mutually learn lessons and to raise consciousness. Please consider joining us in this process of acknowledging that we are all “Masters of the Journey,” and in creating a “Transformational Community.” With all that we must do in our busy lives, we encourage you to take time to be present: take a slow, deep breath and find the best way to connect with your own soul/spirit. Know that you are never alone and that you can tap into the pure Source of unconditional love.