Are you aware and can you celebrate your perfect connection to our Universe and all the Higher Realms?
You are an important piece of this larger Divine system. It can not exist without you and vice versa, you can not exist without the Divine. Just go ahead and try if you do not believe me. (Just considering this can get you to a state of Enlightenment…)

Awareness, Beginner’s Mind, Acceptance, Insight, Impermanence, Equanimity, Interconnection, Compassion, Gratitude and Joy are qualities of Mindfulness… Any, and all, of these qualities are worth pursuing in my opinion. And, for those who know me, I have something to learn in many of these areas. (On a personal note, I am glad that “Patience” is not on this list ’cause I have quite a distance before adding this to my resume…)

We discussed a bit regarding Impermanence in the immediate past blog which was inspired by Guidance on a recent walk through the natural world in my neighborhood. In many of the past blogs many other of these principles have been discussed or touched upon. Each and every one of these would be a benefit to consider. They may seem to tie together but each has a different focus in my estimation. I get sucked in to “Beginner’s Mind often because experiencing each moment as a first time experience appreciation of life’s miracles seems to attract me like a moth to light. Life is a spectacular and perfect experience if you can be aware, forgo judgement, find acceptance and gratitude for the Divine’s gift in any, and every, present moment. (Do you see how these tie together?)

In physical, emotional, and especially in a Spiritual way, all things and experiences are interconnected. Our consciousness can not exist in a perfect vacuum, nor would it want to. We have to play off all the Universe can provide. Quantum physics discoveries suggest that matter and energy can not be created nor destroyed. These are just changing forms and interconnected to all possible experiences in our Universe. Well, taking this one step further, our Spirit and our Soul can not be lost forever without a trace but it can change its form. When you “know” this it changes your perspective on how you relate to your current human 3 dimensional life… And, taking this one step further, your Spirit bumps into and is a part of everything in our Universe and into the Highest Realms of the Divine Consciousness. Most human minds can NOT comprehend the vastness of this interconnectedness. Good luck trying this and then holding this “Knowing” in every moment of your human drama.

So, please consider that every miracle you bump into, which means “EVERYTHING & EVERYONE YOU BUMP INTO,” is not only perfect but also a part of who YOU are! If and when you are most fully conscious, you will appreciate that EVRY interaction is for you to learn from and for you to add your spiritual DNA to, as a service. When you can appreciate everything and every connection with an unconditional love, you are then ready for the God-like position in the higher realms you are consciously or unconsciously heading towards. Yes, you are a perfect manifestation of the very highest Divine Consciousness… Do not be scared by this lofty position but it would be nice if you acted this part a bit more often in your human life… (No, I am not fully kidding about this…) If you can only break out the 3 dimensional limitations including a human belief in time and space, you can wander the higher realms in the consciousness of the enlightened soul you are, without human limitations. Oh by the way, restated, this is closer to where you are when you are between your human incarnations.

Yes, this is an overwhelming concept, but just because it is difficult to understand does not make these statements untrue. Awaken and smell the coffee. You have this within the DNA of your Soul. And, YOU are NOT alone. All of Divine Consciousness supports you in many ways. If you allow yourself to be open, you can feel this and you can Know this at your core. YOU are an amazing Miracle! You are Loved! From the perspective of the Divine Spirit, YOU are perfect even in your human imperfect role…


Why are we so attached to our “things,” our lives, and our beliefs? And, why do we consider our lives and things to be so “real” and solid? From a “Spiritual Perspective,” and quantum theory, the objects in our lives may not be as “solid” as our human senses ask us to believe. Perhaps our human lives, living in only 3 dimensions, are limited to “know” the full depth and breadth of our Universe and what may exist in the Divine Spirit’s Higher Realms…

Impermanence reminds us that nothing stays as a it is, in nature, weather, our bodies, emotions, political systems, relationships, and even in family dynamics. Yet we often wish things would stay the same, without change because we are “comfortable with things the way they are” (or appear to be.) We are attached to our possessions and our relationships. We define ourselves by our material things. We are often in an emotional state where we feel “safer” and happier when we are surrounded by our “stuff.” When our “stuff” is threatened, or taken, or lost, we feel less than whole and our fears, anxieties and our angers are often elevated. But we are not our possessions. We are more than the frail human lives that we are here to play as a role in the human drama.

There can be a huge benefit to not being attached to our things, to our relationships, and even, to our human lives. And, our human lives are transitory. Our human lives do not go on forever…

When we see the world as impermanent, we can deepen our attention to what is here now because we can appreciate that it is temporary. We can respond with the “Beginner’s Mind” and celebrate each moment as the creative miracle which it is. And we can suffer less when things do change, knowing that we can be more fully present to connect, saver, and enjoy our lives as it is and in each “present” moment. Perhaps, we can even learn that the attachments to things, experiences, and relationships can hold us back from where we are headed in our human lives and our spiritual developments.

Everything changes. Even our attitudes evolve as we move further along the path in our human lives. We gain in experience and wisdom as we live the challenges we encounter. Some of these challenging experiences are brutal and difficult. “What does not kill us, makes us stronger.” Occasionally, we even learn lessons from our mistakes and, even, possibly, from our successes. These “learnings” are can become a way of being of service if we share from these experiences. Though these experiences are “important” and can hold great value, which may enhance our learnings if we do not become too attached or stuck. We do not want to have to relive these things too often so we can be free to move on and attempt new experiences and new learning (or rememberings…)

Let us not get too attached to our things or our experiences or our relationships or even, our lives, and then lose connection with our soul and our interconnection with all of the Divine Consciousness. Our soul is growing and yet governed by the same laws of human impermanence… Our souls evolve and the Divine Spirit continues in a an unconditional loving bond forever… (Which is a very long time and near impossible for the human consciousness to fully comprehend.)

Let Go of Your Attachments and appreciate most fully the present moment. You can find a perfection and many miracles in a fully conscious moment.

Spiritual and Emotional Bullies

Have you ever met a spiritual or emotional bully? Allow me to ask you once again, have you ever been blessed to meet a spiritual or emotional bully?

Are you a spiritual or emotional bully? You know that spiritual bully. You have met many of these people in your day-to-day interconnections. Yep, you know, the person that makes you feel really good. Even when you do not want to feel really good. They may force their emotions and their joy upon you. Yep, those are the people who spread joy unconditionally. They might spread their love unconditionally. They may spread their feelings of acceptance unconditionally. AND, you may be one of those special earth angels who spread love and joy unconditionally. All of those light workers and people striving for enlightenment should really move in the direction of becoming a spiritual or emotional bully. Our world needs more earth angels who are bullies who spread their joy and their love.

You have come across these people. You may not always remember who they are but the feeling that they evoke within you is very positive and special. Even if you were at a low point or wanting to stay in some role as a victim, they may give you the perspective that you are special, you are loved, you are connected, and you are a part of a much greater divine spirit. Why would these people go out of their way to torment you when what you want is to be left alone to wallow in your depression? Why would they go out of their way to do something that is spiritually and emotionally uplifting? Is it their bad breeding? Is it coming from years of meditation and spiritual work? And how should you respond when you were confronted by these spiritual or emotional bullies? Should you dance and celebrate letting that deep reserve of happiness and joy come to the surface? Can you tolerate being in the spotlight and feeling the warmth of the bonfire of unconditional love?

The truth is, that every one of those spiritual or emotional bullies thanks you. They thank you because you are their victims. Yes, you were the one that they have focused and directed their positive attention upon and they bless you, and thank you, for allowing them to share their joy, and love, and acceptance with you. These bullies could not exist without you. Whether you know it or not, you are so important and you are perfect just the way you are. You are a beautiful soul living in a fragile human life and surrounded by human drama. You are the focus of unconditional giving and love when you bump into one of these spiritual or emotional bullies. Thank you for being you.

And perhaps you should try on the role of being a spiritual and emotional bully yourself. You can experience the deep sense of purpose as you fill the void and drag people out of the darkness into the light. You can be the leader or the guide that allows people to have perspective on what is possible at a human conscious level. You can open the door and share your wisdom and your love and your enlightenment.

And what have you to lose? Nothing! But you can start a chain reaction of positivity as you share your joy and your unconditional love with the world around you and the souls that you touch. Yes, you can feel the joy and the happiness by being of service as that beacon of light and love. You have nothing to lose. You have so much to gain. And, the world really needs that kind of bullying and positive energy. Someday, when you may least expect one of those earth angels may pop into your life and allow you to bask in the positive and joyful energy. Please, allow yourself to be open and available to receive this joy this love and this happiness. You will serve that bully by accepting their love and joy.

So remember to dance like no one is watching. Be in the present moment looking for the miracles of life. And when you find the perfection of that moment and all of the things that surround you, feel the joy within you and then share it as best you can as a earth angel who is a spiritual or emotional bully.

Separate Human Realities

Yes, in the limited 3 dimensional human experience there are “Alternative Truths.” Two, or more, opposite (or very different) “facts” (???) support opposite, or opposing, points of view which can exist without cancelling each other out. But, inflexible, narrow minded “Believers” (in our human life dramas) do attempt to invalidate any and all oppositional viewpoints. This is not new. This has existed forever in human communities. When a community forms a belief system develops and many, or most, people agree to a philosophy, or religion, or a political position, or a foundational lifestyle. This can be in a form of nationalism, a religious belief, a political belief, or a style of living such as “hippies,” yuppies, conservatives, liberals, Midwesterners, Westerners, Europeans, Asians, etc.

Conflicts develop. Wars can happen. Revolutions occur when opposing philosophical, political or religious belief systems discount or demonize opposing beliefs. Majorities do not always prevail. A minority with powerful resources may win out over the majority who may be impotent due to reduced resources such as money, power, or organizational skills.

It is interesting when rational thinking and scientific findings are opposed or “denied” for the sake of a ruling party’s philosophy. Example, during the Middle Ages, the “church” opposed the science that determined that the Earth was round and not the center of the Universe. Sure there can be different results from legitimate research which may be conducted by various scientific techniques. But, as an example, tobacco use can cause cancers and it is not healthy for most people. And, tobacco companies, to protect their business, fought for decades using oppositional research and their money to subvert legislation that would undermine their profits despite the negative health impacts on people and the costs of health care to treat the longterm results of tobacco use. And sure, we humans should have the freedom to make bad decisions out of personal choice… However, taking full responsibility for the damage done to oneself and to the innocent people who live in the smoke polluted environment often is not fully accounted for by addicted smokers.

From a spiritual perspective this “craziness” is perfect. The human lessons from bumping up against opposing life choices are what makes living as a human, is all about. Even when we get killed in a war over petty nationalism or stupid religious beliefs. Spiritually, we were not going to live forever and these are lessons for our loved ones who grieve our death on the battlefields of human life.

Getting emotional when interacting with stupidity from opposing philosophies is a huge, and difficult, human experience. Having fear and anger triggered is SO Human! In the higher realms, acceptance and a more Universal understanding in the long term learning allows for traumatic human experience to be explained and appreciated as the teaching tools they are.

Sure, we are taught that injustice is bad but humans are so slow, or unable, to learn from our mistakes and historical human failures. Being Self-absorbed and self-protective is still the ruling belief where cooperation, acceptance and human understanding would be less destructive… (Consider the lesson of destruction and how selfish interests create major problems like Global Warming, Air pollution, water pollution, and even misinformation which allows millions of people to die from famine and diseases which can be reduced or mitigated.) And, why do humans tell lies or spread mis-information as a tool for selfish personal interests? Why do humans have and follow media, political groups, and religious institutions which are NOT in the world’s best interest? Maybe, that is what the human drama is all about in living in the limited human 3 dimensional lives we lead.

When I was a young man, I knew that for every “truth” the opposite can be thought to be truth as well, if you can alter your perspective.

You may have your own opinion. I do not want to be pessimistic or negative by conveying these thoughts on the complexities of what humans find to be “true.”

Definition of “True”:
1. In accordance with fact or reality or
2. Accurate or exact

(Really opens more questions than this definition solves…)
Definition of “Truth”: the quality or state of being true… (that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality…)

This definition like our limitations in words and human perspective leaves much to be understood and most fully conscious of.

Even if you do not like it, perhaps, especially if you do not like what is going on with the “Truth,” you can find the struggle for acceptance and lack of judgement as an ultimate challenge for spiritually developing humans… I have no patience for the lack of common sense and respect for the “Truth” (as I know it.) So, this is one of MY especially difficult lessons in being a spiritual human being… I still get caught taking sides and feel the passion to want to serve and protect… (And, money and power of the few still seem to win out…)

No matter what “truth” you believe, YOU are perfect and the Divine Spirit Loves YOU!

A Different Angle…

A Different Angle…
by Sally Ledgerwood

It’s that time of the year… that time when we make promises to ourselves about what we want to accomplish/be/change/make happen in the coming year. I don’t usually make resolutions, and it’s a good thing I didn’t for 2021 because any plan would not have come even close to how the year unfolded. It was a year filled with “lessons” – a LOT of lessons. And those of us on a path of spiritual and personal growth have a tendency to analyze our experiences so we can find those lessons, those reasons, for why things happen, so we can zero in on the cause and then make improvements/changes so we can be happy. Right?

I am beginning to understand that I might need to have a different angle. Life is a mystery to be lived, not a problem to be solved. So as one year ends and I do a review – I can reflect on what I grieved, what I celebrated, how I spent my time, where I found inspiration, and where I found joy. I can see that the experiences were not the lessons. The lessons were how I went through the experiences, what I felt and how I acted in the moment, what gave me joy, and how I interacted with those around me. How I was in the moment.

One of the phrases I am removing from my thought process is “when life becomes normal again”. I have spouted “new normal” often, but in reflecting back, I can see I might, still, secretly, sometimes, think or hope that things will “go back”. But, that attachment to “how things were” has been hacked at for two years now. I admit I can be slow to get it sometimes, but now I finally hear a gentle voice on the breeze saying maybe this isn’t how it’s supposed to be any more. I know that voice has always been there, but I believe I listen better now.

So, a vision for 2022:
I will use my energy wiser this coming year. I am less willing to use it to come up with meanings for things. I am simply more interested in experiencing the life I have right now, in this place, with these people around me that I care about. I will start my days with gratitude (like I always do), but I will also ask: What can I add to the world today and how can I bring magic back to the ordinary?
I will observe without judging and listen without giving my opinion. I will trust myself (even in doubt), and stand in the sun and smile, and I will see it big, but keep it simple. I will look people in the eyes and See Them. And I will say “I love you” more often.

Blessings, Love and Light and a new vision into 2022…
Sally Ledgerwood

Is There Malevolence in Our Universe Or Just Fear?

Yes, I am pondering this afternoon if evil exists or do we just succumb to fear based thinking? Right now, as I write, my “gut” tells me that evil and malevolence in our Universe is constructed from human thinking and fear, and not really what the Divine Consciousness has had in mind. Yes, there is plenty of learning when dealing with a human drama with fear generating large amounts of distraction. And, I am not saying that everyone walks around without unintentionally or even, intentionally, avoiding thoughts and actions which are negative for other humans they interact with. Question, was Hitler evil? I know his actions, behaviors and thinking were very destructive and painful. Without defending his indefensible activities, was there some larger purpose and “agreement” for his behavior that somehow was a teaching tool for humankind? Wow, that set a lot of readers off in a reaction that included “F’ck You, and the horse you rode in on…” Sorry, for this difficult train of thought.

How can you even consider forgiving an unforgivable series of actions? How can you “write a note” for someone who engages in heinous activities? Well, I do not forgive intentional negative actions which end up hurting or killing other people. These perpetrators should take responsibility for the damage done and not get away with these offenses like our leaders and politicians seem to do on a regular basis. But, the original question remains, is our Universe swarming with evil, malevolent creatures intentionally fighting with the “forces of Good?” Good vs Evil, Black & White, Us vs Them, or are “All Events Neutral”…???

A Universe where Evil exists and fights for control with Good may seem possible, but again, my feelings prevail and I do not have a belief that evil like this really exists… Wars, battles, violence, destruction happen. The Victor will write the history of these events and defend their violence against violence as “the Good.” (Perspective is everything when it comes to who is “right”/correct in a fight.) If we are all connected and a part of one larger Universal Consciousness, how can we understand and be fully conscious regarding the dichotomy of Good vs Evil because then we would all be equally Evil in our souls. The Divine does not define imperfections or mistakes as bad. We can learn from every experience even when we bump up against a seemingly negative person or mistake. Death is NOT the enemy.

In our human lives we have a survival mechanism which prepares us for life and death struggles, even when we are not in life or death struggles. Our ego wants to protect us, and itself, from any and everything which may (or may not) threaten us (meaning our lives.) The ego creates fearful responses and many of us habituate living in anxiety and fear. Fear can lead us into “us against them” mentalities and “bad” stuff can (and does) happen in interactions. Is this evil? Not really, but it is very low level consciousness. Primitive survival instincts have a purpose but humans trigger these through weird projections of poorly researched ideas and alarmists in our media dominated culture. Lies are common. Half-baked ideas are common. Empathy, awareness, and higher consciousness are great goals but not fully realized. Malevolence is a human mental construct and NOT what the Divine Spirit has in mind for us as a high level of consciousness. It is a learning tool. Or, an experience provider, but not at the core of what your higher spirits have as a long term plan. And, no one said that life is fair or that we are promised if we do “good” we will be rewarded by “living happily ever-after.” Our “soul’s contract” when we come into our human incarnation almost never includes that life as a human is going to be easy, constantly joy filled, or without painful life lessons. If it were this easy, we would not have the adventure travel that makes being a human so interesting.

And, the Hitlers in our human history were not usually malevolent babies when they were born. Their souls are perfect even if their human behaviors later in their lives turned out to be an abomination. And, humans have had many of these opportunities to learn from dictators and sadistic leaders but, to date, we have NOT figured it out yet. We have not used our intelligence and technology to determine how best to get along and to protect our home planet from human behaviors that are destroying our habitats. We will learn and become conscious or we will become extinct, and then life can try again to live on our miracle called Earth. So, stupidity, slow learning, anxiety, and fear are abundant but, in my belief, malevolence is not the foundation of our spiritual lesson as humans.

One additional political comment. Good and Evil as defined by a religion or political organization are often created for the control of their disciples. “Us against them” mentality pitting one organization, religion, philosophy, political organization or Cult against another. Humans, of lower consciousness, love to take sides and to feel superior to other peoples even though we are not and we are really equal. Control through fear and shame exists because our low level of consciousness allows it. It is part of our human drama. I am sorry that dictators are allowed to stir people into violence against our equal human partners and this is one of the serious lessons we have come to learn in our incarnations… (It gives me no pleasure to report how low in consciousness humans, in general, continue to be…) Do Not be unconscious and follow a philosophy dictated to you which is aiming against Unconditional Love!

At some point in your development of consciousness, you will realize or remember or feel how perfect you are! You are so much more than your human mind can comprehend. From the “higher realms” our primitive human lives are not judged but are felt to be adventures in consciousness development with the limitations of our 3 dimensional human minds. One of our goals is to find joy in every human experience, even the ones which seem pain filled to our human lives, these are available to us for the lessons which these can provide us.

YOU are Loved! YOU are a Miracle! And, you are connected to all of the Divine Spirit with an essential role to play.

PS. You may not fully understand these thoughts and feelings. Or, you may disagree. You may prefer to believe that anger, fear, and hatred are the natural order and correctly define humans better than we are “created in God’s image” thinking… Fear is common and we can relate to the human reactions to the ego viewing the unknown with closed mind debilitation. Or, you can be open minded and work your way through the fears of the unknown future which awaits us and rests beyond the miracles of the present moment…
NO MATTER WHAT… at the end of your human drama in this life, you will be in your highest conscious form and hang out in the the higher realms without human limitations.

AA: Adjusting Attitude

It is the time of year to begin A.A. Yes, break with old habits and try a new perspective or expand your consciousness. Perhaps our purpose in life can be boiled down into a simple purpose. More simple than our minds allow. And, just because it sounds simple, it may be one of the most difficult things to accomplish, which is why it can require your entire life, or maybe longer. (My attempt to be gentle and optimistic and encouraging.) Being human, we have limitations of perspective to do our “work” of developing. We perceive our lives in 3 dimensions and have a strong self-protecting mechanism called the “ego.” From a larger, spiritual perspective, when seen/felt without the limitations of human 3 dimensional thinking, we are more free from the bonds of separation and from our ego’s defense mechanism. To most fully “get this,” we must stretch into a less limited consciousness and adjust our attitude.

We may tend to use our minds to see ourselves as separate from all other people/souls, when in a higher level of consciousness, we can get glimpses that we are actually all connected and a part of the Divine Spirit. In higher realms of consciousness, we do not have linear time to constrain us. We also may find that “space” is a variable and we may not be limited by a single, but solid, reality of space perception. (Consider that there may be multiple, simultaneous realities (or lives) which may co-exist.) It is my belief that in the “higher realms” we “know” things and each other, and we do not rely on the limitations of words or separation of space and time to most fully connect with a Universal Divine Spirit… (Maybe the “Universe” is too small and limiting as the broadest possible concept…)

If you have read this far in this blog posting, you may find yourself confused but you are open to the “Knowing” that we are much greater than the human lives we appear to be living within. This IS the Attitude Adjustment” which we can find, know, and begin to attempt to live with. In those brief moments when we can perceive this concept, we adjust how we see other humans and the way we feel about our human, born lives. Perhaps, we can even find that separation of souls is reduced, or non-existent. Our attitude may consider that the drama of human life is a testing ground or “adventure travel” for testing the wisdom of the Divine Spirit we begin to “remember” which is within us… We move forward with every life adventure and this accelerates when we share our stories as a service to the other souls we bump into on this Earthly plane.

Ultimately, we “Know” or “Remember” that we are all connected and an important part of the greater Divine. And, we are surrounded and supported by Divine unconditional Love! We are not alone. We are not separate. We are all in this together. AND, we are all here to stumble through our human lives developing in consciousness so we have wisdom to share with other pilgrims.

YOU are brave. YOU chose to come to this human life to “mix it up” with the limitations of human time and space. It is like choosing to go on a trip or vacation where you do not have the normal luxuries you have become used to having in your daily life like electricity, running water, food markets, transportation vehicles (your car,) or technology controlled temperatures. Perhaps it is like, you have chosen to “camp out” in a more natural Earth environment to “get grounded.” Well, here you are as a soul traveling in a primitive, limited human life… You are BRAVE! You are a hero who has chosen to test your soul’s wisdom sharing abilities. And, you are bumping into other soul’s who have different perspectives on what human life can or “should” be like… Yes, you get “your buttons pushed.” And, every step you take in having experiences which raise your consciousness are celebrated as a benefit for all of the Divine Spirit!

With luck, determination, and persistence, you move down your human path. Each step is filled with the miraculous. Being most present assists you to find “Joy” in each, often arduous, step. Your adventure is celebrated in ways you, as a human, can not fully understand or know. And, there are human times when you can feel your A.A. (Adjusting Attitude) happening and becoming more solid in your human consciousness… YOU are a Blessing! Life is a Miracle! Seek connections. Seek “Joy” in every step in the “present” of your human existence.

Full disclosure: As I write these words which come to me from some higher source, I fully admit that these feelings and concepts are a fleeting human experience for me. I am still learning to be less judgmental and more accepting and “present.” I have had the brief moments of “knowing” or “remembering” which allow me to present what is possible… I am no saint or guru. I am a fragile human “stumbling” my way down the path and moving toward the light of higher consciousness. No doubt, we are all moving down this path in our own unique and “perfect” way. Through your participation by reading these words, we find ourselves on this pilgrimage together, if only briefly. Your Light helps to brighten our path which may make this voyage a bit easier and less lonely. Thank You! for being the Light which YOU are!

Reflections from Christmas 2021

For My Grandsons – Christmas Day, 2021
For Milo (Age 3) and Max (age 7 months)

AND, for everyone encountering these thoughts…

Today, my Christmas thoughts for you include sending my Love and the gift from 36 years ago of welcoming your loving Father into this world. At the time, those years ago, I did not begin to consider that your dad would be a father someday or the awesome father he has turned out to be. His Mother raised him “right.”

The world you are growing up in has huge challenges that you can not conceive of as I write these words. Today, you are sweet and innocent with lots of growing and learning to do. Time, life experience, and your parents will take care of your learnings. You are perfect! You are Miracles! And, You are the Blessings of your ancestors who walked this world before you. Your linage is one of teachers, guides, and souls who have come to serve… Within you is a radiant and unique soul which will find a path for you to be the loving lights to guide the others you encounter. In fact, we are ALL here for this same reason, though some of us are more consciously aware of this and wear it closer to the surface.

You are cast in the roles of boys who will grow up to be active and probably leaders in your community, maybe, even the world. We are proud to be a part of your human experience and support you as best we can. You will find and follow the path which guidance steers you toward. You may even think, early in your lives, that you are making independent decisions regarding the life direction you choose. But, if your experience is similar to mine, you will discover that unexpected, unforeseen outcomes will direct you and determine the great value you will have in our world. There is no way to shirk your purpose… (And, there is no way for your mind/ego to take full responsibility (or credit) for every direction your life will pursue… Divine Guidance happens!)

You are Loved! You are protected! You are Blessed! Perhaps, when the time is right, you will meet, and know, the spirits and higher souls which surround you and who offer you their support & guidance. You are an essential piece of the Divine Spirit and have come into this life to be a part of a larger human drama. Find Joy in every life experience. Yes, even the dark or difficult times. You have come to test the Divine Wisdom, and the “Knowing,” which lives within you. When and where possible, share your stories and your learned wisdom freely (and without expectations or “strings attached.”) Embrace your fellow travelers whom you meet along your pilgrimage through this life. And, at the end of your human life, you will be able to release your human limitations and your Spirit will rejoin the Divine Spirit. (Actually, you have never really left or lost connection to the higher realms.) We, your ancestors, will be awaiting you with our loving arms open wide to embrace you. We are all connected and serving the Divine in our original, unique ways. Go towards the light. Remember the unconditional love which is always there for you.

If, and when, you discover these words, these thoughts will work their way within you. Your consciousness will continue to grow until you “remember” the perfection of the soul within you and your connection to all of the Divine. When possible, walk and meditate in a natural setting and be open to receiving the loving support from your guidance. It helps to find your way into the miracle of the present moment, and so, release the limitation of living in the “past” or with the anxiety of an unknowable “future.”

I will say again, I Love You! Be the Light You are meant to be…
And, look for, and find the perfection in every soul you meet. Milo & Max, You both have much wisdom and love to share, if you can allow your humanness to know this…

And, if you have read is posting this far and are not Mr Milo or Mr Max then know that these loving reminders are here and available for you as well. YOU are a Blessing! YOU are Perfect! And… You are a Miracle!

Creativity and Passion

Have You ever had a creative moment which developed into a project which gave you joy and satisfaction? Some of us, more than others, are blessed with creativity and the skills to pull it off… And, sometimes you can have a passion to create something and no matter what happens it becomes an amazing learning experience. When all “the stars are aligned,” as the expression goes, you may even have a passion and your creativity actually pulls it off. When it is not just “dumb luck,” your level of satisfaction may rise significantly. Especially, when it was a “stretch” for you due to skill levels and available resources. Most of us have had these moments which can stay with us for a lifetime as a treasured life experience. If we do not rest too heavily on our “laurels,” we can move on to bigger and better things, or at least, new and different things. This keeps us moving forward.

But, finding our “Passion” can be a fickle thing. A simple desire and mental thought or attraction is not enough. At some deeper level a feeling might explode into a unstoppable passion. It could be a project, or a relationship, or a learning opportunity, or even an adventure in life which “catches your fancy” at a very deep level. This may come from an external suggestion or, perhaps, the most powerful passion arises from an internal, emotional (or spiritual) place. When a Passion hits you, do you answer the call? Do you make a plan? Do you move into a most creative dimension to manifest your found passion?

The reason why I ask is because recently I have experienced a new commitment to a creative passion. For my 71st birthday, I asked myself what I wanted to do differently. What came up for me was to get into woodworking. This was partially triggered by acquiring some new tools to assist my son with some remodeling on his new home. I do not have a history of being a woodworker or any developed skills to turn wood into something useful and satisfying. You are never too old to try something new! In fact, life often demands that you attempt new and different things, if for no other reason, but basic survival. For me, I have a lifelong passion for appreciation of good wood working and the creative use of wood. Sanding a rough piece of wood into a smooth, even soft to the touch, elegant piece of Divinity is both satisfying and an act of creation which bring joy to me. I am not very good with my hands or creative. It was not well demonstrated in my family as I was growing up. I am not a patient person and frustration bubbles up quickly for me when my expectations of perfection are not met.

There are so many great challenges and lessons for me to learn from in this new, to me, activity. There is passion. When I am considering a new project, I can wake up in the middle of the night to consider how I will go about turning my thoughts into a developed project. Because I lack experience and skills, my frustration can be found fairly quickly. But, YOU have to start somewhere and “what does not kill you, makes you stronger.” Sure, I am old and can get by with less sleep, BUT, I can not just get by without following a passion, no matter where it leads me…??? You are NEVER too old to find, and then follow, a passion. Wild bouts of creativity may allude you but striving to live a passion makes life special. And, none of us were born “perfect.” We can not be mistake free with every new thing we try. Trying and failing is how we learned to walk or ride a bicycle. If you never make a mistake then you are not attempting challenges which can move you forward.

We all find and then do new things. Finding and then doing your passion can be most rewarding. Problem solving is a form of creativity which is called upon to move down your path. It is not always pretty or even artistic however it is part of the life adventure. “Go for IT!”

And, shaping a Divine piece of wood into a treasure piece of art is a goal, for me, driven by a passion and appreciation for fine woodworking. Perhaps my skills will catch up with my passion. Until then, every attempt is my learning and a wonderful way to spend some time and energy. May you be blessed with chasing after your passion. And, may your passion filled sleepless nights feed you with a focus to move toward in your life!

If nothing else, YOU are a work of Art and a Blessing!

That Time of the Year

It is Mid-December, 2021, as I write. Yes, It is That Time of the Year! In fact, every year about this time is a time of reflection, Gratitude, Giving, and Time with your Community. In the Northern Hemisphere and the PNW, it has short, cool/cold, and damp days. The Winter Solstice, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and New Years approach. I am working on my Year-End-Review to reflect upon my past year and for consideration of what might be possible for my future. For me, continuing to get outside and into nature, as weather and my temperament allow, is important for my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health. (The shorter, cooler, damper days become considerations for this time spent outside re-connecting with my natural world… Extra layers can be required.)

In reflection of not only my past year but what I can give thanks for in my life is a careful consideration for me. On this list, in no particular order, are: my friends, my family, my health, my freedom, my security (and lack there of), my world, and my Universe, which includes, especially, my connection with the Divine Spirit and all its guidance and protections. Yes, I am blessed! I can easily find the Joy of living with all the dramas of my current life. This reminds me, I spend time and energy each day Laughing, even if what I am laughing at are my own flaws and the awkward relationships I bump into. (Yes, after fear, anger, and my frustrations, I find the humor to laugh at myself and my situations. I do this because I am a imperfect Human with 3 dimensional limitations and taking myself too seriously can get in my way of enjoying the life I am living.)

So, consider gathering your thoughts and feelings to reflect on these past days, and commit to your new year and new directions. Who knows where you will actually end up? The return of the light, after the Winter Solstice, and the dawning of a new calendar year offer you a time of rebirth or renewal. “A New Start,” a “Fresh Start,” and possible new directions to get excited about and to move toward. When and where possible, share your story and your love with your community, no matter where you find it.

Do Not Forget to find Gratitude for what you have! Give thanks AND Share Your Wisdom and Love most Freely. Yes, give it away, unconditionally. The world needs more Wisdom sharing and Love! The Universe appreciates every gift you offer, unconditionally for our greater good!

With the shorter, darker and cooler days of this season, put some energy into these personal reflections. You may be surprise, as you consider your past year, how much has happened and how many lessons you have learned. Cherish these remembrances but do not get too stuck in the “what if’s.” Gather friends and family and share your stories and your love. You can never go wrong when you consider, and then act, upon your desire to serve our Universe. When you give your time and resources, give freely with no strings attached (no expectations of return…) Sorry to repeat myself but in the “Season of Giving,” checking your motivations is often important. Your heart may warm in the thoughts and actions of service…

Come to think of it, if you have read this far, consider that this series of words and thoughts which are strung together in this posting have value for consideration early in every day you are blessed to experience…

Know that YOU are Loved! In fact, You are Cherished by the Divine! You are a Miracle! Thank you for Being You!