Once the Genie is Out of the Bottle

Once you have had an awakening experience, you can not go back to the way you were before. The Genie is the awakening to the higher levels of spiritual consciousness. You need to “re-integrate” into your life with this new perspective. Not always easy or quick. Research was done with Near Death Experience (NDE) survivors and the research found it can take 7-15 years for re-integration for many of these special people. Perhaps more commonly, people may have an STE (Spiritually Transformative Experience.) Though less dramatic, physically, the STE changes you and the dramatic effects may be emotional, intellectual, and, certainly, spiritually. (Personal examples in a moment.)

Your new awareness from an STE or NDE can seriously raise your awareness. You may find this experience transformative because you “Know” things and “Remember” things which gets you many steps closer to a full consciousness of the Divine Spirit. You may have greater sensitivity and more intuition. You may live differently because the perspective reminds you that you have had many incarnations and so the idea of Death is not so distracting. You many realize that you are not alone, but “connected.” You may have a more freedom from the limitations of your ego and the 3 dimensional world (of illusion.) You will “Know stuff” because you will be more tapped into Divine wisdom.

What you do with all this new awareness is your choice. You may integrate this information/experience and change as a more loving person. You may want to bury it because you have no one to speak with about this and you fear you are going crazy. Your motivations in relationships and career may change and you may lose support from people in your life who can not easily accept your growth. Your attitude regarding living more simply, in the present moment, may be different from your forward thinking, externally driven goals which our culture may have expected of you. Your struggle to know your purpose in this life may come forward, and, eventually, will resolve. A recommendation is to meditate regularly and get support from “good” sources (perhaps more tolerant, accepting people) so you can feel positive support for your new directions. (There will be Fear and Love as choices. Choose LOVE.)

In my life, I have had several major STE’s. At 19, I had an STE which looked like a NDE. I visited a higher realm and went half way to death to experience an indescribable warmth & unconditional love, freedom, Oneness (connectedness,) and a tapping of Universal Wisdom, all of which I will NEVER forget. At 23 years of age, I had a meditation where I experienced the “River of Life” and knew the cycle of life. It lead me to feel a profound connectedness from which you “Know” that you are never alone and part of a much bigger Divine Universe. 14 months after my wife transitioned from our life together (cancer was the vehicle,) I had a session with a psychic in Tucson who channeled my wife and told me many things I needed to hear. These and other smaller STE’s have had a profound impact on my life. This included the “Guidance” to write these blogs and channel many of these writings as a part of my purpose in this lifetime.

We are all moving toward these “openings.” If you try to have them, unless you have the skills, you may slow the process. This can be frustrating. Meditation and being present to feel your intuitive guidance will give you good results…??? (I hope. This works for me…) I go to the Unity Spiritual Center in Bellingham and participate in a group which reads and discusses the book, “The Way of Mastery.” This is very helpful for me and I get great positive support from the regular attendees. We are all on the “Path” and this group does not require any justification. Pure love and Acceptance. If you want a good place to start, read and listen to stories from Near Death survivors. Go to an IANDS meeting (International Association of Near Death Studies.) I attended a 4 day convention last September, 2018, and I am still integrating this experience. Amazing!

We have videos and interviews on our YouTube channel, Masters of the Journey channel, with NDE and STE experiencers. If you have read this far in this blog, YOU are open and ready to raise your consciousness and to support other seekers. The Genie is out of the bottle! I will remind you of something you should know, if you do not know already. You are a Blessing!, You are Loved. You are a Master of your Journey. Keep your eyes up and pointed to the horizon to follow your path. Be responsible for your choices and continue to learn from EVERY interaction. (They are presented to you for you to learn from and to challenge you.)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

The Masters of the Journey has events which are updated on our Facebook page which is found at: www.facebook.com/mastersofthejourney Please comment on this blog and share, if appropriate. More of our blogs are based on spiritual consciousness and can be found at www.dstress.com/blog

LifeSaving: Pay Attention!

What if you treated every lesson, every interaction, as if YOU were responsible for learning a “LifeSaving” procedure or technique! You would pay attention! You would learn as if you were supposed to be the teacher, and a life might depend upon it, and you are here to share your wisdom or your learning. Your teaching can save a life! Your sharing can be used to reduce the pain and anxiety which may be suffered by a friend, or a family member, or even by a stranger who hears your information.

Do not underestimate the power of what you are here in this life to learn and to share! You are a Master and you learning and sharing your lessons is important, perhaps critical! Even lifesaving! So you must pay attention to those moments and experiences in life where you are confronted by the “challenge” and the struggle to find an answer. Sharing your struggle and your answer is an act of service to humanity. Making the effort to articulate your learning can benefit both your audience AND yourself. By reviewing and speaking about your lesson, you will gain perspective and so insight into your learned challenge. It takes work to reach deep within and to find the words that will resonate with the your communication partner. Consider whether you are telling your story for “You” or are feeling the benefit more for your partner. Knowing your audience’s needs is good and will help you to be clear.

You do not always know how your story will be “LifeSaving” or where in the world it will find its way to work this magic. Your story may rise to the surface because you feel the “Need” to share this with your friend, perhaps, for their sake or perhaps because you are still processing your learning. As an example, your story may be related to an experience where you reduced your anger by forgiving a difficult interaction rather than stubbornly fighting for your position while sacrificing a relationship. You were able to let go of your stubborn willfulness after realizing that there are other ways to look at a situation and your partner in this argument has come at their opinion from surviving a very different set of personal challenges. Their perspective may not be in agreement with your beliefs but your strength and awareness helps you to understand their differing point of view. You have bumped up against their belief as a lesson. You might not “know” their idea of truth but you fighting with their ego reminds you that important, though difficult, learning can occur for the person who is willing and open to appreciate the other opinion, even if you can not agree.

Do not be lazy. Be meticulous. Be vigilant. Even the smallest interactions can be a blessing. If you walk through your life experience in a cloud of distraction or unconcern then you may be missing the point of a critical learning and life changing moment. Reach out to connect with people, even the people who you may be “triggered” by, for this is the only way to gain perspective on living. Wearing blinders or avoiding contact by watching TV may slow down your experiencing life in the ways that can enhance your understanding leading to your finding joy in life or maybe even your enlightenment.

Your stories based on your experience have great value, especially when you are willing to share them. Your developing the skills to communicate your experiences clearly and when they “fit” the interaction will elevate your level of service. This takes practice. This will require you to develop your confidence and your intuition, as you read the specific demands of your partner in communication. If your “gut” tells you that you must tell a certain story, at a certain time, to a certain person, YOU may be sharing wisdom that will save a life!

Do not mumble or speak too softly. Your story must be clear and loud enough to hear! Project your wisdom and own it. Whether you “know” it or not, you are a Master!

Blessings to you for experiencing life’s challenges and your willingness to share your story. Just the act of caring enough to take time to share may serve a need that you may not fully realize. A very important consideration is to allow your communication partner to tell THEIR story. You give a great gift by receiving their communicated lesson.

For resources on communication, connecting, and other lifesaving techniques, consider the supportive community, Masters of the Journey.

Basking in the Light of Self-Acceptance

Can you allow yourself to bask in the light of Self-Love and Self-Acceptance? Can you see and accept both your strengths and your flaws? Can you find a way to break from being a “victim” of your challenges and your lessons?

Life would be easy if the answers to these questions was “Yes.” For most of us, we are in the struggle called “living” and can not find the time and energy to even ask these questions, let alone, develop the answers. These are questions that people have asked and struggled to answer since the first humans had enough consciousness to realize that they were more than just animals attempting to survive in a difficult, dangerous world. The lessons of consciousness that we historically struggle with are often ones like: What is my purpose? or Why am I alive? or Is there a God? or What happens when I die? or How can I find Love? or How can I keep the faith even as the storm of humiliation and disappointment surround me? There are no easy answers… but for each of us the process of discovery along the path to finding these answers is what our lives are all about.

I believe that each one of us is connected to a higher consciousness and our goal in life is to learn from our flaws/challenges so we can get a less filtered view of this pure consciousness. We are trying to connect with the God within us and to bask in the light of unconditional love and consciousness.

At some point, we must acknowledge our imperfections and find a way to accept these challenges as the lessons we have to learn. By accepting these flaws and giving up the “fight against them,” we can free our energy to find a better way to our life’s purpose and our goals. By giving up being a victim to our weaknesses or imperfections, we can invest our time and energy in moving more freely to the light of higher consciousness. Why is it easier to accept other people and their imperfections, than it is to accept our own? Accept and celebrate your flaws, especially if you wish to find a way to move in more positive directions.

Along the way, find and celebrate the God within you. You may be surprised to find how surprisingly familiar this supreme consciousness really is. (For me, God is not a religious term. It is a word that symbolizes unconditional love in the purest form and the highest consciousness that connects all living things.)