Thanksgiving in the PNW

November 25th, 2021 falls on the last Thursday of November in the Pacific Northwest (PNW.) Actually, everywhere in our world that uses the same calendar finds the same date on the same Thursday. But, that is NOT what this blog posting is all about.

I am thankful! I love Thanksgiving! It is my favorite religious holiday because there is no religion and fewer expectations of “gift giving.” The “gift” is that you can sometimes find yourself sitting at a table or, perhaps, in a room with people you love or care about and maybe share time, maybe some food, and LOVE. There has been a long history which allows this date and celebration to be special, for me (and possibly for you too.)

My Mother celebrated her birthday on November 25th and it was usually celebrated at our Thanksgiving family table. My younger son was born on November 30th (not December 7th, “Pearl Harbor Day,” as suggested during my wife’s prenatal care.) So, we double celebrated birthdays. My family had a long tradition of inviting people to join us for the celebration of Thanksgiving. Often these were family or close friends but also included people who did not have family nearby to celebrate this holiday with. (My very best Thanksgivings have been when friends circled the table and everyone “wanted” to be there. No family “expectations.”) The holiday was based around a turkey dinner which is a weird American tradition which I love. I love roast turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes, and I knew these were going to be available at our family’s meal. In fact, I learned how to prepare this meal and taught my boys how to create these dinner foods, which has made all of us very popular in a low confidence cook’s opinion (my wife loved when I cooked and suffer from cooking anxiety for larger events.) There are many great family stories built around cooking for the family for this celebration. (Yes, even shrunken, micro-waved birds and getting stuck in elevators, and more…)

Then there is the gift, to me, of sharing Gratitude in the lives of the people gathered. The time of reflection on the Gifts of our lives is time well spent. Sharing these gratitudes is a full contact sport that nicely massages the mind, the emotions, and the Spirit. This can take 2-5 hours at 350 degrees of sharing to fully cook, if you use traditional recipes. Again, time well spent. The creation of the meal, the gathering of your loved ones, the sharing of the contributed foods and stories are parts of what makes this celebration so special and beautiful for me. Not everyone gets to get their “expectations” fully met but if we can find our way in to the present moment and dive deep into appreciation, hearts can be warmed and souls can be sustained.

AND, there are leftovers. Not just food but awesome memories. We can all find and create moments of Gratitude, Appreciation, and shared Love that do not just fit around a Thanksgiving table or end when we travel home. So, consider the gifts and the service YOU can provide to make this a loving and most memorable holiday. And, sure there can be grief from the losses we have experienced but these can make a sweetness in full appreciation of what we do have, what we have had, and what we have learned from the difficult challenges encountered in life.

If she had lived, my mom would be roughly 114 years old this Thursday, give or take the years she lied about her age and actual birthdate. Where possible, reach out and hold hands with your loving memories, your beloved family, and most wonderful friends. Even if you do this only in your mind AND then, Go Out and Do Good in our World.

You are a Miracle! You are a Blessing! Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for Being You!
With My Love…


“Nature, I Do Not See What People See in It!” Yes, this is a quote from someone I know but who I do not understand. Yes, they were serious when they said this! How can you exist without a passion for the natural world? I was raised in the city. Los Angeles, CA and with parents who were “city folk.” Not much family time in nature, however, I caught a severe case of nature love when I was picking through tide pools or fishing in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When I could drive, I went camping and took up backpacking into those mountains. I love being at or near timberline where elevation makes it difficult for trees to grow. 9,200-9,400 feet of elevation in the central Sierra’s for timberline. The place where trees stop and rock, glaciers, and blue sky begin to take over. “God’s Cathedral,” I once exclaimed at the age 25 in Evolution Meadow at 9300 feet above sea level. It was a Spiritual experience for a very “rational” non-religious, non-spiritual young man. I was overcome!

As an adult, I shared my mountain passion with my sons and took them backpacking. My younger son had his “rites of passage” hike into the Minarets just west of Devil’s Postpile and Mammoth. My heart dances in the red rocks of Sedona, Colorado, Zion, and Bryce. The coast, the islands, the lakes, the rivers, and the mountains of the Pacific Northwest are celebrated and where I choose to live my spiritual evolution these days. But, I still wonder why people do not bask in full appreciation of the natural world. It is in our DNA. And, I do not know a spiritual teacher, who I respect, who does not say that gratitude and meditations in nature are good for the soul. Some of my best messages from my Guidance have come from walks in nature… (Just like this one, triggered by hikes in the Red Rocks of Sedona, AZ.)

How can people detach from nature and let their fear/anxiety of the unknown trigger their ambivalence to our natural heritage? The healing energy of forests in the Northwest give me a needed break from our technology driven culture. Yes, I admit to talking to my friends the Cedar trees and will hug them on many occasions. “Tree Hugger” is NOT a negative in my life… I have taught, with love, my grandson to appreciate and hug the trees we pass. (No eye rolls from my son or his bride, but they do get entertained…)

There are many who believe that worshipping our natural world is an important key to spiritual consciousness and physical healing. I will not argue with this belief though I am not sure that I can demand this action by others. You must find your own way to honor the DNA of your body and its deep rooted connection with our Mother Earth. Walk gently and honor your Mother.

One thing I have not said yet in this Love Nature conversation encourages me to find deep appreciation and gratitude for nature by being most “Present.” Perhaps getting out of your head and into your heart. Letting go the past thoughts and future unknowns. Yes, be fully in this moment and celebrate in wonderment of the miracles under your feet, at arms length, off in the distance… And while you are at it, consider focusing your eyes, when safe to do so, on the horizon, not just down on your feet. Breathe in the delicious colors, smells, and sounds of your natural environment. Lose yourself as a tiny speck of matter and energy in this big Universe and appreciate the perfection and all the inter-connections.

You do not have trek to natural beauty found in guide books. You can find the miracles of nature everywhere. In your backyard, in your city’s streets, in expansive sky above you, everywhere you look with appreciation. There is not a spot on our Earth where amazing beauty of nature can not be found. Example, Viktor Frankl found the incredible beauty of life living in a blade of grass during World War II as a prisoner in Auschwitz and this helped him survive. And yes, you sometimes have to look pretty hard to find the miracles which endlessly surround you…

Connecting with nature, no matter how YOU do it, is a positive, healing event. It opens you up to the Gratitude of the many Miracles our world includes. Appreciation and Gratitude are the first parts of meditations that re-connect you to the “present moment” and the manifestation of the Divine Spirit. In my belief and feelings, people who profess consciousness find it natural to love our natural world. Celebrate Mother earth and share the beauty with whomever you hold dear. And also celebrate, anyone who is breathing even if you do not hold them dear for they are also natural miracles. Because, they are You and Perfect like You. No, you do not have to hug trees but if that inspiration flares up, do not hesitate. It feels great!

You are amazing! As you set aside your human drama for a few moments, go out and dance in love with Nature. It will surely love you back.

There is no place as magical as Yellowstone National Park. Yes this is a bison with birds in a meadow near “Old Faithful” geyser in the early morning. The steam is rising from thermal pools and this day, like your day, is filled with miracles… Celebrate the Miracles you find in every moment and with every step you take. This is easier when you out in the amazing natural world…

As the Days Blend Together

These are unusual times. During this pandemic, we are more than “normally” (and what is the new normal) confined to our homes and our thoughts. If you have managed to create a new lifestyle around the social distancing and home confinement, you may have even reduced your TV and Social media time for anxiety control. You may have found the Days of each week Blending Together. You may not even remember what day it is or what the date is for today. Perhaps this is even important. Perhaps being present and reflective is a survival technique which may lead to a new state of “Pandemic Enlightenment”…

Increased awareness and spiritual insights are often born out of difficult challenges. SO, get busy…!!! Discover YOUR lesson and its Wisdom… AND, once you discover your new insight find the best ways to share your new wisdom. This whole lifestyle adjustment is more than:
hand washing to an extreme,
wearing a mask which prevents smiling at people,
reducing your showers or clothes changing because you are not going out,
side-stepping people you pass in public,
food shopping for safety at 7:00 AM,
knowing how to stand 6+ feet apart as you wait for your “take out,”
searching aimlessly for hand sanitizer and clorox wipes (& TP) at Costco,
AND, joining an endless amount of Zoom conference calls to speak with other humans.

These adjustments have caused most of us to behave differently and to think about what we took lightly in the past… Craving a hug or hand shake. Carelessly, hanging out in a social situation with less than 6+ feet between us. Going shopping in a Mall with crowds of anxious, frantic people and loud children. Boy, we miss those days of naive simple consumerism.

But, have you been forced out into nature? Have you had to fill your time in Meditations? Did you find yourself reading a “good” book instead of “binge-watching” bad television/movies? Did you have to call family and friends to check-in? Did you have time to cook your own dinner and breakfast and lunch and snacks, two or three times per day? Sure, social media has filled in your day but didn’t you “CRAVE” hanging out with “real people?” There is an important lesson in this… Besides the necessary hand washing, you have found a new need for connection! Besides complaining and whining, you have actually learned who do you know in your life who can actually listen and respond with empathy.

Besides shopping and “eating out,” there are other ways to connect with friends and family that cost less and may have more value. Caring for other people is the least expensive way of sharing Love! Appreciation and Gratitude also may bubble up in these times of lifestyle change. Perhaps, most important is being more fully “present” in each moment in Nature or with the people we care about. We are all in this together… AND, YOU are a Blessing! Continue to learn and to grow in these times of life challenges… If nothing else, twenty years (or maybe 20 days) from now you will have great survival stories of the 2020 Pandemic and Hand Washing Craze…

Added on these thoughts… (The not so fun parts of our current, 2020, lives.)
(NOW, we have been faced with a new “drama” with demonstrations highlighting the cultural racism which has been “accepted” in our culture too long. White privilege was brought to this hemisphere by the earliest explorers and first settlers. They, and their religious beliefs, thought that they were superior to the indigenous peoples they thought “They Discovered.” Eventually, because they had the guns, they believed that they were the true saviors of this hemisphere however they needed slaves to work their stolen land. It is like this privilege has now been built into white folks’ cultural DNA. Relinquishing power and, perceived control, does not come easily to those folks in “power.” Black Lives Matter! All Lives Matter! However, releasing our old, established habits and patterns is NEVER an easy, though necessary, choice these weird days. Positive change challenges us. It forces us to reassess our established patterns and habits. Perhaps, the first step in a positive direction is to understand and admit “white privilege” exists and also admit that this needs to change for a better world. (Change is NOT easy. Changing our cultural DNA is needed but a difficult, uphill fight…)

AND. We are ALL in this together and one and the same…)

Thanks for your time and consideration. Your insights and experiences are unique and a blessing, so please share these…

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Appreciation Project

It’s time for appreciation and do not keep this a secret! Find the qualities that you have appreciation for and share these with your partner. No matter what relationship experience you are having, express your “Heart Felt” appreciation in words or actions that are genuine. Though it is difficult to find the words to express your deepest feelings, your sincere energy and intent will wrap your words in the love and the appreciation you are expressing. You may even want to stop and also express sincere “Gratitude” for the moment in time and the lesson you are receiving from this interaction.

Origin of word Appreciation: “To realize/recognize the Value of…” and “to express gratitude/thanks”

This was born from a conversation I was having with my mentor, Robert, who described a request to write a card for his grandsons. These notes of appreciation were requested to create a positive avalanche of “positivity” to overcome the cultural judgements which these boys were subjected to in their lives. We can ALL benefit from an avalanche of positive thoughts AND Feelings. Though feelings are not perfectly conveyed by words, short of excellent poetry, we can bask in the love demonstrated by our attempts at genuine appreciation. Every soul you encounter is a miracle and perfect in their own way. Connect with the benefit which is triggered by your interaction and share your feelings of this benefit.

Judgement and ridicule are way to easy in our culture. We have become masters of the isolating defense mechanism which looks for perceived flaws. Even these flaws can be appreciated for the value these can bring, even if these flaws “push your buttons.” Every interaction is sacred and by celebrating these encounters with your partner, you may offer the gift of the deepest appreciation from the learning you experience. Holding back on sharing what you appreciate reduces the value of you being “present” and in gratitude…

You are a miracle! You are a Blessing! You are Loved! Yes, YOU are a Master, whether you know this consciously or not! Minimize your fears, your ego, and your self-criticism and “Remember” where you came from and where you will return as YOU are an important part of the Divine Spirit! You can even learn to laugh at your self-critical thoughts and learn to accept and then change any imperfection you may feel you have, if you find this necessary. We are here to learn and to grow. We have come to raise our consciousness and move, as gracefully as possible, through the challenges our lives present to us. Looking for the positives to appreciate AND sharing these is an act of “Enlightenment” manifesting in this life…

If you want to start a chain reaction of positivity and support, add acts of appreciation to your daily routine. YES, go out and search for, then find, the qualities you most appreciate in 5 people every single day. Actions speak louder than words, so look to most fully acknowledge an “ACT” you witness. An Act of kindness or an act of unconditional support. Appreciate a teacher, or a parent, or a service provider. Live your enlightenment by sharing love and support through your generous appreciation. Try not to look for a medal or a pat on the back. These will will come anyhow. But, look to serve by your generous offer of appreciation. Make this a game to be copied. Make this a project to encourage the good in the world through sincere appreciation.

Saying “Thank You,” in a sincere way, is an act of service which can ripple across the Universe. Simple for sure… I was told recently from a Near Death Survivor that one of his messages in returning to his body was to remember that the challenges of living are the difficult but important lessons which move us most quickly to full conscious enlightenment. SO, look at the interactions which “trigger” you, appreciate these, and know that you are moving forward in our spiritual development. Share your appreciation and Love where possible!

Can you recognize the Value of the interaction and offer gratitude for this benefit to your learning? This might involve being most fully present without crippling judgement or defensiveness… Add this to your awareness as you bump into other souls throughout your day.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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The Holidays 2018: Survival Guide

Every year about this time, we slip into the Season of the Holidays! In the Northern Hemisphere these holidays often fall on of near the Winter Solstice and were probably originated to assist early civilizations to cope with short days and then the rebirth of sunlight. We tend to mark the “dark times” of the year with lights/fires, social gatherings, and ceremonies. Too much food and too many gifts have become a tradition for people who can afford this kind of celebration and a challenging reminder for those of us who are not capable of participating at the level of overdone gluttony. My favorite holidays have always been more simple and with the people who really choose to be available, as opposed to whom I am “supposed” to celebrate with. As an example, last Thanksgiving (in 2017), 11 friends gathered at my house. They all had other places they could have been but chose to hang out with our community of friends and share stories of what gratitude really means for them. It was one of the very best, possibly the best, Thanksgiving for me because we really wanted to sit at that table together, in love.

Wow, I used the “L” word. AND, the holidays are better when sincere Love, with NO strings attached, are shared in respect, acceptance, and gratitude. How I wish the “Holidaze” had more of these true sentiments. Every human being, and most plants and animals (yes even rocks and rats) appreciate a good dose of LOVE given unconditionally. So consider the greatest gift you can give by being fully “present” and finding a way to celebrate the beauty and perfection of the soul who stands in front of you. Reduce or eliminate your judgement and find the Divine Spirit reflected back at you!!! Warm yourself in the Brilliant Light and Warmth which burns in the fellow pilgrim which you share this road to Enlightenment with. If nothing else, acknowledge the soul and spirit as the fellow traveler they are.

No matter what your religious belief or the “rules of conformity” you are asked to follow, find some genuine Love and Respect. Dance in the light until the Joy wells up inside and you remember where your soul has come from and where it will return when your days in this life, transition into the freedom of the Divine.

No matter what else is said or you experience, KNOW that you are a Perfect manifestation of the Divine Spirit. You are important and your role is of major value. You serve by being the actor in this play and you do YOU better than anyone else!!! Overcome your own self-judgement and accept the beauty and the light you radiate! AND, remember to laugh when you plunge back into the weird Drama of your life… The drama and challenges are there to be the lessons so we (YOU) can learn to respond in the most positive sacred way to the hellish relationships and circumstances we might find ourselves within. We did NOT come to this life to avoid change or challenges. We came because these tougher times become the very best crucibles for our learning and development.

If you find yourselves away from family and friends, try to ind a way to connect and to serve. You will feel better and learn from each interaction. If you find yourself with family and friends, attempt today deep to find the best expression of your love and appreciation. You that the souls you meet during these holidays are on the path, whether the fully understand or not, and every interaction offers you an opportunity to be the beacon of love and light to guide all who are present one step closer to enlightenment. Step up and be the force for good you want to see in this world… Bless you for trying!

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Service to the World, Are You Doing Your Part?

How much service to the world is enough? Being of service takes many roles and can be offered in many ways, but are you doing your part? Most of us are engaged in “survival” and we might not have the time or the resources to consider living our lives in service. Most of us do not even really understand how much service we provide because we are not conscious of the regular interactions which benefit the people we bump into. An unconscious gesture like the smile or the thank you or the acknowledgement of appreciation can offer a lot. And, there are some of us who seem to wake every morning excited and considering what acts of conscious service we can provide.

Most of us feel really good when we are doing something we know to be “good” for another person. As we share this loving energy, we get more in return by our act of “giving.” The act of giving, without any strings attached, is a true gift. When providing a service like non-judgmentally listening to someone’s “story,” we, as the “witness,” provide a huge service. Yes, something as simple as listening in a loving way can benefit everyone involved AND even the “Universe.” Demonstrating: patience, acceptance, gratitude, support, love, and connection, are all acts of service which can improve the general levels of consciousness and specifically the individual souls who bask in these higher energies. Thank You for your service, in advance…

By being most conscious regarding your interactions with any of the fellow pilgrims you bump into, you offer an opportunity for positive growth. You do not have to agree with the behaviors which get acted out but you can still look to the beauty and perfection of the person standing in front of you. They are a Miracle! They have arrived to assist you in your lesson, sometimes providing challenges for you to learn your lessons. Even when the situation may feel negative and overwhelming, you are able to “practice” your growing strategies for moving into higher consciousness. What a blessing!

Be aware! Take off your blinders! All of your interactions have a value and purpose, even if you are not clearly aware to what the purpose may be. Look to live in Love! Feel the perfection of each situation. Take responsibility for your reactions and behaviors. And, when all else fails in a difficult interaction, you can with empathy ask, “What has happened to this person to make them act the way that they behave?” You may not know the answer, but you are feeling, with empathy, the life experience and lessons this person is working through. (Or, they are pushing your buttons, because that is the lesson you require…)

If you can think of nothing else, do not miss the opportunity to look into someones eyes and appreciate the beautiful soul in front of you. Giving thanks offers a connecting experience and demonstration of your acknowledgement. Again, thank you in advance for your acts of service and higher consciousness.

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Basic Mindfulness Part 2: Living in a Mindful Way

Being Mindful has been a question for me. After my three day Mindfulness retreat, I am more Mindful about the things I have not been mindful about. What the heck does that mean…??? Well, read a bit further.

I learned at the retreat what I think I already knew but had not learned how this feels or how to incorporate being more mindful into my habit driven lifestyle. No surprise, the key to being more mindful is to be aware and “present” by paying attention to your breath. Again no surprise, I learned that being more mindful works better when I focus on only one thing at a time. For example, drive focused without other distractions. (More examples to follow.) This focusing on one thing at a time is kind of challenging in our 24/7, multi-tasking world, but it certainly makes sense.

We practiced slower walking and breathing, awareness and appreciation of nature, and more meditations. The first two key ingredients to being more mindful (with 10 listed) where 1. to be aware of myself and my environment and 2. was to view each activity in your day with “Beginners Mind” and the feeling of wonderment. I liked these first two a lot. In fact, I really enjoyed all 10 ingredients in the book we used as a text but found number 6 a bit more challenging for me to fully appreciate and understand, let alone to practice. Number 6 was to live in “Equanimity.” I can barely spell Equanimity let alone know how to practice it. After consultation with my retreat group, its leader Chau Yoder (who is amazing) and my special Guru spiritual consultant, Paula Forget, I believe I am much closer to knowing what this is all about.

Equanimity is a very important, but a challenging (for me,) part of the Mindfulness life. This term refers to being able to look at and appreciate experiences in your life without getting caught in the “drama” of the experience. Paula Forget suggested that I look at each experience from the higher perspective of a “spiritual being” caught in a mortal body. As I look from a higher perspective, I may not “judge” the event, individual or experience but just see, perhaps feel it, as a neutral activity that can be curious and interesting. When I am successful, I may even feel empathy and appreciation for the circumstances which have lead to this experience and more fully understand my “lesson” or “challenge” from my participation. Even if this lesson is painful, which as a human I will feel, I can still feel appreciation for what I can learn from this challenge on my pilgrimage through life. This detachment does NOT mean you do not care or feel the physical or emotional pain. It means that you are not locked up without finding the higher perspective regarding how to celebrate (?) this difficult challenge.

One more example and an exercise you can attempt… Hold a tangerine. Look at it fully. Appreciate the work of people who delivered this fruit to you and the forces of nature which allowed this fruit to grow. Feel the tangerine. Scratch the peel and smell the tangerine. Slowly and carefully peel the tangerine, perhaps keeping the peel in one piece. Pull the first section out slowly and place this in your mouth. Breathe! Feel the tangerine section in your mouth. Move it around with your tongue. Press it against your teeth or slowly take a bite. Breathe! Taste the sweetness. Appreciate the sun and forces which developed the sugar of this fruit. Slowly swallow the first section and then slowly repeat this for as much of this tangerine as you wish. If you were not distracted and were focused upon this exercise, attempt this at your next meal… Try to not speak for 10 minutes while you eat… Be mindful. Breathe slowly. Appreciate.

Full List of 10 Qualities of Mindfulness are:
These are Pages 18-20 of Laurie Cameron’s book: “The Mindful Day, Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm and Joy From Morning to Evening.”

1. Awareness
2. Beginners Mind
3. Acceptance
4. Insight
5. Impermanence (Life is temporary and so are all the challenges…)
6. Equanimity
7. Interconnection
8. Compassion
9. Gratitude
10. Joy

Special thanks to Chau Yoder for these helpful acronyms:

Consider C.A.R.E. when dealing with life’s experiences
C. Compassion
A. Appreciation
R. Respect
E. Equanimity

To Assist you with this, try P.B.S.
P. Pause
B. Breathe
S. Smile

One more tip for dealing with a situation which “Triggers” you. R.A.I.N.
R. Recognize
A. Allow
I. Investigate with Kindness
N. Nurture (Yourself and the Appreciation of this Challenge)

If you are READY and looking for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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Share Your Gratitude Every Chance You Get!

Gratitude and Acknowledgement should NOT be your secret! Everyone needs and deserves to be thanked and to feel appreciated. In meditation this morning, I was told to share Gratitude. Not just to people and experiences who have been nice to me but to all the Life-force in the Universe. Never miss the chance to say “Thank You” and appreciate the blessings you behold.

If you allow yourself to be fully present, acknowledging every experience you encounter becomes your lesson. The world will be a better place, for ALL of us, when you demonstrate your gratitude. The art of appreciation is a nearly lost skill. We do send “Thank You” cards hardly ever. (AND, doesn’t if feel great to get a card of appreciation.) A shallow “thanks” is still better than none at all. A focused look into someone’s eyes as you share a sincere acknowledgement means so much!

In the age of Social Media and superficial communication, we can still reach deep into our hearts and find the best ways to reach out and to let a person know that they are special and that you appreciate the interaction with them that has occurred. It takes so little effort and can mean so much. If nothing else, “Pay it Forward” and show you “CARE!” Let’s start a chain reaction of Gratitude, acceptance, and appreciation which can light up our world!

YOU are a Blessing! You are Perfect! The world needs you and your amazing life! Go out and shine brightly on all the lifeforms you bump into… The Divine Spirit burns brightly within you and YOU are much greater than you can ever imagine!

If gratitude is important and if you are READY for a supportive community where you can share your story, your wisdom, and grow spiritually in a non-religious environment, consider Masters of the Journey.
You are a Blessing! You are a Master! Your wisdom from your life experience can have great value to other pilgrims on the path toward awakening and enlightenment.

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The Greatest Gift You Can Give

Are you into gift giving? Are you ready to discover the secret of an amazing gift idea? Even if you are excellent at picking out the “right” gift or you are an exceptional crafts-person who creates the most awesome artistic once-in-lifetime creations, you can learn how to make other people the happiest by learning the lesson of this blog. Now are you ready to listen???

Put your wallet away. Clean your crafts’ soot off your hands. Look lovingly and with grateful humility into your most cherished friend/relative’s eyes and say “Thank You” (from your heart) when they OFFER YOU their gift. The gift you receive could be expensive. It could inexpensive but all that they could afford. It could be the gift of a service rendered. It could be a gift of expressed love or care. YOU give the gift of receiving this special gift and allow them to feel the pleasure of YOUR appreciation. Yes, it is difficult for many of us to receive a gift! It can be difficult to be “Present” and accept the gesture without piling on your material expression of…. “giftiness” (made up word.)

Allow your gift presenter her special moment of loving appreciation and know the love in their thoughtfulness.

Especially, if you are sick or dying, allow your friends and loved ones to give generously of their love for you. Do not play the victim, just accept their assistance and make them a part of your challenging experience. They will remember these moments when they were able, and allowed, to perform a “mitzvah” (Jewish for: a good deed.)

If you have been the “Giver” and not allowed others the gift of giving to you, these receivers may feel guilty and in your debt. You feel good but they have not had the chance to even the score and, believe me, if they are good people, they do not want a one way gifting relationship. They want a chance to be there for you!

So remember the blessing of being open to receiving a heartfelt gesture. Embrace it with sincerity. Bask in the bright light they radiate in your appreciation of their efforts. AND, do not take any moment of kindness and generosity for granted.

Share love. Smile and acknowledge, without judgement, those who cross your path… We are all pilgrims on a journey toward consciousness and toward remembering the divine spirit which dwells in each of us.

Blessings to you!

Connecting with a community of people seeking to remember their divine… Masters of the Journey